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Application of Optical Instrumentation in Medicine I
Editor(s): Paul L. Carson; William R. Hendee; William C. Zarnstorff

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Volume Number: 0035
Date Published: 1 June 1972

Table of Contents
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A Review Of Electro-Optical Imaging Devices For Medical Applications
Author(s): C. B. Johnson
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The Performance Of Picturephone Systems In Transmitting Medical Data
Author(s): C. D. Stockbridge
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An X-Ray Omnicon - A New Tool In Radiology
Author(s): A. B. El-Kareh
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High Performance Continuous Zoom X-Ray Image Intensifiers
Author(s): C. D. Robbins; R. S. Enck Jr.; J. P. Sackinger
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Use Of A Microchannel Plate For Fast Autoradiographic Readout
Author(s): C. E. Catchpole; R. H. Liss
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Medical Image Intensifier In 1980?
Author(s): Stephen Balter; Leonard Stanton
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Noise And Image Degrading Effects In Image Intensification
Author(s): Herbert K. Pollehn
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A Digital System For The Automatic Analysis And Enhancement Of Medical Imagery
Author(s): Peter N. Street; Glen Wilson
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Nonlinear Frequency Domain Techniques For Smoothing And Enhancement Of Radionuclide Images
Author(s): Dennis L. Kirch; Donald W. Brown; Richard S. Trow
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Image Analysis In Medicine
Author(s): Ronald A. Swenson; Robert L. Willes
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Evaluation Of Radiographic Image Quality
Author(s): Kurt Rossmann; James R. Williams; David J. Goodenough
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An Assortment Of Image Quality Indexes For Radiographic Film-Screen Combinations ---Can They Be Resolved?
Author(s): Robert F. Wagner; Kenneth E. Weaver
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Modulation Transfer Function Degradation And False Resolution In Radiographic Imaging Systems
Author(s): Joel E. Gray; M.Paul Capp; Robert R. Shannon; Frank R. Whitehead
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The Application Of Shape Analysis To Diagnosis In Radiology
Author(s): Geoffrey F. Walker
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Computer Analysis Of Radiographic Images
Author(s): Samuel J. Dwyer; C. A. Harlow; G. S. Lodwick; D. A. Ausherman; R. C. Brooks; R. T. Hu; R. V. James; W. D. McFarland
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Dynamic Computer Generated Displays For Study Of The Human Left Ventricle
Author(s): J. F. Greenleaf; E. L. Ritman; E. H. Wood; R. L. Frye; R. A. Robb; S. A. Johnson
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Videodensitometry - A Clinical Approach To The Calculation Of Left Ventricular Volume
Author(s): D. A. Winter; B. G. Trenholm; D. Mymin; E. L. Lansdown; G. Reimer
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Video Techniques In Diagnostic Radiology
Author(s): Donald Sashin; Alex Porti; E.Ralph Heinz; E . J. Sternglass
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Practical Use Of Roentgen Magnified Image Intensified 70 MM Filming In Neuroradiology
Author(s): Ray A. Brinker; Jovitas Skucas
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Choosing And Setting Up TV Systems For Fluoroscopy
Author(s): Melvin P. Siedband
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Imaging In Nuclear Medicine With Incoherent Holography
Author(s): W. L. Rogers; L. W. Jones; W. H. Beierwaltes
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Medical Imaging Capability Of Liquid Surface Ultrasonic Holography
Author(s): Howard R. Curtin; Robert E. Anderson
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A Time-Resolved System For Improved Sectional Radiography
Author(s): John J. Baum; James D. Collins
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Ratched Filter Restoration Of Coded-Gamma And X-Ray Imagery
Author(s): Jack D. Gaskill; Frank R. Whitehead; Joel E. Gray; Robert E. O'Mara
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Fresnel Zone Plate Imaging In Radiology And Nuclear Medicine
Author(s): H. H. Barrett; D. T. Wilson; G. D. DeMeester; H. Scharfman
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Visualization Of Pion Stopping Region
Author(s): Phillip N. Dean
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Bone Densitometry Using Photon Imaging With A Multiwire Proportional Chamber
Author(s): P. L. Carson; E. W. Stoub
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The StR 1-3 X-Ray Stereocomparator A Simple Stereoplotting System For X-Ray Diagnostics
Author(s): Ing; H. K. Meier
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Requirements And Capabilities Of Imaging Systems In Diagnostic Radiology
Author(s): Theodore A. Tristan
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Panel Discussion
Author(s): Melvin P. Siedband
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The X-Ray Imaging System
Author(s): Pieter W. Kok
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Practical Radiographic System Tradeoff Study
Author(s): Phillip V. Peck
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