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Instrumentation in Astronomy I
Editor(s): Lewis Larmore; Robert W. Poindexter

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Volume Number: 0028
Date Published: 1 September 1972

Table of Contents
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Observing From Space With The Orbiting Astronomical Observatory
Author(s): Samuel J. Osler
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System Considerations For A Large Astronomical Space Telescope
Author(s): Thomas R. Vogt
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Modal Control Applied To The Real-Time Figure Control Of A Spaceborne Telescope Mirror
Author(s): G. T. Volpe; H. J. Robertson
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The Use Of Image Quality Criteria In Designing A Diffraction Limited Large Space Telescope
Author(s): William B. Wetherell
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Offset Guiding Through Large Space Telescopes
Author(s): Daniel H. Schulte
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Laser Interferometric Alignment Sensor For The Large Space Telescope (LST)
Author(s): Sol L. Morrison
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Star Sensor/Mapper For The Small Astronomy Satellites
Author(s): F. W. Schenkel; A. Finkel
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A Self Deployable High Attenuation Light Shade For Spaceborne Astronomical Sensors
Author(s): F. W. Schenkel
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Panoramic Photography Analysis Apollo 15
Author(s): William C. Kinney
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The Use Of Solid Etalon Devices As Narrow Band Interference Filters
Author(s): R.Russel Austin
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Solar Magnetograph Utilizing Fiber Optics
Author(s): L A . Doe; W. C. Livingston
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A Large Multiple-Mirror Telescope (MMT) Project
Author(s): A. B. Meinel; R. R. Shannon; F. L. Whipple; F. J. Low
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Some Design Aspects Of A Multiple-Mirror Telescope
Author(s): G. M. Sanger; T. E. Hoffman; M. A. Reed
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An Automated Two-Channel Scanning Spectrophotometer System
Author(s): N. L. Hazen; I. J. Danziger
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Implementation Of The 1975 Mars Viking Lander Cameras
Author(s): Robert C. Beal
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A Study Of Optical Image Sensors For The Large Space Telescope
Author(s): K. L. Hallam; C. B. Johnson; C. E. Catchpole
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Image Intensifier Systems And Their Applications To Astronomy
Author(s): S. Jeffers
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Electronographic Cameras For Space Astronomy
Author(s): George R. Carruthers; Chet B. Opal; E. O. Hulburt
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The Smoothing Dissector
Author(s): E. H. Eberhardt; R. J. Hertel
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A Photon Counting Stokes Vector Polarimeter
Author(s): D. L. Mickey; F. Q. Orrall; R. Zane
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A Multi-Channel Image Tube For Photoelectron Counting
Author(s): John P. Choisser; Walter Wysoczanski
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Image Integration And Display System For Guiding On Stars Beyond The Visual Detection Limit
Author(s): Paul Menger s; A. E. Pieper
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Scientific Television For Solar Astronomy
Author(s): Fred L. Schaff; Emil L. Svensson
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Pointing And Guidance Of The Buss Telescope
Author(s): W. C. Gibson; D. L. Guthals; J. W. Jensen; J. A. Eccher
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Balloon-Borne Ultraviolet Stellar Spectrometer
Author(s): M. Bottema; A. J. Ray; C. W. Wells
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Far Ultraviolet Stellar Spectrograph
Author(s): J.Dwane Baumgardner
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Airborne HTS Spectrometer
Author(s): John A. Decker Jr.
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Computer Controlled Telescope and Data System
Author(s): Thomas B. McCord; Grant Snellen; Steven Paavola
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CAMAC: A Proposed Standard For Astronomical Instrumentation
Author(s): C. L. Stephens
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Two Dimensional Photon Counting A Design Based On The Aerospace - NASA Videomagnetograph
Author(s): T. J. Janssens; N. K. Baker
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Author(s): T. J. Janssens
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