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Quantitative Imagery in the Biomedical Sciences I
Editor(s): Robin E. Herron

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Volume Number: 0026
Date Published: 1 June 1971

Table of Contents
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"The Dilemma Of Image Quality"
Author(s): Brian J. Thompson
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The Eye As A Detector
Author(s): Arne Troelstra
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Microdensitometers And Film Scanners
Author(s): Irving L. Kofsky
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Current Status Of Densitometric Left Ventricular Volume Computation
Author(s): Michael J. Stimson; Ronald F. Janz; Allan H. Gott
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New Advances In Further Miniaturization Of The Hopkins "Rod-Lens" System And Its Characteristics
Author(s): George Berci; S. Gans; G. Hasler
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Fiber Optic Cinephotography In Clinical Practice And Reproductive Physiology Research
Author(s): John E. Gunning
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Accuracy Of Radiologists' Decision Making
Author(s): Marvin C. Ziskin; Francis J. Shea; Harold L. Kundel; George Revesz
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On The Use Of Gamma Ray Images For The Determination Of Human Body Segment Mass Parameters
Author(s): Richard M. Casper; Alan M. Jacobs; Edward S. Kenney; Ira B. McMaster
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Enhancement Of Observed Contrast In Radiographs By Use Of Multiple-Pass Illumination
Author(s): Ralph H. Wight
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Fast Neutron Radiography Of Standard Biological Objects
Author(s): John L. Ingwersen; Stanley R. Bull
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Xeroradiography - Principles And Practice
Author(s): Wm. J. Kearns
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Radiographic Image Analysis Through Application Of The Radiographic Modulation Transfer Function And System Phase Response
Author(s): William D. Fender
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Radiological Imagery Enhancement
Author(s): N. C. Chang
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Metric Potentials Of Simple Cameras In Close Range Photogrammetry
Author(s): H. M. Karara
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Use Of Two-Media Photogrm4Metry In Biological Research
Author(s): V. Kratky
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Stereometric Analysis In The Field Of Anatomy
Author(s): R. A. Liebelt; R. E. Herron
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Stereometric Quality Of Scanning Electron Microscope Imagery
Author(s): J. D. Eick; L. N. Johnson; R. F. McGivern
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Stereometric Measurement Of Heart Motion
Author(s): Neil B. Ingels; George T. Daughters
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A Study Of Contractional Patterns Of The Urinary Bladder In Dogs
Author(s): Hans Kunov
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Reconstructing 3-D Specimens From 2-D Section Images
Author(s): Meir Weinstein; Kenneth R. Castleman
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Calibration Of A Biostereometric System
Author(s): J. R. Cuzzi; R. E. Herron; J. E. Hugg; K. R. Rouk
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Public Health Implications Of Remote Sensing
Author(s): Charles E. Fuller; Harold G. Jones
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Quantitative Ultrasonic Imaging Using The Backward Propagation Method
Author(s): A. L. Boyer; P. M. Hirsch; J. A. Jordan Jr.; L. B. Lesem; D. L. Van Rooy
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Optical Data Processing Using Kinoforms
Author(s): L. B. Lesem; P. M. Hirsch; J. A. Jordan Jr.
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Quantitative Applications Of Acoustic Holography
Author(s): A. M. Sherwood; F. L . Thurstone
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Quantitative Microscopic Holography
Author(s): Wallace L. Anderson
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Metric Characteristics Of Holographic Imagery
Author(s): E. M. Mikhail; M. K. Kurtz Jr.; W. H. Stevenson
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Acoustical Holography As A Tool For Biomedical Imaging
Author(s): Alexander F. Metherell
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Metric Characteristics Of Thermography
Author(s): J. M. Loftis; I. L. Carwell Jr.
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Development Of A Scanner-Computer System For Mass Screening Of Panoramic Dental X-Rays
Author(s): Herbert H. Hopf; Malcolm Skolnick; Mortimer Shakun
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Mapping Capabilities Of Television Systems
Author(s): Kam W. Wong
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Two-Dimensional Computer Graphics Applied To Muscle Physiology
Author(s): Allan H. Gott; Ronald F. Janz; Michael J. Stimson
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A Device For Tide Quantitative Analysis Of Chromosome Images
Author(s): Robert H. Fetner; John C. Alderman Jr.
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Computer Calculation Of Left Ventricular Volumes From A Cineangiogram
Author(s): C . K. Chow; T. Kaneko
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An Interactive Image Analyzing System For Bio-Medicine
Author(s): Joji Iisaka
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Panel Discussion
Author(s): R. E . Herron
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