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Selected Papers on Semiconductor Infrared Detectors
Editor(s): Antoni Rogalski
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Date Published: 1 December 1992
Pages: 668
ISBN: 9780819410641
Volume: MS66

Table of Contents
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Section One
Fundamentals of Infrared Detectors
3 Fundamentals of infrared detectors R.L. Petritz (Proceedings of the IRE 1959)
13 Phenomenological description of the response and detecting - ability of radiation detectors R.C. Jones (Proceedings of the IRE 1959)
21 Solid state devices for infrared detection E.H. Putley (Journal of Scientific Instruments 1966)
33 Infrared heterodyne detection M.C. Teich (Proceedings of the IEEE 1968)
43 Sensitivity limits of 0.1 eV intrinsic photoconductors R.L. Williams (Infrared Physics 1968)
49 Sensitivity limits for extrinsic and intrinsic infrared detectors M.M. Blouke, C.B. Burgett, R.L. Williams (Infrared Physics 1973)
57 Performance of nearly BLIP detectors in infrared sensors H. Barhydt (Optical Engineering 1976)
Section Two
HgCdTe Detectors
71 Photoconductive HgCdTe detector performance with background variations S. Borrello, M. Kinch, D. LaMont (Infrared Physics 1977)
75 0.1 eV HgCdTe photoconductive detector performance M.A. Kinch, S.R. Borrello, A. Simmons (Infrared Physics 1977)
82 Geometrical enhancement of HgCdTe photoconductive detectors M.A. Kinch, S.R. Borrello, B.H. Breazeale, A. Simmons (Infrared Physics 1977)
90 HgCdTe photoconductive detector array M. Itoh, H. Takigawa, P. Ueda (IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices 1980)
95 Performance of PV HgCdTe arrays for 1-14 um applications M. Lanir, K.J. Riley (IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices 1982)
101 An integrating detector for serial scan thermal imaging C.T. Elliott, D. Day, D.J. Wilson (Infrared Physics 1982)
112 The practical realisation and performance of SPRITE detectors A. Blackburn, M.V. Blackman, D.E. Charlton, W.A.E. Dunn, M.D. Jenner, K.J. Oliver, J.T.M. Wotherspoon (Infrared Physics 1982)
120 Background and temperature dependent current-voltage characteristics of HgCdTe photodiodes J.P. Rosbeck, R.E. Starr, S.L. Price, K.J. Riley (Journal of Applied Physics 1982)
131 HgCdTe heterojunction contact photoconductor D.L. Smith, D.K. Arch, R.A. Wood, M.W. Scott (Applied Physics Letters 1984)
134 Computer modeling of carrier transport in (Hg,Cd)Te photodiodes C.J. Summers, B. Darling, B.G. Martin (Journal of Applied Physics 1986)
144 Non-equilibrium modes of operation for infrared detectors T. Ashley, C.T. Elliott, A.T. Harker (Infrared Physics 1986)
157 Gate-controlled Hg1-xCdxTe photodiodes passivated with native sulfides Y. Nemirovsky, R. Adar, A. Kornfeld, I. Kidron (Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology A 1986)
163 Analysis of the R0A product in n+-p Hg1-xCdxTe photodiodes A. Rogalski (Infrared Physics 1988)
176 Defects, diffusion and activation in ion implanted HgCdTe L.O. Bubulac (Journal of Crystal Growth 1988)
188 Current generation mechanisms in small band gap HgCdTe p-n junctions fabricated by ion implantation R.E. DeWames, G.M. Williams, J.G. Pasko, A.H.B. Vanderwyck (Journal of Crystal Growth 1988)
198 Tunneling and dark currents in HgCdTe photodiodes Y. Nemirovsky, D. Rosenfeld, R. Adar, A. Kornfeld (Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology A 1989)
206 Growth and characterization of P-on-n HgCdTe liquid-phase epitaxy heterojunction material for 11-18 um applications G.N. Pultz, P.W. Norton, E.E. Krueger, M.B. Reine (Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology B 1991)
213 Performance of mercury cadmium telluride photoconductive detectors A. Jozwikowska, K. Jozwikowski, A. Rogalski (Infrared Physics 1991)
Section Three
III-V Detectors
227 Photoconductive indium antimonide detectors F.D. Morten, R.E.J. King (Applied Optics 1965)
232 InAs charge-storage photodiode infrared vidicon targets C.W. Kim, W.E. Davern (IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices 1971)
240 Planar InSb photodiodes fabricated by Be and Mg ion implantation C.E. Hurwitz, J.P. Donnelly (Solid-State Electronics 1975)
244 Backside-illuminated InAsSb/GaSb broadband detectors L.O. Bubulac, A.M. Andrews, E.R. Gertner, D.T. Cheung (Applied Physics Letters 1980)
247 Characteristics of n-type InSb M.Y. Pines, O.M. Stafsudd (Infrared Physics 1979)
253 Effects of insulated gate on ion implanted InSb p+n junctions H. Fujisada, T. Sasase (Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 1984)
256 Dark current analysis of InSb photodiodes F.K. Hopkins, J.T. Boyd (Infrared Physics 1984)
260 Indium antimonide detector technology at Cincinnati Electronics Corporation J.T. Wimmers, R.M. Davis, C.A. Niblack, D.S. Smith (in Infrared Detectors and Arrays 1988)
Section Four
IV-VI Detectors
273 Detectivity limits for diffused junction PbSnTe detectors M.R. Johnson, R.A. Chapman, J.S. Wrobel (Infrared Physics 1975)
286 Low-capacitance PbTe photodiodes H. Holloway, K.F. Yeung (Applied Physics Letters 1977)
289 Investigation of leakage characteristics of PbSnTe-PbTe inverted heterostructure diodes C.C. Wang, M.H. Kalisher, J.M. Tracy, J.E. Clarke, J.T. Longo (Solid-State Electronics 1978)
296 Lead salt detectors and arrays: PbS and PbSe T.H. Johnson (in Infrared Detectors 1984)
322 Infrared sensor arrays with 3-12 um cutoff wavelengths in heteroepitaxial narrow-gap semiconductors on silicon substrates H. Zogg, S. Blunier, T. Hoshino, C. Maissen, J. Masek, A.N. Tiwari (IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices 1991)
Section Five
Extrinsic Ge and Si Detectors
333 Extrinsic detectors H. Levinstein (Applied Optics 1965)
341 Extrinsic silicon detectors for 3-5 and 8-14 um N. Sclar (Infrared Physics 1976)
355 Survey of dopants in silicon for 2-2.7 and 3-5 um infrared detector application N. Sclar (Infrared Physics 1977)
365 Compensation of residual boron impurities in extrinsic indium-doped silicon by neutron transmutation of silicon R.N. Thomas, T.T. Braggins, H.M. Hobgood, W.J. Takei (Journal of Applied Physics 1978)
375 Operation temperature of extrinsic Si photoconductive detectors E. Bryan (Infrared Physics 1983)
Section Six
Photoemissive Detectors
385 Simple model for internal photoemission V.L. Dalal (Journal of Applied Physics 1971)
391 Analysis of photemissive Schottky barrier photodetectors V.L. Dalal (Journal of Applied Physics 1971)
396 Model of Schottky barrier hot-electron-mode photodetection V.E. Vickers (Applied Optics 1971)
399 The theory of hot-electron photoemission in Schottky-barrier IR detectors J.M. Mooney, J. Silverman (IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices 1985)
406 Pt-Ir silicide Schottky-barrier IR detectors B.-Y. Tsaur, M.M. Weeks, P.W. Pellegrini (IEEE Electron Device Letters 1988)
409 IrSi Schottky-barrier infrared detectors with wavelength response beyond 12 um B.-Y. Tsaur, C.K. Chen, B.A. Nechay (IEEE Electron Device Letters 1990)
Section Seven
Quantum Well Detectors
415 Advantages of the HgTe-CdTe superlattice as an infrared detector material D.L. Smith, T.C. McGill, J.N. Schulman (Applied Physics Letters 1983)
418 InAsSb strained-layer superlattices for long wavelength detector applications G.C. Osbourn (Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology B 1984)
421 Performance limitations of GaAs/AlGaAs infrared superlattices M.A. Kinch, A. Yariv (Applied Physics Letters 1989)
424 Comment on 'Performance limitations of GaAs/AlGaAs infrared superlattices' B.F. Levine (Applied Physics Letters 1990)
426 High sensitivity, low current 10 um GaAs quantum well infrared photodetectors B.F. Levine, C.G. Bethea, G. Hasnain, V.O. Shen, E. Pelve, P.R. Abbott, S.J. Hsieh (Applied Physics Letters 1990)
429 High-detectivity (>1x1010 cm Hz/W), InAsSb strained-layer superlattice, photovoltaic infrared detector S.R. Kurtz, L.R. Dawson, T.E. Zipperian, R.D. Whaley, Jr. (IEEE Electron Device Letters 1990)
432 Long wavelength quantum well detectors: can they compete? S.A. Lyon (Surface Science 1990)
438 Dependence of the performance of GaAs/AlGaAs quantum well infrared photodetectors on doping and bias S.D. Gunapala, B.F. Levine, L. Pfeiffer, K. West (Journal of Applied Physics 1991)
Section Eight
Focal-Plane Arrays
445 Application of charge-coupled devices to infrared detection and imaging A.J. Steckl, R.D. Nelson, B.T. French, R.A. Gudmundsen, D. Schechter (Proceedings of the IEEE 1975)
453 Infrared charge transfer devices--the silicon approach R.D. Nelson (Optical Engineering 1977)
462 Infrared focal planes in intrinsic semiconductors J.T. Longo, D.T. Cheung, A.M. Andrews, C.C. Wang, J.M. Tracy (IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices 1978)
482 Evaluation of a Schottky infrared charge-coupled device (IRCCD) staring mosaic focal plane B. Capone, L. Skolnik, R. Taylor, F. Shepherd, S. Roosild, W. Ewing, W. Kosonocky, E. Kohn (Optical Engineering 1979)
489 HgCdTe charge-coupled device technology M.A. Kinch, R.A. Chapman, A. Simmons, D.D. Buss, S.R. Borrello (Infrared Physics 1980)
509 A fully monolithic InSb infrared CCD array R.D. Thom, T.L. Koch, J.D. Langan, W.J. Parrish (IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices 1980)
520 Technology development for InSb infrared imagers C.-Y. Wei, K.L. Wang, E.A. Taft, J.M. Swab, M.D. Gibbons, W.E. Davern, D.M. Brown (IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices 1980)
526 HgCdTe hybrid focal plane J.P. Rode (Infrared Physics 1984)
536 HgCdTe charge transfer device focal plane arrays C.G. Roberts (in Infrared Detectors 1984)
546 Extrinsic silicon focal plane arrays D.H. Pommerrenig (in Infrared Detectors 1984)
553 Status of CID InSb detector technology M.D. Gibbons, S.C. Wang (in Infrared Detectors 1984)
567 Design and performance of blocked-impurity-band detector focal plane arrays S.B. Stetson, D.B. Reynolds, M.G. Stapelbroek, R.L. Stermer (in Infrared Detectors, Sensors, and Focal Plane Arrays 1986)
579 A 512x5l2-element PtSi Schottky-barrier infrared image sensor M. Kimata, M. Denda, N. Yutani, S. Iwade, N. Tsubouchi (IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits 1987)
585 Review of Schottky-barrier imager technology W.F. Kosonocky (in Infrared Detectors and Focal Plane Arrays 1990)
608 Infrared focal plane array technology D.A. Scribner, M.R. Kruer, J.M. Killiany (Proceedings of the IEEE 1991)
628 256x256 hybrid HgCdTe infrared focal plane arrays R.B. Bailey, L.J. Kozlowski, J. Chen, D.Q. Bui, K. Vural, D.D. Edwall, R.V. Gil, A.B. Vanderwyck, E.R. Gertner, M.B. Gubala (IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices 1991)
634 LWIR 128xl28 GaAs/AlGaAs multiple quantum well hybrid focal plane array L.J. Kozlowski, G.M. Williams, G.J. Sullivan, C.W. Farley, R.J. Anderson, J. Chen, D.T. Cheung, W.E. Tennant, R.E. DeWames (IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices 1991)

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