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Selected Papers on Dye Lasers
Editor(s): Frank J. Duarte
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Date Published: 11 March 1992
Pages: 682
ISBN: 9780819408853
Volume: MS45

Table of Contents
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Section One
Laser-Pumped Pulsed Dye Lasers
3 Stimulated emission observed from an organic dye, chloro- aluminum phthalocyanine P. P. Sorokin, J. R. Lankard (IBM Journal of Research and Development 1966)
5 Organic dye solution laser F. P. Schafer, W. Schmidt, J. Volze (Applied Physics Letters 1966)
9 Stimulated emission from polymethine dyes M. L. Spaeth, D. P. Bortfeld (Applied Physics Letters 1966)
12 Continuously tunable, narrow-band organic dye lasers B. H. Soffer, B. B. McFarland (Applied Physics Letters 1967)
14 New dye lasers covering the visible spectrum F. P. Schafer, W. Schmidt, K. Marth (Physics Letters 1967)
15 Laser second-harmonic-induced stimulated emission of organic dyes B. B. McFarland (Applied Physics Letters 1967)
17 Xanthene dye series laser excited by second-harmonic radiation from a neodymium laser V. D. Kotsubanov, Yu. V. Naboikin, L. A. Ogurtsova, A. P. Podgornyi, F. S. Pokrovskaya (Soviet Physics-Technical Physics 1969)
19 Generation of tunable UV from 2610 to 3150 A R. W. Wallace (Optics Communications 1971)
22 Versatile high-power single-longitudinal-mode pulsed dye laser F. Bos (Applied Optics 1981)
27 Quasiunimodal tunable pulsed dye laser at 440 nm: theoretical development for using a quad prism beam expander and one or two gratings in a pulsed dye laser oscillator cavity P. Dupre (Applied Optics 1987)
39 Tunable broadband pulsed dye laser A. van Hoek, F. G. H. van Wijk (Applied Optics 1987)
42 Organic lasers excited by a pulsed N2 laser J. R. Lankard, R. J. von Gutfeld (IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 1969)
43 Dye laser stimulation with a pulsed N2 laser at 3371 Angstroms J. A. Myer, C. L. Johnson, E. Kierstead, R. D. Sharma, I. Itzkan (Applied Physics Letters 1970)
46 Image amplification by dye lasers T. W. Hansch, F. Varsanyi, A. L. Schawlow (Applied Physics Letters 1971)
49 Oscillator-amplifier dye-laser system using N2 laser pumping I. Itzkan, F. W. Cunningham (IEEE Journal Quantum Electronics 1972)
54 Powerful dye laser oscillator-amplifier system for high resolution spectroscopy R. Wallenstein, T. W. Hansch (Optics Communications 1975)
59 A vapor-phase dye laser B. Steyer, F. P. Schafer (Optics Communications 1974)
61 Optically excited organic dye vapor laser P. W. Smith, P. F. Liao, C. V. Shank, T. K. Gustafson, C. Lin, P. J. Maloney (Applied Physics Letters 1974)
64 KrF-laser-pumped tunable dye laser in the ultraviolet D. G. Sutton, G. A. Capelle (Applied Physics Letters 1976)
66 Efficient dye lasers pumped by a XeCl excimer laser O. Uchino, T. Mizunami, M. Maeda, Y. Miyazoe (Applied Physics 1979)
69 Optimization of spectral coverage in an eight-cell oscillator-amplifier dye laser pumped at 308 nm F. Bos (Applied Optics 1981)
73 Axial mode structure of a copper vapor pumped dye laser A. A. Pease, W. M. Pearson (Applied Optics 1977)
77 High power efficient dye amplifier pumped by copper vapor lasers R. S. Hargrove, T. Kan (IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 1980)
83 Design criteria and operating characteristics of a single- mode pulsed dye laser A. F. Bernhardt, P. Rasmussen (Applied Physics B: Photophysics and Laser Chemistry 1981)
89 Narrow linewidth, high prf copper laser-pumped dye-laser oscillators F. J. Duarte, J. A. Piper (Applied Optics 1984)
93 CVL-pumped dye laser for spectroscopic application M. Broyer, J. Chevaleyre, G. Delacretaz, L. Woste (Applied Physics B: Photophysics and Laser Chemistry 1984)
99 Atomic vapor laser isotope separation J. A. Paisner (Applied Physics B: Photophysics and Laser Chemistry 1988)
107 Amplified spontaneous emission and signal amplification in dye-laser systems U. Ganiel, A. Hardy, G. Neumann, D. Treves (IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 1975)
119 Amplified spontaneous emission and spatial dependence of gain in dye amplifiers G. Dujardin, P. Flamant (Optics Communications 1978)
123 Amplified spontaneous emission from N2-laser pumped dye lasers Z. Bor (Optics Communications 1981)
127 Dye laser spectral purity T. J. Mckee, J. Lobin, W. A. Young (Applied Optics 1982)
131 Amplified spontaneous emission in distributed feedback dye lasers I. A. McIntyre, M. H. Dunn (Optics Communications 1984)
134 Stimulated Raman scattering of dye laser radiation in hydrogen. Improvement of spectral purity E. Berik, B. Davidenko, V. Mihkelsoo, P. Apanasevich, A. Grabchikov, V. Orlovich (Optics Communications 1985)
139 Stimulated emission in a periodic structure H. Kogelnik, C. V. Shank (Applied Physics Letters 1971)
142 Tunable distributed-feedback dye laser C. V. Shank, J. E. Bjorkholm, H. Kogelnik (Applied Physics Letters 1971)
144 A novel pumping arrangement for tunable single picosecond pulse generation with a N2 laser pumped distributed feedback dye laser Z. Bor (Optics Communications 1979)
149 Subpicosecond, widely tunable distributed feedback dye laser S. Szatmari, F. P. Schafer (Applied Physics B: Photophysics and Laser Chemistry 1988)
Section Two
Flashlamp-Pumped Dye Lasers
159 Flashlamp excitation of organic dye lasers P. P. Sorokin, J. R. Lankard (IBM Journal of Research and Development 1967)
160 Blitzlampengepumpte Farbstofflaser W. Schmidt, F. P. Schafer (Zeitscrift f�r Naturforschung 1967)
164 Blue laser emission from a flashlamp-excited organic dye solution B. B. Snavely, O. G. Peterson, R. F. Reithel (Applied Physics Letters 1967)
166 Stimulated emission from flashlamp-excited organic dyes in polymethyl methacrylate O. G. Peterson, B. B. Snavely (Applied Physics Letters 1968)
168 Feasibility of CW operation of dye-lasers B. B. Snavely, F. P. Schafer (Physics Letters 1969)
170 Optical pumps for organic dye lasers H. W. Furumoto, H. L. Ceccon (Applied Optics 1969)
181 Direct gain measurements of an organic dye amplifier B. G. Huth (Applied Physics Letters 1970)
184 Absolute gain measurements in a multistage dye amplifier P. Flamant, Y. H. Meyer (Applied Physics Letters 1971)
186 Dye laser forced oscillator G. Magyar, H.-J. Schneider-Muntau (Applied Physics Letters 1972)
189 400-J pulsed laser using a solution of rhodamine-6G in ethanol F. N. Baltakov, B. A. Barikhin, L. V. Sukhanov (JETP Letters 1974)
191 A 200 W average power, narrow bandwidth, tunable waveguide dye laser P. Mazzinghi, P. Burlamacchi, M. Matera, H. F. Ranea- Sandoval, R. Salimbeni, U. Vanni (IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 1981)
196 Reliable high average power high pulse energy dye laser R. G. Morton, V. G. Draggoo (IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 1981)
197 Efficient 7-J flashlamp-pumped dye laser at 500-nm wavelength P. N. Everett, H. R. Aldag, J. J. Ehrlich, G. S. Janes, D. E. Klimek, F. M. Landers, D. P. Pacheco (Applied Optics 1986)
203 Powerful narrow-band dye laser forced oscillator M. Maeda, O. Uchino, T. Okada, Y. Miyazoe (Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 1975)
208 Transient injection frequency-locking of a microsecond- pulsed dye laser for atmospheric measurements P. H. Flamant, D. Josse, M. Maillard (Optical and Quantum Electronics 1984)
211 A tunable, single mode, injection-locked flashlamp pumped dye laser S. Blit, U. Ganiel, D. Treves (Applied Physics 1977)
217 Transient injection-locking of an unstable ring dye laser D. G. Harris, T. R. Waite, D. A. Holmes (Applied Optics 1990)
219 Flashlamp pumped narrow-linewidth dispersive dye laser oscillators: very low amplified spontaneous emission levels and reduction of linewidth instabilities F. J. Duarte, J. J. Ehrlich, W. E. Davenport, T. S. Taylor (Applied Optics 1990)
223 Dynamics of thermooptical inhomogeneities in the active medium of an organic dye laser with flash-lamp pumping E. A. Gavronskaya, A. V. Groznyi, D. I. Staselko, V. L. Strigun (Optics and Spectroscopy 1977)
Section Three
Continuous Wave Dye Lasers
229 CW operation of an organic dye solution laser O. G. Peterson, S. A. Tuccio, B. B. Snavely (Applied Physics Letters 1970)
232 Spatial hole burning in cw dye lasers C. T. Pike (Optics Communications 1974)
236 Single mode operation of a continuous tunable dye laser M. Hercher, H. A. Pike (Optics Communications 1971)
238 Astigmatically compensated cavities for CW dye lasers H. W. Kogelnik, E. P. Ippen, A. Dienes, C. V. Shank (IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 1972)
245 Unconfined flowing-dye films for CW dye lasers P. K. Runge, R. Rosenberg (IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 1972)
247 Design and operation of a tunable continuous dye laser S. A. Tuccio, F. C. Strome, Jr. (Applied Optics 1972)
257 Continuous wave uv radiation tunable from 285 nm to 400 nm by harmonic and sum frequency generation S. Bilt, E. G. Weaver, T. A. Rabson, F. K. Tittel (Applied Optics 1978)
260 Frequency stabilization of a cw dye laser R. L. Barger, M. S. Sorem, J. L. Hall (Applied Physics Letters 1973)
263 Modes of a laser resonator containing tilted birefringent plates A. L. Bloom (Journal of the Optical Society of America 1974)
269 Laser phase and frequency stabilization using an optical resonator R. W. P. Drever, J. L. Hall, F. V. Kowalski, J. Hough, G. M. Ford, A. J. Munley, H. Ward (Applied Physics B: Photophysics and Laser Chemistry 1983)
278 Dye-laser frequency stabilization using optical resonators J. Hough, D. Hils, M. D. Rayman, L.-S. Ma, L. Hollberg, J. L. Hall (Applied Physics B: Photophysics and Laser Chemistry 1984)
285 External dye-laser frequency stabilizer J. L. Hall, T. W. Hansch (Optics Letters 1984)
288 A high-power single-mode cw dye ring laser H. W. Schroder, L. Stein, D. Frolich, B. Fugger, H. Welling (Applied Physics 1977)
292 High-efficiency single-frequency cw ring dye laser S. M. Jarrett, J. F. Young (Optics Letters 1979)
295 Powerful single-frequency ring dye laser spanning the visible spectrum T. F. Johnston, Jr., R. H. Brady, W. Proffitt (Applied Optics 1982)
305 High power single frequency operation of dyes over the spectrum from 364 nm to 524 nm pumped by an ultraviolet argon ion laser T. Johnston (Optics Communications 1988)
311 Observation of higher order dynamical states of a homogeneously broadened laser L. W. Hillman, J. Krasinski, R. W. Boyd, C. R. Stroud, Jr. (Physical Review Letters 1984)
315 Self-pulsing in a band model for dye lasers H. Fu, H. Haken (Physical Review A 1990)
328 Average intensity and contrast of light amplified by a partially homogeneously broadened, slightly saturated laser amplifier with stochastic gain distribution C. C. Yang (Optics Letters 1988)
Section Four
Ultrashort Pulse Dye Lasers
333 Mode competition and self-locking effects in a Q-switched ruby laser H. W. Mocher, R. J. Collins (Applied Physics Letters 1965)
337 Self mode-locking of lasers with saturable absorbers A. J. DeMaria, D. A. Stetser, H. Heynau (Applied Physics Letters 1966)
340 Self-mode-locking of dye-lasers with saturable absorbers W. Schmidt, F. P. Schafer (Physics Letters 1968)
342 Passive mode locking of the cw dye laser E. P. Ippen, C. V. Shank, A. Dienes (Applied Physics Letters 1972)
345 Bandwidth-limited subpicosecond pulse generation in mode- locked cw dye lasers I. S. Ruddock, D. J. Bradley (Applied Physics Letters 1976)
347 Generation and measurement of 200 femtosecond optical pulses J.-C. Diels, E. van Stryland, G. Benedict (Optics Communications 1978)
350 Generation of optical pulses shorter than 0.1 psec by colliding pulse mode locking R. L. Fork, B. I. Green, C. V. Shank (Applied Physics Letters 1981)
352 Exact theory of two-dimensional self-focusing and one- dimensional self-modulation of waves in nonlinear media V. E. Zakharov, A. B. Shabat (Soviet Physics JETP 1972)
360 Pulse evolution in mode-locked quasi-continuous lasers G. H. C. New (IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 1974)
370 Analysis of a mode-locked ring laser: chirped-solitary-pulse solutions J.-C. Diels, W. Dietel, J. J. Fontaine, W. Rudolph, B. Wilhelmi (Journal of the Optical Society of America B 1985)
377 Laser mode locking with addition of nonlinear index H. A. Haus, Y. Silberberg (IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 1986)
384 Observation of high-order solitons directly produced by a femtosecond ring laser F. Salin, P. Grangier, G. Roger, A. Brun (Physical Review Letters 1986)
388 Theoretical analysis of pulse development in a colliding pulse mode-locked dye laser A. Penzkofer, W. Baumler (Optical and Quantum Electronics 1991)
410 Intracavity pulse compression with glass: a new method of generating pulses shorter than 60 fsec W. Dietel, J. J. Fontaine, J.-C. Diels (Optics Letters 1983)
413 Negative dispersion using pairs of prisms R. L. Fork, O. E. Martinez, J. P. Gordon (Optics Letters 1984)
416 Amplified femtosecond optical pulses and continuum generation at 5-kHz repetition rate W. H. Knox, M. C. Downer, R. L. Fork, C. V. Shank (Optics Letters 1984)
419 Generation of optical pulses as short as 27 femtoseconds directly from a laser balancing self-phase modulation, group-velocity dispersion, saturable absorption, and saturable gain J. A. Valdmanis, R. L. Fork, J. P. Gordon (Optics Letters 1985)
422 Compression of optical pulses to six femtoseconds by using cubic phase compensation R. L. Fork, C. H. Brito Cruz, P. C. Becker, C. V. Shank (Optics Letters 1987)
425 Prism-pair dispersive delay lines in optical pulse compression J. D. Kafka, T. Baer (Optics Letters 1987)
428 29-fsec pulse generation from a linear-cavity synchronously pumped dye laser H. Kubota, K. Kurokawa, M. Nakazawa (Optics Letters 1988)
431 Study of a linear femtosecond laser in passive and hybrid operation N. Jamasbi, J.-C. Diels, L. Sarger (Journal of Modern Optics 1988)
445 Distortion of femtosecond laser pulses in lenses and lens systems Z. Bor (Journal of Modern Optics 1988)
455 Prismatic pulse compression: beam deviations and geometrical perturbations F. J. Duarte (Optical and Quantum Electronics 1990)
460 Ultrafast diagnostics J.-C. Diels, J. J. Fontaine, W. Rudolph (Revue de Physique Appliquee 1987)
467 Single-shot measurement of a 52-fs pulse F. Salin, P. Georges, G. Roger, A. Brun (Applied Optics 1987)
Section Five
Resonator and Oscillator Physics
473 Longitudinally pumped, narrow-band continuously tunable dye laser D. J. Bradley, G. M. Gale, M. Moore, P. D. Smith (Physics Letters 1968)
474 Repetitively pulsed tunable dye laser for high resolution spectroscopy T. W. Hansch (Applied Optics 1972)
478 Linear pressure tuning of a multielement dye laser spectrometer R. Wallenstein, T. W. Hansch (Applied Optics 1974)
482 A simple beam expander for frequency narrowing of dye lasers D. C. Hanna, P. A. Karkkainen, R. Wyatt (Optical and Quantum Electronics 1975)
486 Narrowband operation of a pulsed dye laser without intracavity beam expansion I. Shoshan, N. N. Danon, U. P. Oppenheim (Journal of Applied Physics 1977)
489 Spectrally narrow pulsed dye laser without beam expander M. G. Littman, H. J. Metcalf (Applied Optics 1978)
493 Single-mode operation of grazing-incidence pulsed dye laser M. G. Littman (Optics Letters 1978)
496 Unified single-pass model of linewidths in the Hansch, single- and double-grating grazing-incidence dye lasers M. K. Iles (Applied Optics 1981)
500 Novel geometry for single-mode scanning of tunable lasers K. Liu, M. G. Littman (Optics Letters 1981)
502 Single-mode pulsed tunable dye laser M. G. Littman (Applied Optics 1984)
506 A double-wavelength nitrogen-laser-pumped dye laser L. G. Nair (Applied Physics 1979)
509 Two-wavelength single mode grazing incidence dye laser S. G. Dinev, I. G. Koprinkov, K. V. Stamenov, K. A. Stankov, C. Radzewicz (Optics Communications 1980)
512 A double-prism beam expander for pulsed dye lasers F. J. Duarte, J. A. Piper (Optics Communications 1980)
517 Prism preexpanded grazing-incidence grating cavity for pulsed dye lasers F. J. Duarte, J. A. Piper (Applied Optics 1981)
521 A comparison of the Cassegrain and other beam expanders in high-power pulsed dye lasers R. Trebino, J. P. Roller, A. E. Siegman (IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 1982)
527 Efficiency and linewidth improvements in a grazing incidence dye laser using an intracavity lens and spherical end mirror R. S. Smith, L. F. DiMauro (Applied Optics 1987)
532 Dispersion theory of multiple-prism beam expanders for pulsed dye lasers F. J. Duarte, J. A. Piper (Optics Communications 1982)
537 Note on achromatic multiple-prism beam expanders F. J. Duarte (Optics Communications 1985)
540 Transmission efficiency in achromatic nonorthogonal multiple-prism laser beam expanders F. J. Duarte (Optics Communications 1989)
545 Achromatic N-prism beam expanders: optimal configurations R. Trebino (Applied Optics 1985)
554 ABCD-matrix elements for a curved diffraction grating A. E. Siegman (Journal of the Optical Society of America A 1985)
555 Astigmatism in laser beam optical systems J. Turunen (Applied Optics 1986)
Section Six
Dyes and Dye Photophysics
561 Effect of oxygen on flashlamp-pumped organic-dye lasers J. B. Marling, D. W. Gregg, S. J. Thomas (IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 1970)
564 Intersystem crossing rate and triplet state lifetime for a lasing dye J. P. Webb, W. C. McColgin, O. G. Peterson, D. L. Stockman, J. H. Eberly (Journal of Chemical Physics 1970)
567 Long-pulse laser emission from rhodamine 6G R. Pappalardo, H. Samelson, A. Lempicki (IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 1970)
577 Triplet quenching by oxygen in a rhodamine 6G laser F. P. Schafer, L. Ringwelski (Zeitscrift fur Naturforschung 1973)
579 Study of the influence of triplet quencher on the photobleaching of rhodamine-6G J. Weber (Optics Communications 1973)
581 Primary processes in the photochemistry of rhodamine dyes V. E. Korobov, A. K. Chibisov (Journal of Photochemistry 1978)
593 Fluorescence behaviour of highly concentrated rhodamine 6G solutions A. Penzkofer, W. Leupacher (Journal of Luminescence 1987)
603 Water-soluble coumarin dyes for flashlamp-pumped dye lasers K. H. Drexhage, G. R. Erikson, G. H. Hawks, G. A. Reynolds (Optics Communications 1975)
608 New coumarin dyes with rigidized structure for flashlamp- pumped dye lasers G. A. Reynolds, K. H. Drexhage (Optics Communications 1975)
612 New laser dyes with blue-green emission E. J. Schimitschek, J. A. Trias, P. R. Hammond, R. A. Henry, R. L. Atkins (Optics Communications 1976)
616 Lasing characteristics of new coumarin-analog dyes: broadband and narrow-linewidth performance C. H. Chen, J. L. Fox, F. J. Duarte, J. J. Ehrlich (Applied Optics 1988)
618 A new family of lasing dyes from an old family of fluors A. P. Piechowski, G. R. Bird (Optics Communications 1984)
624 Laser action from syn-(methyl,methyl)bimane T. G. Pavlopoulos, J. H. Boyer, I. R. Politzer, C. M. Lau (Journal of Applied Physics 1986)
626 Efficient laser action from 1,3,5,7,8- pentamethylpyrromethene-BF2 complex and its disodium 2,6- disulfonate derivative T. G. Pavlopoulos, M. Shah, J. H. Boyer (Optics Communications 1989)
629 Laser dye stability. Part 4: Photodegradation relationships for bicyclic dyes in alcohol solutions A. N. Fletcher (Applied Physics 1978)
634 Laser dye stability. Part 12: The pyridinium salts A. N. Fletcher, R. A. Henry, M. E. Pietrak, D. E. Bliss, J. H. Hall (Applied Physics B: Photophysics and Laser Chemistry 1987)
640 Laser dyes III: concepts to increase the photostability of laser dyes B. Liphardt, B. Liphardt, W. Luttke (Optics Communications 1983)
644 Products of photodegradation for coumarin laser dyes G. Jones II, W. R. Bergmark, W. R. Jackson (Optics Communications 1984)
651 Solvent effects on emission yield and lifetime for coumarin laser dyes. Requirements for a rotatory decay mechanism G. Jones II, W. R. Jackson, C.-Y. Choi, W. R. Bergmark (Journal of Physical Chemistry 1985)

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