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Atmospheric Adaptive Optics
Editor(s): Vladimir P. Lukin
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Date Published: 19 March 1996
Pages: 293
ISBN: 9780819418715
Volume: PM23

Table of Contents
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Preface / ix
Introduction / xvii
ONE Adaptive Phase Correction of Optical Wave Distortions in Random Inhomogeneous Media
1.1 Propagation of inverted waves in a random inhomogeneous medium / 4
1.2 Capabilities of wavefront reversal and phase conjugation algorithms / 19
1.3 Optimal phase correction of focused beams in a random inhomogeneous medium / 28
TWO Efficiency of Phase-Conjugation Optical Adaptive Systems
2.1 Correction of turbulent distortions of optical beams using a point reference source / 33
2.2 Correction with a reference plane wave / 41
2.3 Dynamic characteristics of adaptive optical systems / 45
2.4 Dynamic characteristics of predictive optical systems / 50
2.5 Spectral characteristics of adaptive optical systems / 54
THREE Experimental-Theoretical Studies of Phase Fluctuations and Associated Characteristics of Optical Waves
3.1 Statistical characteristics of phase fluctuations of optical radiation propagating in the turbulent atmosphere / 61
3.2 Statistical characteristics of the phase of specularly reflected optical waves / 69
3.3 Correlation properties of the modal components of the phase fluctuations / 75
3.4 Phase fluctuations of optical waves in the turbulent atmosphere / 85
3.5 Properties of image jitter during sounding in the turbulent atmosphere / 93
FOUR Enhancement of Images Transmitted through the Atmosphere by Methods of Adaptive Optics
4.1 Adaptive correction of the image of an extended object / 103
4.2 �Quasimodal� image correction in a random inhomogeneous medium / 118
4.3 Enhancement of the image of a star by tracking / 127
4.4 Experimental studies of the atmospheric astroclimate / 131
FIVE Aiming and Focusing Optical Beams through the Turbulent Atmosphere
5.1 Use of the reciprocity principle to control the parameters of an optical beam / 136
5.2 Control of the parameters of an optical beam based on reflected radiation / 143
5.3 Correction of random angular displacements of optical beams / 147
5.4 Controlling the propagation direction of optical beams / 161
5.5 Adaptive focusing of optical beams through a turbulent medium / 173
5.6 Studies of modal correction of turbulent distortions of optical beams / 176
5.7 Programmed correction of atmospheric refraction of optical beams / 182
SIX Peculiarities of the Propagation of Focused High-Power Laser Beams along Atmospheric Paths
6.1 Solution of the thermal blooming problem by the splitting method / 195
6.2 Thermal distortions of laser beams along vertical paths / 202
6.3 Focusing a high-power laser beam under conditions of thermal blooming in a moving medium / 210
6.4 Optimization of propagation of high-power laser beams along atmospheric paths / 213
SEVEN Propagation of High-Power Laser Radiation under Conditions of Adaptive Control
7.1 Programmed phase correction of thermal distortions on vertical paths / 226
7.2 Adaptive phase-conjugate correction of nonstationary thermal defocusing / 229
7.3 Efficiency of adaptive optical systems under conditions of thermal blooming in the atmosphere / 236
APPENDIX A Equations for the Moments of the Corrected Field / 242
APPENDIX B Calculation of the Correction to the Phase Approximation for the Average Intensity / 246
References 251
Index 267

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