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Selected Papers on Laser Doppler Velocimetry
Editor(s): Ronald J. Adrian
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Date Published: 1 August 1993
Pages: 640
ISBN: 9780819412973
Volume: MS78

Table of Contents
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Section One
Foundations of Laser Doppler Velocimetry
3 Observation of diffusion broadening of Rayleigh scattered light H.Z. Cummins, N. Knable, Y. Yeh (Physical Review Letters 1964)
6 Localized fluid flow measurements with an He-Ne laser spectrometer Y. Yeh, H.Z. Cummins (Applied Physics Letters 1964)
8 Measurement of localized flow velocities in gases with a laser Doppler flow meter J.W. Foreman, Jr., E.W. George, R.D. Lewis (Applied Physics Letters 1965)
10 Laser Doppler velocimeter for measurement of localized flow velocities in liquids J.W. Foreman, Jr., R.D. Lewis, J.R. Thornton, H.J. Watson (Proceedings of the IEEE 1966)
12 Measurement of hypersonic velocities and turbulence by direct spectral analysis of Doppler shifted laser light D.A. Jackson, D.M. Paul (Physics Letters 1970)
14 Differential Doppler velocity measurements C.M. Penney (IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 1969)
15 A Doppler difference method for velocity measurements H.D. vom Stein, H.J. Pfeifer (Metrologia 1969)
Section Two
Theory of LDV Signals
19 Spectral analysis of the signal from the laser Doppler flowmeter: time-independent systems R.V. Edwards, J.C. Angus, M.J. French, J.W. Dunning, Jr. (Journal of Applied Physics 1971)
33 A new theoretical model for the laser Dopplermeter M.J. Rudd (Journal of Scientific Instruments 1969)
37 Optimization of optical anemometers F. Durst, J.H. Whitelaw (Proceedings of the Royal Society of London A 1971)
58 Analysis of a laser Doppler anemometer R.J. Adrian, R.J. Goldstein (Journal of Physics E: Scientific Instruments 1971)
65 Moire patterns to visually model laser-Doppler signals F. Durst, W.H. Stevenson (in The Accuracy of Flow Measurements by Laser Doppler Methods 1976)
81 Evaluation of laser-Doppler velocimeter performance using Mie scattering theory R.J. Adrian, W.L. Earley (in Minnesota Symposium on Laser Anemometry 1975)
105 Analysis of signal-to-noise ratio of the laser-Doppler velocimeter" L. Lading (Opto-electronics 1973)
116 Coherent and noncoherent methods in Doppler optical beat velocity measurement L.E. Drain (Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 1972)
129 Signal analysis for laser velocimeter measurements C. Greated, T.S. Durrani (Journal of Physics E: Scientific Instruments 1971)
132 Particle arrival statistics in laser anemometry of turbulent flow J.C. Erdmann, R.I. Gellert (Applied Physics Letters 1976)
135 Limitations to measuring accuracy inherent in the laser Doppler signal W.K. George, Jr. (in The Accuracy of Flow Measurements by Laser Doppler Methods 1976)
165 Laser Doppler velocimetry in blood and multiply scattering fluids: theory M.D. Stern (Applied Optics 1985)
Section Three
LDV Data Characteristics
187 Biasing correction for individual realization of laser anemometer measurements in turbulent flow D.K. McLaughlin, W.G. Tiederman (Physics of Fluids 1973)
194 New biasing elimination method for laser-Doppler velocimeter counter processing W. Hoesel, W. Rodi (Review of Scientific Instruments 1977)
204 Particle-sampling statistics in laser anemometers: sample- and-hold systems and saturable systems R.V. Edwards, A.S. Jensen (Journal of Fluid Mechanics 1983)
217 Report of the special panel on statistical particle bias problems in laser anemometry R.V. Edwards (Transactions of the ASME: Journal of Fluids Engineering 1987)
222 Spectrum measurements with laser velocimeters W.T. Mayo, Jr. (in Proceedings of the Dynamic Flow Conference 1978)
236 Spectral analysis of signals from a laser Doppler anemometer operating in the burst mode J.B. Roberts, J. Downie, M. Gaster (Journal of Physics E: Scientific Instruments (1980)
Section Four
Optical Systems and Signal Processors
243 Frequency shifts in light diffracted by ultrasonic waves in liquid media H. Cummins, N. Knable, L. Gampel, Y. Yeh (Applied Physics Letters 1963)
245 Translation of light frequency by a moving grating T. Suzuki, R. Hioki (Journal of the Optical Society of America 1967)
246 Laser Doppler velocity measurement without directional ambiguity by using frequency shifted incident beams M.K. Mazumder (Applied Physics Letters 1970)
249 Simplified laser Doppler velocimeter optics W.T. Mayo, Jr. (Journal of Physics E: Scientific Instruments 1970)
251 Two-color dual-beam backscatter laser Doppler velocimeter G.R. Grant, K.L. Orloff (Applied Optics 1973)
255 Two-component dual-scatter laser Doppler velocimeter with frequency burst signal readout D.B. Brayton, H.T. Kalb, F.L. Crosswy (Applied Optics 1973)
267 An automatic data processing system for laser anemometers H.J. Pfeifer, H.D. vom Stein (IEEE Transactions on Aerospace and Electronic Systems 1972)
272 Polar response of an LV measurement volume M.C. Whiffen (in Minnesota Symposium on Laser Anemometry 1975)
274 Confocal backscatter laser velocimeter with on-axis sensitivity K.L. Orloff, S.E. Logan (Applied Optics (1973)
279 On the extension of the range of applicability of LDA by means of the laser-dual-focus (L-2-F) technique R. Schodl (in The Accuracy of Flow Measurements by Laser Doppler Methods 1976)
268 LDA system for long-range cross-wind velocity measurements using pulsed laser radiation E. Sommer, H.J. Pfeifer (in Third International Symposium on Application of Laser Anemometry to Fluid Mechanics 1986)
291 The fiber-optic Doppler anemometer" R.B. Dyott (Microwaves, Optics and Acoustics 1978)
297 Follow-up-type laser Doppler velocimeter using single-mode optical fibers O. Sasaki, T. Sato, T. Abe, T. Mizuguchi, M. Niwayama (Applied Optics 1980)
300 Fibre-optic laser Doppler anemometer with Bragg frequency shift utilising polarisation-preserving single-mode fibre J. Knuhtsen, E. Olldag, P. Buchhave (Journal of Physics E: Scientific Instruments 1982)
304 LDV using polarization-preserving optical fibers for simultaneous measurement of two velocity components N. Nakatani, M. Tokita, T. Yamada (Applied Optics 1984)
306 Miniature solid-state directional laser Doppler velocimeter J.D.C. Jones, M. Corke, A.D. Kersey, D.A. Jackson (Electronics Letters 1982)
308 Use of a laser diode and an optical fiber for a compact laser-Doppler velocimeter H. Nishihara, K. Matsumoto, J. Koyama (Optics Letters 1984)
311 Michelson spectrometer for instantaneous Doppler velocity measurements G. Smeets, A. George (Journal of Physics E: Scientific Instruments 1981)
319 A rapidly scanning laser Doppler anemometer B. Chehroudi, R.L. Simpson (Journal of Physics E: Scientific Instruments 1984)
325 Advancing multi-point optical fiber LDV's-vorticity measurement and some new optical systems N. Nakatani, A. Maegawa, T. Izumi, T. Yamada, T. Sakabe (in Laser Anemometry in Fluid Mechanics III 1986)
337 Dual cylindrical wave laser-Doppler method for measurement of wall shear stress A.A. Naqwi, W.C. Reynolds, L.W. Carr (in Laser Anemometry in Fluid Mechanics II 1984)
352 Refractive index matching for velocity measurements in complex geometries R.V. Edwards, A. Dybbs (TSI Quarterly 1984)
Section Five
Photon Correlation
363 The application of photon correlation spectroscopy to laser Doppler measurements E.R. Pike (Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 1972)
365 Laser anemometry in an unseeded supersonic wind tunnel by means of photon correlation spectroscopy of backscattered light J.B. Abbiss, T.W. Chubb, A.R.G. Mundell, P.R. Sharpe, C.J. Oliver, E.R. Pike (Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 1972)
367 Introduction to photon correlation spectroscopy and velocimetry E.R. Pike (in Photon Correlation Spectroscopy and Velocimetry 1977)
381 Modeling laser velocimeter signals as triply stochastic Poisson processes W.T. Mayo, Jr. (in Minnesota Symposium on Laser Anemometry 1975)
404 Remote measurement of wind speed using a dual beam backscatter laser Doppler velocimeter K.G. Bartlett, C.Y. She (Applied Optics 1976)
Section Six
Two-Phase Flow
411 A laser-Doppler technique for the measurement of particle velocity R.N. James, W.R. Babcock, H.S. Seifert (AIAA Journal 1968)
413 Use of a laser for particle velocity determination in a two- phase flow by a heterodyne method R.S. Rinkevichyus (Radio Engineering and Electronic Physics 1969)
415 Light scattering by a sphere situated in an interference pattern, with relevance to fringe anemometry and particle sizing A.R. Jones (Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 1974)
422 New optical geometry for the particle sizing interferometer J.Y. Son, W.M. Farmer, T.V. Giel, Jr. (Applied Optics 1986)
428 Laser Doppler measurements in two-phase flows F. Durst, M. Zare (in The Accuracy of Flow Measurements by Laser Doppler Methods 1976)
445 Method for measuring the size and velocity of spheres by dual-beam light-scatter interferometry W.D. Bachalo (Applied Optics 1980)
453 Simultaneous measurement of size, concentration and velocity of spherical particles by a laser Doppler method M. Saffman, P. Buchhave, H. Tanger (in Laser Anemometry in Fluid Mechanics II 1984)
Section Seven
Applications of LDV
469 Measurement of laminar flow development in a square duct using a laser-Doppler flowmeter R.J. Goldstein, D.K. Kreid (Transactions of the ASME: Journal of Applied Mechanics 1967)
475 Turbulent flow measurements utilizing the Doppler shift of scattered laser radiation R.J. Goldstein, W.F. Hagen (Physics of Fluids 1967)
478 Measurement of supersonic velocity and turbulence by laser anemometry D.A. Jackson, D.M. Paul (Journal of Physics E: Scientific Instruments 1971)
483 Measurements of two-point velocity correlations in a pipe flow using laser anemometers J.B. Morton, W.H. Clark (Journal of Physics E: Scientific Instruments 1971)
489 Instantaneous velocity and temperature measurements in oscillating diffusion flames D.F.G. Durao, J.H. Whitelaw (Proceedings of the Royal Society of London A 1974)
509 Velocity measurements inside the cylinder of a motored internal combustion engine R.B. Rask (in Laser Velocimetry and Particle Sizing 1978)
517 Many routes to turbulent convection J.P. Gollub, S.V. Benson (Journal of Fluid Mechanics 1980)
Section Eight
Appendix--Lasers and Heterodyne Detection
539 Laser beams and resonators H. Kogelnik, T. Li (Applied Optics 1966)
557 Directional characteristics in optical heterodyne detection processes V.J. Corcoran (Journal of Applied Physics 1965)
564 Experimental study of the theory of optical superheterodyne reception M.P. Warden (Proceedings of the IEE 1966)
572 Optical path-length difference effects in photomixing with multimode gas laser radiation J.W. Foreman, Jr. (Applied Optics 1967)
578 Light beating spectroscopy H.Z. Cummins, H.L. Swinney (in Progress in Optics 1970)

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