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Selected Papers on Diffraction Gratings
Editor(s): Daniel R. Maystre
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Date Published: 1 November 1993
Pages: 732
Volume: MS83SC

Table of Contents
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Section One
3 Preliminary notice of the results accomplished in the manufacture and theory of gratings for optical purposes H.A. Rowland (London, Edinburgh and Dublin Philosophical Magazine 1882)
6 The production of diffraction gratings: I. Development of the ruling art G.R. Harrison (Journal of the Optical Society of America 1949)
20 The production of diffraction gratings: II. The design of echelle gratings and spectrographs G.R. Harrison (Journal of the Optical Society of America 1949)
27 Holographically made diffraction gratings for the visible, UV and soft x-ray region G. Schmahl (Journal of the Spectroscopical Society of Japan 1974)
36 Blazed holographic gratings M. Breidne, S. Johansson, L.-E. Nilsson, H. Ahlen (Optica Acta 1979)
49 Classical and holographic gratings design and manufacture J.P. Laude, J. Flamand, A. Thevenon, D. Lepere (in ESO Conference on Very Large Telescopes and Their Instrumentation 1988)
63 The diffraction grating--an opinionated appraisal G.R. Harrison (Applied Optics 1973)
74 The use of polymerizing cements for making replicas of optical surfaces I.D. Torbin, A.M. Nizhin (Optical Technology 1973)
79 Mechanically ruled stigmatic concave gratings T. Harada, S. Moriyama, T. Kita (Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 1974)
84 Diffraction grating ruling engine with piezoelectric drive I.R. Bartlett, P.C. Wildy (Applied Optics 1975)
Section Two
Rayleigh Theory and Its Limits of Validity

Original Paper

89 On the dynamical theory of gratings Lord Rayleigh (Proceedings of the Royal Society A 1907)


103 Note on the theory of gratings B.A. Lippmann (Journal of the Optical Society of America 1953)

Numerical Attempts

104 Variational method for the calculation of the distribution of energy reflected from a periodic surface W.C. Meecham (Journal of Applied Physics 1956)

Mathematical and Numerical Considerations on the Validity of the

Rayleigh Hypothesis
111 Sur la diffraction d'une onde plane par un reseau infiniment conducteur R. Petit, M. Cadilhac (Comptes Rendus de l'Academie des Sciences B 1966)
115 On the Rayleigh assumption in scattering by a periodic surface. II R.F. Millar (Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society 1971)
122 Improved point-matching method with application to scattering from a periodic surface H. Ikuno, K. Yasuura (IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation 1973)

Review on Numerical Implementation of the Rayleigh Method

128 Reflection by a grating: Rayleigh methods P.M. van den Berg (Journal of the Optical Society of America 1981)

Practical Calculation of the Limit of Validity

134 Limits of convergence of the Rayleigh method for surface scattering N.R. Hill, V. Celli (Physical Review B 1978)
Section Three
Theory of Perfectly Conducting Gratings and Experimental Verifications

Integral Theory

139 Considerations theoriques sur la diffraction par reflexion sur des surfaces, quasiment planes, applications a la diffraction par des reseaux A. Wirgin (Comptes Rendus de l'Academie des Sciences 1964)
142 Etude theorique de la diffraction d'une onde plane et monochromatique par un reseau metallique infiniment conducteur R. Petit (Applied Optics 1965)
146 Theoretical and experimental investigation of a new type of blazed grating A. Wirgin, R. Deleuil (Journal of the Optical Society of America 1969)
156 Diffraction par un reseau conducteur nouvelle methode de resolution J. Pavageau, J. Bousquet (Optica Acta 1970)
165 Sur la determination du champ diffracte par un reseau holographique D. Maystre, R. Petit (Optics Communications 1970)

Conformal Mapping

168 Applications of conformal mappings to the diffraction of electromagnetic waves by a grating M. Neviere, M. Cadilhac, R. Petit (IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation 1973)

Modal theory

178 Bragg-angle blazing of diffraction gratings A. Hessel, J. Schmoys, D.Y. Tseng (Journal of the Optical Society of America 1975)
Section Four
Theory of Metallic and Dielectric Gratings and Experimental Verifications

Integral Theory

185 Numerical methods for the analysis of scattering from nonplanar periodic structures A.R. Neureuther, K. Zaki (URSI Symposium on Electromagnetic Waves 1969)
189 A new general integral theory for dielectric coated gratings D. Maystre (Journal of the Optical Society of America 1978)
195 Correlation between efficiency of diffraction gratings and theoretical calculations over a wide range E.G. Loewen, D. Maystre, R.C. McPhedran, I. Wilson (Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 1975)

Differential Theory

205 Systematic study of resonances of holographic thin film couplers M. Neviere, P. Vincent, R. Petit, M. Cadilhac (Optics Communications 1973)
210 Presentation and verification of a differential formulation for the diffraction by conducting gratings M.C. Hutley, J.P. Verrill, R.C. McPhedran, M. Neviere, P. Vincent (Nouvelle Revue d'Optique 1975)
219 Diffraction grating efficiencies: conformal mapping method for a good real conductor R.A. Depine, J.M. Simon (Optica Acta 1982)

Coupled Waves Method

232 Rigorous coupled-wave analysis of planar-grating diffraction M.G. Moharam, T.K. Gaylord (Journal of the Optical Society of America 1977)
240 Rigorous coupled-wave analysis of metallic surface-relief gratings M.G. Moharam, T.K. Gaylord (Journal of the Optical Society of America A 1986)

Modal Theory

248 The dielectric lamellar diffraction grating I.C. Botten, M.S. Craig, R.C. McPhedran, J.L. Adams, J.R. Andrewartha (Optica Acta 1981)

Other Theories

262 Multicoated gratings: a differential formalism applicable in the entire optical region J. Chandezon, M.T. Dupuis, G. Cornet, D. Maystre (Journal of the Optical Society of America 1982)
270 Scattering from a sinusoid: derivation of linear equations for the field amplitudes J.A. DeSanto (Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 1975)
273 Analysis of dielectric gratings of arbitrary profiles and thicknesses D.M. Pai, K.A. Awada (Journal of the Optical Society of America A 1991)

The Inverse Diffraction Problem of Gratings

281 Grating profile reconstruction by an inverse scattering method A. Roger, M. Breidne (Optics Communications 1980)
Section Five
Grating Anomalies, Phenomenology

Experiments and First Explanations

287 On a remarkable case of uneven distribution of light in a diffraction grating spectrum R.W. Wood (Philosophical Magazine 1902)
291 Note on the remarkable case of diffraction spectra described by Prof. Wood Lord Rayleigh (Philosophical Magazine 1907)
294 Effect of evaporated films on energy distribution in grating spectra J. Strong (Physical Review 1936)
300 Absorption and emission of light by opaque optical gratings J. Hagglund, F. Sellberg (Journal of the Optical Society of America 1966)
310 A detailed experimental study of the anomalies of a sinusoidal diffraction grating M.C. Hutley, V.M. Bird (Optica Acta 1973)
320 Surface plasma oscillations at sinusoidal silver surfaces I. Pockrand, H. Raether (Applied Optics 1977)


322 The theory of anomalous diffraction gratings and of quasi-stationary waves on metallic surfaces (Sommerfeld's waves) U. Fano (Journal of the Optical Society of America 1941)
332 A new theory of Wood's anomalies on optical gratings A. Hessel, A.A. Oliner (Applied Optics 1965)
355 Surface-plasmon resonance effect in grating diffraction R.H. Ritchie, E.T. Arakawa, J.J. Cowan, R.N. Hamm (Physical Review Letters 1968)
359 Corrugated dielectric waveguides: a numerical study of the second-order stop bands P. Vincent, M. Neviere (Applied Physics 1979)
366 Guided waves at the surface of open periodic structures and grating anomalies D. Maystre (in International URSI Symposium 1980)

Total Absorption of Light by a Grating

371 The total absorption of light by a diffraction grating M.C. Hutley, D. Maystre (Optics Communications 1976)
377 Dielectric coated gratings: a curious property E.G. Loewen, M. Neviere (Applied Optics 1977)
Section Six
Experimental and Theoretical Study of Special Kinds of Gratings

Concave Gratings

383 A new mounting of concave grating suitable for a spectrometer M. Seya (Science of Light 1952)
392 Performance of aberration-reduced holographic concave gratings designed specifically for Seya-Namioka monochromators T. Namioka, H. Noda, M. Seya (Journal of the Spectroscopical Society of Japan 1974)
399 Imaging properties of ruled and holographic gratings M. Pouey (Journal of the Spectroscopical Society of Japan 1974)
414 Analysis of the changes in efficiency across the ruled area of a concave diffraction grating M. Neviere, W.R. Hunter (Applied Optics 1980)
421 On-blaze scanning monochromator for the vacuum ultraviolet W.R. Hunter (Applied Optics 1982)

Crossed Gratings

430 Far-infrared properties of metallic mesh and its complementary structure R. Ulrich (Infrared Physics 1967)
446 On the theory and solar application of inductive grids R.C. McPhedran, D. Maystre (Applied Physics 1977)
465 Techniques for analyzing frequency selective surfaces--a review R. Mittra, C.H. Chan, T. Cwik (Proceedings of the IEEE 1988)
488 Crossed gratings: a theory and its applications G.H. Derrick, R.C. McPhedran, D. Maystre, M. Neviere (Applied Physics 1979)
502 Diffraction of light by a bigrating: surface polariton resonances and electric field enhancements N.E. Glass, A.A. Maradudin, V. Celli (Physical Review B 1983)

Wire Gratings

506 The perfectly conducting wire grating: computation of the diffracted field from Maxwell's equations and Hamilton's canonical system J.Y. Suratteau, M. Cadilhac, R. Petit (IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation 1985)


511 Electromagnetic study of transmission gratings M. Neviere (Applied Optics 1991)

Anisotropic and Chiral Gratings

519 Analysis of anisotropic dielectric gratings K. Rokushima, J. Yamakita (Journal of the Optical Society of America 1983)
527 Scattering by periodic achiral-chiral interfaces A. Lakhtakia, V.V. Varadan, V.K. Varadan (Journal of the Optical Society of America A 1989)

Smith-Purcell Radiation

534 Smith-Purcell radiation from a line charge moving parallel to a reflection grating P.M. van den Berg (Journal of the Optical Society of America 1973)

Gratings in Nonlinear Optics

544 Grating enhanced second harmonic generation through electromagnetic resonances R. Reinisch, M. Neviere, H. Akhouayri, J.L. Coutaz, D. Maystre, E. Pic (Optical Engineering 1988)
555 Corrugated waveguides used as bistable components H. Akhouayri, M. Neviere, P. Vincent (Journal de Physique 1988)
Section Seven
Use of Gratings

Spectroscopy, Blaze Effect

561 Sur l'origine des effets de polarisation et de diffraction dans les r�seaux optiques A. Marechal, G.W. Stroke (Comptes Rendus de l'Academie des Sciences 1959)
564 Grating efficiency theory as it applies to blazed and holographic gratings E.G. Loewen, M. Neviere, D. Maystre (Applied Optics 1977)
575 Microwave verification of a numerical optimization of Fourier gratings P. Bliek, R. Deleuil, M. Breidne, D. Maystre (Applied Physics 1981)
579 A phenomenological theory for gratings: perfect blazing for polarized light in nonzero deviation mounting D. Maystre, M. Cadilhac (Radio Science 1981)
585 Gratings--general properties of the Littrow mounting and energy flow distribution E. Popov, L. Tsonev, D. Maystre (Journal of Modern Optics 1990)

Analysis of Synchrotron Radiation, X-Ray Gratings, UV Gratings

594 Optimization of gratings for soft x-ray monochromators M. Neviere, J. Flamand, J.M. Lerner (Nuclear Instruments and Methods 1982)
601 X-ray efficiencies of blazed gratings in extreme off-plane mountings W. Werner (Applied Optics 1977)
604 X-ray gratings: the GMS mount P. Vincent, M. Neviere, D. Maystre (Applied Optics 1979)
608 Absolute S- and P-plane polarization efficiencies for high frequency holographic gratings in the VUV A.J. Caruso, G.H. Mount, B.E. Woodgate (Applied Optics 1981)

Beam Sampling Mirrors

621 Optimal design for beam sampling mirror gratings E.G. Loewen, M. Neviere, D. Maystre (Applied Optics 1976)
624 Diffraction grating evaluation M.L. Scott (in Optical Components: Manufacture and Evaluation 1979)
630 Infrared light scattering from surfaces covered with multiple dielectric overlayers J.M. Elson (Applied Optics 1977)

Grating Couplers

640 Analysis and design of grating couplers T. Tamir, S.T. Peng (Applied Physics 1977)

Gratings for Tunable Lasers

660 Gratings for tunable lasers: using multidielectric coatings to improve their efficiency D. Maystre, J.P. Laude, P. Gacoin, D. Lepere, J.P. Priou (Applied Optics 1980)

Measurement of Scales

664 Use of reflecting diffraction gratings in interference systems for measuring linear shifts. I. G.N. Rassudova, F.M. Gerasimov (Optics and Spectroscopy 1963)

Antireflection Gratings

669 Antireflection gold surface-relief gratings: experimental characteristics N.F. Hartman, T.K. Gaylord (Applied Optics 1988)

Selective Absorbers for Solar Energy

675 A new solar selective surface C.M. Horwitz (Optics Communications 1974)

Color Filters, Microfilms

677 Diffraction gratings for color filtering in the zero diffraction order K. Knop (Applied Optics 1978)

Beam Splitters

683 Transmission gratings as 3-way beam splitters E.G. Loewen, L.B. Mashev, E.K. Popov (in Diffraction Gratings and Moire Phenomena 1987)

Coherent Laser Addition

688 Coherent laser addition using binary phase gratings J.R. Leger, G.J. Swanson, W.B. Veldkamp (Applied Optics 1987)

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