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Selected Papers on Optical Correlators
Editor(s): Suganda Jutamulia
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Date Published: 1 June 1993
Pages: 726
ISBN: 9780819412935
Volume: MS76

Table of Contents
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Section One
Introductory Papers
3 The Fourier transform R.N. Bracewell (Scientific American 1989)
11 The appeal of research: a profile of Anthony VanderLugt D.J. Lovell (Optical Engineering 1984)
Section Two
Vander Lugt Correlators


15 Signal detection by complex spatial filtering A. Vander Lugt (IEEE Transactions on Information Theory 1964)
22 Incoherent matched filtering with Fourier holograms A.W. Lohmann, H.W. Werlich (Applied Optics 1971)
25 Space and wavelength dependence of a dispersion-compensated matched filter G.M. Morris, N. George (Applied Optics 1980)
33 Color signal correlation detection by matched spatial filtering F.T.S. Yu, T.H. Chao (Applied Physics B 1983)
39 Lensless optical pattern recognition using VFHF and natural source G. Mu, Z. Wang, K. Wang, X. Wang (Optik 1987)


43 Complex spatial filtering with binary masks B.R. Brown, A.W. Lohmann (Applied Optics 1966)
46 Real-time tracking of moving objects by optical correlation A.D. Gara (Applied Optics 1979)
49 Lensless matched spatial filtering correlator experiments M. Shen, D. Casasent, T.K. Luu, B. Feng (Optics Communications 1980)
53 Real-time image processing via four-wave mixing in a photorefractive medium J.O. White, A. Yariv (Applied Physics Letters 1980)
56 Optical matched filter correlator memory techniques and storage capacity K.G. Leib, R.A. Bondurant, M.R. Wohlers (Optical Engineering 1980)
63 Large-memory real-time multichannel multiplexed pattern recognition D.A. Gregory, H.K. Liu (Applied Optics 1984)
74 Image correlators using optical memory disks D. Psaltis, M.A. Neifeld, A. Yamamura (Optics Letters 1989)
77 Waveguide holograms in optical computing V.N. Morozov, A.N. Putilin (International Journal of Optical Computing 1991)
92 High-speed pattern recognition by using stimulated echoes X.A. Shen, R. Kachru (Optics Letters 1992)

Performance Analyses

95 Sources of correlation degradation D. Casasent, A. Furman (Applied Optics 1977)
105 Space-blur bandwidth product in correlator performance evaluation B.V.K. Vijaya Kumar, D. Casasent (Journal of the Optical Society of America 1980)
113 Light utilization in optical correlators J.L. Horner (Applied Optics 1982)


117 Application of binary filters in automated counting of reticulocytes N.K. Shi, F.P. Carlson (IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering 1976)
120 Printed Chinese character recognition with a real-time optical correlator Y. Torii, T. Kaneko (Optics Communications 1978)
126 Multichannel optical correlator for radar signal processing D. Casasent, E. Klimas (Applied Optics 1978)
132 Rotational matched spatial filter for biological pattern recognition H. Fujii, P.S. Almeida, J.E. Dowling (Applied Optics 1980)
138 Compact real-time coherent optical correlators J.G. Duthie, J. Upatnieks (Optical Engineering 1984)
143 Optical associative memory using Fourier transform holograms E.G. Paek, D. Psaltis (Optical Engineering 1987)
149 Optimization of an updatable optical image correlator M.G. Nicholson, I.R. Cooper, G.G. Gibbons, C.R. Petts (Optical Engineering 1987)
157 Real-time optical holographic tracking of multiple objects T.-H. Chao, H.-K. Liu (Applied Optics 1989)
163 Real-time holographic associative memory for identifying words in a continuous letter string E.G. Paek, A. Von Lehmen (Optical Engineering 1989)
170 Miniaturized optical correlator M.S. Scholl, M.S. Shumate, R.L. Hartman, J.A. Sloan, D. Small (in Optical Information-Processing Systems and Architectures II 1990)
179 Optical correlators: optical computing that really works D.A. Gregory, J.C. Kirsch, J.A. Loudin (in Advances in Optical Information Processing IV 1990)
193 Real-time coherent optical correlator for machine vision systems V.V. Nekrasov, A.A. Zborovsky, B.B. Ivanov, E.V. Tzukerman, F.D. Shlyak (Optical Engineering 1992)
198 Real-time fingerprint verification system F.T. Gamble, L.M. Frye, D.R. Grieser (Applied Optics 1992)
202 An optical correlator feature extractor neural net system D.P. Casasent (Optical Engineering 1992)
Section Three
Filter Design for Vander Lugt Correlators


213 Beyond matched filtering H.J. Caulfield, R. Haimes, D. Casasent (Optical Engineering 1980)

Mellin Transform

218 Scale invariant optical transform D. Casasent, D. Psaltis (Optical Engineering 1976)
222 Scale and rotation invariant real time optical correlator using computer generated hologram Y. Saito, S. Komatsu, H. Ohzu (Optics Communications 1983)

Circular Harmonic

226 Optical pattern recognition using circular harmonic expansion Y.-N. Hsu, H.H. Arsenault (Applied Optics 1982)

Hough Transform

230 Coherent optical production of the Hough transform G. Eichmann, B.Z. Dong (Applied Optics 1983)

Radon-Fourier Transform

235 Two-dimensional Radon-Fourier transformer A.J. Ticknor, R.L. Easton, H.H. Barrett (Optical Engineering 1985)

Fukunaga-Koontz Transform

239 Image classification by an optical implementation of the Fukunaga-Koontz transform J.R. Leger, S.H. Lee (Journal of the Optical Society of America 1982)

Wavelet Transform

248 Optical realization of wavelet transform for a one-dimensional signal Y. Zhang, Y. Li, E.G. Kanterakis, A. Katz, X.J. Lu, R. Tolimieri, N.P. Caviris (Optics Letters 1992)


251 Improved discrimination in optical character recognition H.J. Caulfield, W.T. Maloney (Applied Optics 1969)


253 Generalized matched filtering H.J. Caulfield, R. Haimes (Applied Optics 1980)

Synthetic Discriminant Function

256 Unified synthetic discriminant function computational formulation D. Casasent (Applied Optics 1984)
264 Use of synthetic discriminant functions for handwritten-signature verification T.S. Wilkinson, D.A. Pender, J.W. Goodman (Applied Optics 1991)

Moment Feature Extraction

273 Hybrid processor to compute invariant moments for pattern recognition D. Casasent, D. Psaltis (Optics Letters 1980)
276 Multiplexed coherent optical processor for calculating generalized moments J.A. Blodgett, R.A. Athale, C.L. Giles, H.H. Szu (Optics Letters 1982)


279 Iterative technique for the synthesis of optical-correlation filters G.F. Schils, D.W. Sweeney (Journal of the Optical Society of America A 1986)
289 Optical processor for recognition of three-dimensional targets viewed from any direction G.F. Schils, D.W. Sweeney (Journal of the Optical Society of America A 1988)


302 Optimal distortion invariant quadratic filters G. Gheen (in Optical Information Processing Systems and Architectures III 1991)

Fuzzy Logic

309 Fuzzy syntactical pattern recognition H.J. Caulfield (Applied Optics 1990)

Phase Only

312 Spatial filtering for detection of signals submerged in noise A. Kozma, D.L. Kelly (Applied Optics 1965)
318 Optical image correlation with a binary spatial light modulator D. Psaltis, E.G. Paek, S.S. Venkatesh (Optical Engineering 1984)
325 Phase-only matched filtering J.L. Horner, P.D. Gianino (Applied Optics 1984)
330 Pattern recognition with binary phase-only filters J.L. Horner, J.R. Leger (Applied Optics 1985)
333 Optical correlator performance of binary phase-only filters using Fourier and Hartley transforms D.M. Cottrell, R.A. Lilly, J.A. Davis, T. Day (Applied Optics 1987)
340 Optimal binary phase-only matched filters M.W. Farn, J.W. Goodman (Applied Optics 1988)
347 Application of binary phase-only correlation to machine vision D.L. Flannery, J.S. Loomis, M.E. Milkovich, P.E. Keller (Optical Engineering 1988)
359 Matched filter and phase only filter performance in colour image recognition M.S. Millan, J. Campos, C. Ferreira, M.J. Yzuel (Optics Communications 1989)
367 Bounds on the performance of continuous and quantized phase-only matched filters M.W. Farn, J.W. Goodman (Journal of the Optical Society of America A 1990)
374 Real-time binary phase-only circular harmonic filters using a liquid crystal television in the Fourier plane of an optical correlator J.J.P. Drolet, L. Leclerc, Y. Sheng, H.H. Arsenault (Optical Engineering 1992)

Ternary Phase-Amplitude

382 Transform-ratio ternary phase-amplitude filter formulation for improved correlation discrimination D.L. Flannery, J.S. Loomis, M.E. Milkovich (Applied Optics 1988)

Amplitude Compensated

387 Amplitude-compensated matched filtering G.-G. Mu, X.-M. Wang, Z.-Q. Wang (Applied Optics 1988)

Filter Performance

390 Performance measures for correlation filters B.V.K. Vijaya Kumar, L. Hassebrook (Applied Optics 1990)
Section Four
Joint Transform Correlators


403 A technique for optically convolving two functions C.S. Weaver, J.W. Goodman (Applied Optics 1966)
405 Detection of differences in real distributions J.E. Rau (Journal of the Optical Society of America 1966)
410 Dual-axis joint-Fourier-transform correlator T.C. Lee, J. Rebholz, P. Tamura (Optics Letters 1979)
413 Illumination-independent high-efficiency joint transform correlator S. Jutamulia, G.M. Storti, D.A. Gregory, J.C. Kirsch (Applied Optics 1991)


416 Dynamic joint-Fourier-transform correlator by Bragg diffraction in photorefractive Bi12SiO20 crystals L. Pichon, J.P. Huignard (Optics Communications 1981)
420 A real-time programmable joint transform correlator F.T.S. Yu, X.J. Lu (Optics Communications 1984)
425 Dynamic optical cross-correlator using a liquid crystal light valve and a bismuth silicon oxide crystal in the Fourier plane B. Loiseaux, G. Illiaquer, J.P. Huignard (Optical Engineering 1985)
431 Adaptive real-time pattern recognition using a liquid crystal TV based joint transform correlator F.T.S. Yu, S. Jutamulia, T.W. Lin, D.A. Gregory (Applied Optics 1987)
434 Joint-transform correlator systems using deformable-mirror spatial light modulators J.M. Florence (Optics Letters 1989)
437 Optical pattern recognition of letters by a joint-transform correlator using a ferroelectric liquid-crystal spatial light modulator T. Iwaki, Y. Mitsuoka (Optics Letters 1990)
440 Biological photochrome bacteriorhodopsin and its genetic variant Asp96 --> Asn as media for optical pattern recognition N. Hampp, R. Thoma, D. Oesterhelt, C. Brauchle (Applied Optics 1992)

Performance Analyses

448 Comparison of Vander Lugt and joint transform correlators X.J. Lu, F.T.S. Yu, D.A. Gregory (Applied Physics B 1990)
460 Comparison of the nonlinear joint transform correlator and the nonlinearly transformed matched filter based correlator for noisy input scenes B. Javidi (Optical Engineering 1990)
468 Multiple-object binary joint transform correlation using multiple-level threshold crossing B. Javidi, J. Wang, Q. Tang (Applied Optics 1991)
479 New binarization techniques for joint transform correlation S.K. Rogers, J.D. Cline, M. Kabrisky, J.P. Mills (Optical Engineering 1990)
485 Effect of the aberrations on a joint-transform correlator S.A. Ledesma, J.M. Simon (Optik 1990)
491 Analysis of a joint transform correlator using a phase-only spatial light modulator F.T.J. Johnson, T.H. Barnes, T. Eiju, T.G. Haskell, K. Matsuda (Optical Engineering 1991)


502 Real-time optical joint transform correlator for velocity measurement using clipped speckle intensity A. Ogiwara, H. Sakai, J. Ohtsubo (Optics Communications 1990)
507 Adaptive learning with joint transform correlators J. Rosen, U. Mahlab, J. Shamir (Optical Engineering 1990)
513 Optical fingerprint identification by binary joint transform correlation K.H. Fielding, J.L. Horner, C.K. Makekau (Optical Engineering 1991)
Section Five
Miscellaneous Correlators

Synthetic Aperture Radar Correlators

519 Quasi-holographic techniques in the microwave region E.N. Leith (Proceedings of the IEEE 1971)
533 Tilted-plane optical processor A. Kozma, E.N. Leith, N.G. Massey (Applied Optics 1972)


545 The role of optics in applying correlation functions to pattern recognition D. McLachlan (Journal of the Optical Society of America 1962)
551 Image transformations for pattern recognition using incoherent illumination and bipolar aperture masks E.A. Trabka, P.G. Roetling (Journal of the Optical Society of America 1964)
562 Generalized model for noncoherent optical convolvers and correlators J. Knopp, M.F. Becker (Applied Optics 1978)
564 Scanning optical data processor G. Indebetouw (Optics and Laser Technology 1981)
569 One-dimensional optical correlator based on outer product architecture T. Yatagai, M. Takino (Optics Communications 1990)


573 Optical correlation technique L. Slobodin (Proceedings of the IEEE 1963)
574 A review of acousto-optic signal correlators R.A. Sprague (Optical Engineering 1977)
582 Time integrating optical signal processing P. Kellman (Optical Engineering 1980)
588 Time integrating acousto-optical correlator based on light polarization processing A. Alippi, A. Palma, L. Palmieri, G. Socino, E. Verona (Optics Communications 1981)
592 An incoherent optical correlator for real-time pattern recognition Y. Shi (Optica Acta 1986)
603 Automatic target recognition and tracking using an acousto-optic image correlator P.A. Molley, B.A. Kast (Optical Engineering 1992)

Diffraction Pattern Based

610 Character recognition by incoherent spatial filtering J. Armitage, A.W. Lohmann (Applied Optics 1965)
617 Diffraction-pattern sampling for automatic pattern recognition G.G. Lendaris, G.L. Stanley (Proceedings of the IEEE 1970)
636 Industrial applications of diffraction pattern sampling H.L. Kasdan (Optical Engineering 1979)
644 Double correlation technique for pattern recognition and counting S. Jutamulia, H. Fujii, T. Asakura (Optics Communications 1982)
649 Hybrid pattern recognition using the Fraunhofer diffraction pattern T. Minemoto, I. Tsuchimoto, S. Imi (Optics Communications 1984)
655 Integrals along central slices through the power spectrum and the autocorrelation function H. Glunder (Optics Communications 1986)

Third Order

661 Optical 3rd-order autocorrelator S. Fujimura, K. Ohshima, I. Yamada (Optics Communications 1972)
665 Triple correlations A.W. Lohmann, B. Wirnitzer (Proceedings of the IEEE 1984)
678 Pattern recognition based on the triple correlation A.W. Lohmann (Optik 1988)
Section Six
Concluding Paper
685 Fourier optical signal processors D.L. Flannery, J.L. Horner (Proceedings of the IEEE 1989)

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