The Moscone Center
San Francisco, California, United States
6 - 11 March 2021
Conference OE204
Optical Interconnects XXI
Conference Committee
Important Dates
Abstract Due:
26 August 2020

Author Notification:
2 November 2020

Manuscript Due Date:
16 February 2021

Additional Conference Information
Call for
Papers are solicited in the following areas:

Substrate-based optical interconnect technologies
  • photonic substrate packaging and embedding for optoelectronic and micro-optical components
  • optical interconnect design and system architectures, end-to-end link modelling and simulation
  • electronic/photonic printed circuit boards and optical backplanes, panel level integration of photonics
  • optical waveguide, substrate guided, flexible, lay-in fiber and free space optical interconnects
  • machine-to-machine, board-to-board, chip-to-chip, intra-chip optical interconnects
  • silicon/glass/silicon nitride/polymer made photonic interposer
  • heterogeneous integration on chip/chipled-level using photonic short reach interconnects (polymer/glass/SiN)
  • trends in ultra-short reach optical links
  • additive manufacturing and 3D-writing of optical interconnects
  • laser structuring of optical waveguides and interfaces in glass and polymer.
PIC integration and optical coupling
  • silicon photonics, SiN, Ge, SiGe, III-V device integration
  • high-speed and near-IR vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers
  • small size and low loss waveguide-based active and passive devices
  • heterogeneous and monolithic device integration including silicon photonics
  • advances in chip-to-waveguide or chip-to-fiber coupling schemes including: grating coupler, adiabatic taper and butt-coupling approaches
  • subwavelength gratings for on-chip interconnect applications
  • 2D membrane-based devices
  • photonic crystals and surface plasmonic waveguides for interconnect applications
  • new regimes involving surface plasmons or optical polaritons
  • implementation of optical interconnects in Si CMOS process compatible environment
  • measurement and testing methods for hybrid electronic/photonic assemblies
  • reliability assessment of optical interconnects, sub-systems and electronic/photonic assemblies.
Parallel optical link module technologies
  • single-mode conversion in data centers
  • data communication systems with parallel optical links and active optical cables
  • integration and packaging technologies for parallel on-board transceivers
  • parallel optical engines for on-board data communication
  • optical bus architectures for on-board interconnects
  • ultra-low cost and ultra-low power optical links using novel laser and photodiode array components for interconnect applications
  • fiber optical connectors and coupling approaches
  • assembly and alignment of arrayed components
  • free-space parallel optical interconnect
  • mid-IR optical interconnects for free space communications and sensing
  • massively distributed optical interconnects suitable for neuromorphic optical computing.
Optical communication and computing in next-generation systems
  • optical interconnect solutions for quantum communication and quantum computing
  • advanced photonic integration technologies for computercom applications
  • rack- and enclosure scale disaggregation
  • optically enabled hyperconverged infrastructures
  • multi-tier optical connectivity
  • optical packet and circuit switch technologies and architectures for data centers
  • WDM and SDM switching technologies and architectures for intra-data center interconnections
  • power-efficient optical computing for data centers
  • future demands for parallel optics in data center: inter-rack, inter-board and inter-chip
  • implementation timeline for integrated photonics roadmapping.
Micro-optic assembly and hybrid photonic microsystem manufacturing
  • micro-optic component assemblies and integrated micro-optics
  • 3D optical routing and assembly of coupling elements
  • new connectors and novel light coupling approaches
  • quantum sensor integration, NV cells and atom trap devices
  • prototyping for advanced interconnect fabrication
  • new fiber optical integration/coupling/connectorization techniques
  • fiber handling –optic components, holograms, gratings and aspherical lenses
  • advanced micro
  • reflective, refractive and diffractive micro-optic elements and micro-optical systems
  • active optical alignment and assembly automation
  • passive micro-optic alignment techniques
  • solder reflow compatible connectivity
  • interconnect reliability, qualification and test
  • multimode fiber for single mode optical biosensing systems including coronavirus detection.
Materials for photonic packaging and interconnects
  • advanced photonics packaging materials
  • thin glass for board, modules and panel-level-packaging
  • polymers and organic/inorganic hybrid materials for optical interconnects
  • novel nanostructures and nanotechnologies for optical interconnects
  • AuSn bonding for flip-chip with highest precision
  • structured fibers, multicore fibers and other novel optical fibers
  • integrated meta-material applications
  • nanomaterials and applications
  • novel bonding materials and processes.
Conference Committee
Conference Chairs
  • Henning Schröder, Fraunhofer-Institut für Zuverlässigkeit und Mikrointegration IZM (Germany)
  • Ray T. Chen, The Univ. of Texas at Austin (United States)

Program Committee
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