The Moscone Center
San Francisco, California, United States
2 - 7 February 2019
Conference OE127
Emerging Liquid Crystal Technologies XIV
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Abstract Due:
25 July 2018

Author Notification:
1 October 2018

Manuscript Due Date:
9 January 2019

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Call for
Join us at the 2019 Emerging Liquid Crystal Technologies XIV (ELCT-XIV) conference. This conference provides forum for academic and industrial scientists and engineers to present frontier and high-impact scientific and technological research on recent advances in materials, devices, and applications. Numerous emerging topics on liquid crystal science and technology have taken advantages of unique anisotropic properties of liquid crystal materials to significantly improve the performance of existing devices or create new device applications. The conference will feature keynote, invited, topical oral and poster sessions and an industrial exhibition. Attend ELCT-XIV for enlightened discussions and exchange ideas on frontier science and technologies on liquid crystal materials, devices, and applications.

Papers are solicited but not limited to the following areas:
  • 3D displays
  • head-mounted and near-eye displays
  • light-field and holographic displays
  • wearable and e-paper displays
  • liquid crystal lenses and diffractive optical elements
  • switchable diffractive waveplates
  • spatial light modulators
  • LC applications in the terahertz, infrared and microwave
  • lasing, waveguides, nonlinear optics, and plasmonic effects
  • new materials and effects
  • chiral phases and device applications
  • nano-dispersions and nanostructured materials
  • photo-patterning and photoalignment
  • polarizers, optical retarders and other display components
  • polymers and LC composites
  • holographically-formed materials, devices and applications
  • lyotropic and biological self-assemblies
  • organic semiconductor and photovoltaic devices
  • energy harvesting, saving, and storage nanostructured systems and metamaterials
  • tweezing, imaging, manipulating or self-assembled nanoparticles
  • dyes, colloids, and nanoparticles-doped composites
  • smart windows
  • sensors and actuators.
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