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Course SC1310

Optical Metrology for AR/VR/MR

Sunday, 23 January 2022 • 1:30 PM - 5:30 PM PST
Level: Introductory
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This course introduces basic principles and applications of optical metrology for AR/VR/MR. As AR/VR/MR technologies have continued to make encouraging progress over recent years, their prime time in the real world is rapidly approaching. High-performance, low-cost optical metrology is indispensable for successful large-scale commercialization of AR/VR/MR technologies. A primary goal of the course is to present optical methodologies that are critical to the design verification and production yield improvement of AR/VR/MR-based consumer electronics products. The class will discuss current AR/VR/MR development challenges and how cutting-edge optical metrology technologies could contribute to boosting this fast-growing industry. Through this course the audience will develop a full understanding of the importance and basics of optical metrology for AR/VR/MR industry and will be able to define a solution path for a particular application.

Learning Outcomes

  • describe the fundamental optical architecture of AR/VR/MR product.
  • identify critical optical performance for design verification and production quality control.
  • classify essential optical parameters to define optical performance measurement.
  • identify human vision optical standards and related optical calibration methods.
  • list common optical metrology methodologies for a specific performance test.
  • compare commercially available equipment and justify market driven customized technology development.
  • design basic optical solution for specific product use case.


Scientists, engineers, technicians, students or managers who wish to learn more about optical metrology for AR/VR/MR design verification and production qualification. Undergraduate training in engineering or science is assumed.


Will Zhou - ML Optic Corp. USA (United States)
Will Zhou , PhD is CTO of MLoptic Corp, leads MLUSA branch based in Seattle, WA and ML global R&D organization to develop optical total solutions for consumer electronics, semiconductor and autonomous industries. He created an international engineer team from ground and within 3 years grows it into more than 50 global technical talents from USA, China and Israel, delivered 5 different optical metrology platforms specially covering whole AR/VR optical metrology chain to support the design and manufacturing of various giant AR product companies. Dr. Zhou previously worked in Microsoft delivered 1st generation Hololens, responsible for mass production optical metrology, and in Rudolph Technology, delivered multiple generation Semiconductor Marco-defect inspection tools which are broadly utilized in global fabs including TSMC/Samsung etc. Dr. Zhou graduated from University of Minnesota and owns multiple international patents, publications, also served OSA Minnesota chapter 2011 president, and multiple SPIE conference committee member.