Photonics West 2022 in San Francisco
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Course SC972

Basic Laser Technology: Fundamentals and Performance Specifications

Wednesday, 26 January 2022 • 8:30 AM - 12:30 PM PST
Level: Introductory
Member: $450.00
Non-member: $525.00
Student member: $285.00
If you are uncomfortable working with lasers as "black boxes" and would like to have a basic understanding of their inner workings, this introductory course will be of benefit to you. The workshop will cover the basic principles common to the operation of any laser/laser system. Next, we will discuss laser components and their functionality. Components covered will include laser pumps/energy sources, mirrors, active media, nonlinear crystals, and Q-switches. The properties of laser beams will be described in terms of some of their common performance specifications such as longitudinal modes and monochromaticity, transverse electromagnetic (TEM) modes and focusability, continuous wave (CW) power, peak power and power stability. Laser slope and wall-plug efficiencies will also be discussed.

Learning Outcomes

  • describe the overall inner workings of any laser
  • describe the functionality of the key laser components
  • explain the difference between how acousto- and electro-optic Q-switches work
  • explain how each key component in a laser may contribute to laser performance
  • intelligently engage your clients or customers using proper laser terminology
  • build stronger relationships with clients and customers by demonstrating product knowledge
  • obtain the technical knowledge and confidence to enhance your job performance and rise above the competition, inside and outside your company


Managers, engineers, technicians, assemblers, sales/marketing, customer service, and other support staff. This short course will help cultivate a common/standardized understanding of lasers across the company.


Sydney Sukuta - San Jose City College (United States)
Sydney Sukuta is currently a Laser Technology professor at San Jose City College. He also has industry experience working for some of the world's leading laser manufacturers in Silicon Valley where he saw first-hand the issues they encounter on a daily basis. In response, Dr. Sukuta developed prescriptive short courses to help absolve most of these issues.

Additional notes

Attendee testimonial:
The information I learned helped me to understand many technical terms discussed when I visited the exhibitors..
Enjoyed it - consolidated my knowledge! The analogies Mr. Sukuta sometimes used to explain more complicated concepts were very helpful.