San Diego Convention Center
San Diego, California, United States
23 - 27 August 2020
Conference 11477
Molecular and Nano Machines III
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Abstract Due:
12 February 2020

Author Notification:
20 April 2020

Manuscript Due Date:
29 July 2020

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Machines have been influencing human development over many millennia, in particular since the industrial revolution, with key discoveries that dramatically changed the world, and mankind has been pushing the limits of machines work and miniaturizing machines, with the ultimate goal of making molecular-sized machines that can perform complex and useful tasks. We are now at the dawn of a new revolution. Even though the field is still in its infancy, scientists for many years have been intrigued by this multidisciplinary research area, including biology and chemistry and physics. Innovative applications of molecular machines, as can be foreseen now, include actuation, energy, memory and sensing. The basic focus of this conference is the study of molecular machines and their response to external stimulus, by light for example, and the macroscopic motion they impart in materials.

Session topics include, but are not limited to:
  • functional micro/nano machines
  • molecular rectifiers and transistors
  • nanoparticle probes and spectroscopies for molecular machinery
  • synthetic and bio-molecular machines
  • DNA-based nano-machines
  • electrochemically, pH, thermally, and photochemically driven molecular motion
  • molecular shuttles, cars, and lifts
  • molecular contraction/extension, and artificial muscles
  • optically driven molecular motors and devices
  • molecular switches and memories
  • optical data storage
  • photochromic molecules and systems
  • light-fueled molecules and systems
  • molecular actuators
  • photo-robotics
  • photochemical and optical tweezing
  • optical manipulation and structuring of materials
  • materials opto-mechanics
  • photoactive soft matter
  • photoresponsive liquid-crystalline materials
  • photo-softening and photo-deforming materials
  • two-photon micro/nanofabrication of functional materials and systems
  • microfluidics and (bio)sensing
  • plasmonically-enhanced photofunctions.
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