San Diego Convention Center
San Diego, California, United States
19 - 23 August 2018
Conference OP414
Terahertz Emitters, Receivers, and Applications IX
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Abstract Due:
7 February 2018

Author Notification:
16 April 2018

Manuscript Due Date:
25 July 2018

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Conference Chairs
Program Committee
Program Committee continued...
  • Gaël Mouret, Univ. du Littoral Côte d'Opale (France)
  • Mauro F. Pereira, Sheffield Hallam Univ. (United Kingdom)
  • Rohit P. Prasankumar, Los Alamos National Lab. (United States)
  • Edik U. Rafailov, Aston Univ. (United Kingdom)
  • Roland Teissier, Univ. Montpellier 2 (France)
  • Dmitry Turchinovich, Univ. Duisburg-Essen (Germany)
  • Vladimir V. Vaks, Institute of Applied Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Russian Federation)
  • Gintaras Valušis, Ctr. for Physical Sciences and Technology (Lithuania)
  • Miriam S. Vitiello, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (Italy)

Call for
The terahertz region extends from approximately 100 GHz to 10 THz and this frequency range can be considered as a link between electronics and photonics. Since the beginning of the 1990s this domain was growing first with the development of time-domain spectroscopy and now is becoming more and more attractive with the emergence of new technologies: quantum cascade lasers, nano-transistors, photomixing, and mixers. Systems based on these devices have found a lot of applications exploiting unique properties of the THz domain of the electromagnetic spectrum. This conference is intended to provide a forum for scientists, engineers, and researchers from a diverse set of disciplines who are interested in either learning more about terahertz technology. The scope of the conference includes sources and detectors of THz radiation, optical components and systems for this frequency domain, as well as different applications utilizing this technology.

Papers are solicited in the following areas:

Fundamentals of Generation, Detection, and Propagation of THz Waves
  • modeling of THz sources and detectors, performance limitations, optical components and systems, gratings, waveguides, couplers, photonic crystal structures and metamaterials, photonic crystal devices and applications, single element antennas, phased array antennas, photonically driven antennas, photonic phase locked loops, MMICs, THz imaging systems.
Novel Concepts and Materials for THz technology
  • new concepts, experimental procedures, and implementations
  • new fabrication processes
  • novel applications
  • integrated photonic devices
  • linear and nonlinear optical materials and devices
  • III-nitride alloys
  • organic source and modulator materials and devices.
Sources of THz Radiation
  • quantum cascade lasers, frequency mixers, frequency multipliers, FET and HEMT sources, resonant tunneling diodes, parametric oscillators, solid-state sources, electron beam sources, vacuum electronics sources, graphene, p-germanium sources, photoconductive sources, single frequency and broad band sources, tunable sources, high power sources.
THz Detectors
  • quantum detectors, Schottky and other mixers, bolometers and other thermal detectors, THz focal plane arrays, antenna integrated detectors, heterodyne detection techniques, active and passive imaging systems.
  • active and passive THz imaging systems, image treatment, substance identification.
  • spectral measurement techniques
  • spectroscopic approaches and techniques
  • identification of organic and inorganic materials using THz spectroscopy.
Biomedical Applications
  • DNA identification, cell abnormalities, medical imaging
  • identification of biological and chemical species
  • burn and water content analysis, tissue abnormality identification, cancer identification and screening
  • pharmaceutical, dentistry, other medical and clinical applications.
Other Applications
  • nondestructive testing
  • security and defense applications
  • THz communications, principles, instrumentation, media characteristics, wireless communications, detection systems
  • astronomy and space applications, imaging techniques.
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