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San Diego, California, United States
23 - 27 August 2020
Course (SC1169)
Optical Manufacturing Fundamentals
  • Instructor:
  • Ray Williamson, Ray Williamson Consulting (United States);

  • Course Level:
  • Introductory
  • CEU:
  • 0.7
This course provides a familiarity with precision optical manufacturing and metrology; and an introduction to the materials, machinery, tooling, methods, processes, metrology, and production flow used to fabricate precision optical elements. The optical, thermal, and working properties of common optical materials will be compared. The processes and machinery involved in shaping, finishing, measuring, cleaning, and coating optical components will be described. Strengths and limitations of metrology instruments and methods will be discussed. An overview of the ISO drawing indications will be presented. This course serves as both successor and tribute to Bob Novak's long-running SC350 Optical Manufacturing Overview course that has been a staple at the Optifab event.
Learning Outcomes
  • describe the normal process flow in the manufacturing of spherical optical components
  • explain blank preparation, curve generating, grinding, polishing, and centering processes
  • classify the metrology needed for each step in the manufacturing process cycles
  • compare the applicability of various optical fabrication techniques and equipment
  • judge the relative difficulty of fabricating different materials in various configurations
  • relate optical performance to tolerances and tolerances to manufacturing processes
  • compute optimal lot quantity breaks
  • facilitate clear communication between engineers, sales, and opticians
The course brings mutual understanding to a dual audience: Optical fabrication technicians who seek to gain greater depth and broader context for their specialties; and engineers, sales people, and buyers who require an awareness of current optical fabrication methodology as well as "lead times" associated with low volume production.
About the
Ray Williamson has a 45-year career in precision optics. He holds a BS in Physics with a concentration in optics. He has been a hands-on optician on components ranging from micro to massive; a process engineer developing fabrication and testing methods, tooling, and sequences; an engineering manager responsible for staffing, documentation, methods, budgets, and customer technical contact; and a quality assurance manager creating and administering a quality and calibration system. He has provided courses to several hundred opticians. He works with ANSI/OEOSC as an American delegate to ISO on drawing standards. His consulting work at Ray Williamson Consulting concentrates on manufacturing, and qualifying optical components, training technicians, and technical writing. He is a Fellow of SPIE, Senior Member of OSA, and the author of the Field Guide to Optical Fabrication.
COURSE PRICE INCLUDES the Field Guide to Optical Fabrication (SPIE Press, 2011) by Ray Williamson.
Attendee testimonial:
Instructor was very clear and easy to follow. Some good true-life stories also. Really did know his topic!
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