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11 - 15 August 2019
Course (SC1274)
Introduction to Fundamental Performance Limits of CCD and CMOS Imagers
Monday 12 August 2019
1:30 PM - 5:30 PM

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  • Course Level:
  • Introductory
  • CEU:
  • 0.4
This course provides a brief review of general theory, architecture and operation of CCD and CMOS imagers. In depth discussions then focus on four key operational imager features which collectively limit overall sensor performance (i.e., charge generation, charge collection, charge transfer and charge readout). The course will show how these parameters govern most measurements such as quantum efficiency (QE), modulation transfer function (MTF), charge transfer efficiency (CTE) and read noise measurements. Absolute test tools are presented that measure these characteristics. We will review at some length the ‘photon transfer technique’ which has become an indispensable standard test tool for the imaging community in evaluating the quality of a camera system and calibration and optimization needs. We present correlated double sampling (CDS) which is a mandatory signal processing method for imagers that delivers ultra low noise performance. The course will also take a quick look at future R&D imaging trends and new applications.
Learning Outcomes
  • describe theory and operation behind CMOS and CCD arrays
  • summarize the four fundamental operational parameters that govern and limit performance
  • present laboratory measurement techniques used to optimize performance
  • review the ‘photon transfer technique’ required to achieve highest S/N performance possible
  • explain how video signals are processed for maximum S/N performance
  • explain current and future imaging technologies and applications
This course is for scientists, engineers, and managers involved with high performance CCD and CMOS imaging sensors and camera systems.
About the
James R. Janesick for the past 19 years leads the CMOS imager advanced development group for SRI International. Previously he was with Conexant Systems Inc. developing CMOS imaging arrays for commercial applications. He was technology director of Pixel Vision, Inc. for five years developing high speed backside illuminated custom CCDs for scientific and cinema cameras. Prior to this Janesick was with the Jet Propulsion Laboratory for 22 years where as group leader developed CCD imagers and NASA flight based imaging systems. He has delivered numerous short courses for SPIE and UCLA since the early 80's. He has authored numerous publications and has contributed to many NASA Tech Briefs and patents for various CCD and CMOS innovations. Janesick received NASA medals for Exceptional Engineering Achievement (1982 and 1992) and was the recipient of the SPIE Educator Award (2004) and was SPIE /IS&T Imaging Scientist of the Year (2007) and 2019 IISS Exceptional Lifetime Achievement Award (2019).
COURSE PRICE INCLUDES two eBooks Scientific Charge Coupled Devices (SPIE Press, 2001), and Photon Transfer (SPIE Press, 2007) by James Janesick.
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