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Course SC1224

Fundamentals of Optical Engineering

Tuesday, 19 October 2021 • 1:30 PM - 5:30 PM EDT
Level: Introductory
Member: $315.00
Non-member: $375.00
Student member: $180.00
This course explains fundamental principles and applications of optics. The basic characteristics and the design of optical components and systems will be discussed. For perspective, general topics such as the history of optics and the presence of optical phenomenon in our everyday lives will be included. All information will be presented in a conversational format, with no requirement for dealing with complex theories or mathematics. This course will include hands-on demonstrations of optics phenomena.

Learning Outcomes

  • explain fundamental concepts of optics
  • identify basic optical components
  • describe basic optical systems
  • compare relative optical performance
  • describe how concepts in optics play a role in applications or devices found in modern society
  • explain the functioning of the human visual system


Engineers, technicians, sales professionals, and support staff interested in learning more about optics. Attendance will enhance the understanding and specification of basic optical principles, components, and systems.


Alexis K. S. Vogt - Monroe Community College (United States)
Alexis K. S. Vogt Ph.D. is Endowed Chair and Professor of Optics at Monroe Community College – the world’s only college awarding associate degrees in precision optics. Since joining MCC in September 2015, Dr. Vogt has brought in $6M and graduated the largest class of optics technicians in the program’s 60 year history. Vogt received her B.S. as well as her Ph.D. in Optics from the University of Rochester Institute of Optics where her research focused on polarization engineering, coherence theory, and microscopy. Prior to joining MCC, Dr. Vogt was the Applications & Business Development Manager at Melles Griot and previous to that, designed contact lenses and intraocular lenses for Bausch + Lomb. In addition to her industry experience, Dr. Vogt holds three patents and has authored numerous papers, presentations, and publications in the field, including the definitions of “light” and “polarization” for The World Book Encyclopedia.

Additional notes

Attendee Testimonial
Dr. Vogt is a highly specialized science communicator, extremely engaging and also precise and clear.