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Justin Jensen • InfraTec infrared LLC
Go Digital – Reaching the Goal More Quickly with Less Effort
icon_in-person.svgIn Person: Wednesday, 26 January 2022 • 3:00 PM - 3:30 PM | Demo Area 2 (Hall D)
The pyroelectric detector becomes digital and supplements the portfolio of analog detectors.


13 December 2021
Go Digital – Reaching the Goal More Quickly with Less Effort
The pyroelectric detector becomes digital and supplements the portfolio of analog detectors. InfraTec has been developing and producing pyroelectric detectors for over 30 years now. They have been tried and proven for numerous demanding customer applications in recent decades. However, to reduce the expenditure for customers and to facilitate the system integration of a detector, InfraTec has developed the digital pyroelectric detector (LRD). An overview of the digital detector Like all detectors from InfraTec, the digital detector is based on lithium tantalate (LiTaO3) and is used in the field of gas analysis and flame detection. It enables complete flexibility in the configuration of the detector parameters and therefore variable signal processing. In addition, it offers improved electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), as the entire signal conversion of the detector is spatially concentrated and shielded. The digital detector offers a wide range of further benefits. It is equipped with a clock input (pin) to synchronise the radiator and the detector clock. This means that a time signal with a highly precise sampling rate can be generated. An additional, special feature is the „fast recovery after saturation “. This function detects the override due to a defective operating status and automatically resets the analog input stage. The digital detector converts the analog signal with a 16-Bit resolution directly into a digital signal. The analog signals can be multi-stage adjustably filtered and strengthened. The complete signal processing is performed via an ASIC (application-specific integrated circuit) with integrated A/D-converter, whereby the analog input stage acts like a transimpedance amplifier. Users receive a digital measurement signal, which can be read out via a standard communication interface and processed immediately. Two completely different detectors The digital detector will expand the portfolio comprising analog detectors in the future. Which of the two variants is used, depends mainly on the complexity of the measuring tasks. Both detectors have their strengths and offer different benefits.
29 March 2021
You Bank on Infrared Detectors? Let Us Be Your Partner!
Short delivery times and numerous options for customisation – the modular system of pyroelectric detectors from InfraTec offers the optimum solution for a wide range of applications and requirements. InfraTec GmbH Infrarotsensorik und Messtechnik, an owner-managed Dresden-based company, has over 30 years of experience in the field of infrared technology. Customers worldwide benefit from a wide range of high-quality, innovative products and services in this field. Higher production capacities and shorter delivery times InfraTec is expanding at its headquarters in Dresden. A new extension including a clean room creates more space for the infrared sensor division. As part of this expansion, the machine park was also enlarged. Step by step, fully automatic machines replaced the previous models. Among other things, an automatic semiconductor saw with double spindle for sawing wafer materials, further automatic chip bonders and more powerful automatic machines for wire bonding and cap bonding were purchased. The coating machines for different applications were also renewed. Due to the expansion of production capacities and an improved flow of goods, we are able to reduce delivery times for our customers. "Made in Germany" – from standard to special detectors The modular design of the InfraTec detectors as well as the large selection of different standard filters offer a wide range of application possibilities and thus room for your individual specifications. Our product range comprises a total of five different product groups with approximately 50 standard detectors, ranging from single-channel to eight-channel detectors. Each infrared detector is tested for functionality by our quality department before delivery. The individual measurement data for each detector is made available in our download portal. Our customers can retrieve this data via the assigned serial number and thus save the effort of an incoming goods inspection. At the same time, the requirements for traceability are fulfilled. To meet customer requirements in the best possible way, InfraTec also invests in internal research and development of new sensor technologies. Our in-house developed PYROMID® multi-channel detectors, for example, combine high technology in the smallest of spaces with their compact design. Small detectors – great possibilities The range of applications for pyroelectric detectors is very extensive. They are used for gas analysis in medical technology, mining and industry, among others. They also enable the detection of flames caused, for example, by burning organic substances such as wood or natural gas. Another field of application involves spectroscopy. Here, detectors support the analysis of the composition of solids, liquids and gases. These are used for example in environmental technology or food quality control. Each task involves special requirements. That is why our experienced sales engineers and product managers analyse your specific needs in an individual discussion. Together, we configure the detector that is precisely tailored to your field of application. InfraTec is your partner for more than just looking for a supplier! Find out more about the use of pyroelectric detectors in your application. We will be happy to advise you on the selection of your device and support you with questions regarding lenses, mechanics and electronics as well as the selection of the appropriate IR filter. Order catalogue now The current catalogue gives you an overview of the infrared sensor product portfolio. In addition to detailed data sheets on our pyroelectric detectors, it also contains technical explanations, application examples and handling recommendations. Please contact us.
29 March 2021
InfraTec Opens Second Branch Office in the USA
To meet the increasing demand from partners for pyroelectric detectors, the Dresden-based company is expanding its presence in the American market. In 2007 the first transatlantic branch of InfraTec was opened in Dallas, Texas. It was the second international branch after Great Britain. Thus the foundation of the American subsidiary InfraTec infrared LLC continued the way for the Dresden-based company InfraTec GmbH Infrarotsensorik und Messtechnik on the international market. InfraTec is also present in China with a permanent representative. 2020 – InfraTec grows internationally Since November 2020 InfraTec infrared LLC is running a second location in the USA in Atlanta, Georgia. The reason for this step is the high demand for pyroelectric detectors for gas and flame sensors in the USA, Canada and Mexico. Especially the USA and North America in general are among the largest markets for infrared sensor technology worldwide and therefore an important cornerstone of InfraTec's sales strategy. "With the numerous customers located there, we generate one third of the company's total annual turnover", says Matthias Heinze, Managing Director of the infrared sensor division. In the last five years, InfraTec has recorded a 70 percent growth in turnover on the American market. With the opening of the new location, the sales team in America was also expanded. Thus, InfraTec customers benefit more from the comprehensive service on site. Customer enquiries can be processed even more targeted and faster, as time zone differences do not have to be considered. This facilitates customer service by the Dresden-based company, whose entire production is located in Dresden, Germany.
29 March 2021
InfraTec Invests in Higher Production Capacity
To meet the growing demand for sensor products, the Dresden-based company has considerably expanded its production facilities. On 4th September 2020 the opening event for InfraTec's largest investment project to date took place in a small circle. With this inauguration ceremony, InfraTec completes an investment of more than 10 Mio. EUR in the expansion and modernisation of clean rooms for production and research as well as office space to create higher production capacities, an optimised production structure and more attractive working conditions. After the acquisition of the portfolio property, this will be the second step of the permanent settlement of the company on Gostritzer Straße at the southern location of the TechnologieZentrumDresden. Founded in 1991 by graduates of the Dresden University of Technology as a spin-off, today InfraTec employs 230 people and has a turnover of 40 million euros. InfraTec is a highly specialised Dresden high-tech company that sells two thirds of its production abroad. The Free State of Saxony has supported the investment project through the Sächsische Aufbaubank with funds from the Improvement of the Regional Economic Structure (GRW) support programme. Increasing automation for more productivity After completion of the extension building, the total production area now covers 1,500 square metres. The new clean room for the production of pyroelectric detectors houses a considerably enlarged, state-of-the-art machine park on 500 square metres. "In order to be able to meet the increasing demand for detectors, we have acquired additional technological equipment for thin-film technologies, wafer processes and automated assembly and contacting processes. Thus, we can double our production capacities in the medium term.", refers Dr. Matthias Heinze, managing director and head of the sensor technology division. On completion of the modernisation, the previous clean room building will house the manual production workplaces and the laboratories of the development department. The investment allowed the area for manual production and development to be doubled. InfraTec has since been able to hire a double-digit number of additional employees and to accelerate research into the fundamentals of new sensor principles. Innovative in a modern working environment New office workplaces and meeting rooms were created on 500 square metres on the upper floor of the new building. "We are very proud to have created a modern working environment with improved working conditions, but also to have significantly increased the office space per employee. As a company that supplies components that are in the most urgent demand by medical equipment manufacturers worldwide during the corona pandemic, we were and are thus able to work through virtually without any corona-related restrictions.", says Dr. Matthias Krauß, managing director and head of the infrared measurement technology division. The official inauguration ceremony for the expanded premises took place on 4th September 2020 upon completion of the new building and modernisation, at which the management of InfraTec thanked all those involved and supporters of the project for their excellent cooperation. On this occasion, with a view to the future, the locations excellent potential for the continuation of the long-standing cooperation of InfraTec with the TU Dresden and the TechnologieZentrumDresden was shown to the attendees. The invited guests - among them the Mayor of the Saxon state capital Dresden, Dirk Hilbert and the Chancellor of the Technical University of Dresden, Dr. Andreas Handschuh - were given an exclusive insight into the new production facilities in compliance with the regulations of the Corona Protection Ordinance.
29 March 2021
Special Times Call for Special Measures – InfraTec Responds to the Effects of the Corona Pandemic
Extra shifts for the supply of key detectors to combat the corona pandemic With the current corona crisis, the world is facing a multitude of challenges. First and foremost is the protection of public health. The SARS-CoV-2 virus known as "Coronavirus" causes an infection of the respiratory tract. At present, only the symptoms, but not the disease itself, can be treated. To combat the pandemic, the availability of medical equipment, especially respiratory equipment, is of enormous importance. As a manufacturer and supplier of systematically relevant sensor components for ventilation technology, InfraTec must therefore "take special measures to be able to meet the extreme global demand in the short term", says Dr. Matthias Heinze, Managing Director of InfraTec GmbH. In order to meet this demand, at the beginning of April extra shifts were introduced. Ventilation equipment is used to control a patient's breathing as a function of time, volume or pressure. Thus, it is necessary that the device monitors and analyses these parameters. Respiratory gas analyses are used for this purpose, for which various sensors are used. Pyroelectric detectors from InfraTec, which are integrated in an infrared gas analyser, measure, for example, the existing carbon dioxide concentration in the respiratory flow. This allows the detection of changes in respiration and consequently the optimisation of ventilation settings. As a result of the current situation, global demand for ventilation technology has risen dramatically in recent months. The USA alone needs more than 100,000 new ventilators. In addition to very short delivery times, this requires a significant increase in the production of ventilators and their components. Therefore, InfraTec, as a manufacturer of essential components, has an important role to play in the current situation. InfraTec is taking targeted measures to cover the enormous demand and to avoid supply bottlenecks. The production of CO2 detectors, which are required for the manufacture of ventilation technology, has top priority. " At the end of March, procurement, production and product testing immediately adjusted to the extreme demand for these products in the second and third quarter. Supporting measures and a high level of employee motivation are the basis for doing so," says Dr. Matthias Heinze. Since then, the detectors have been manufactured in a two-shift operation from Monday to Friday until 11:30 pm and additionally on Saturdays. InfraTec expresses its thanks to all its employees for their understanding and hard work during this special time. Since its foundation in 1991, InfraTec has developed into a global specialist in the field of infrared sensor and measurement technology and now has locations in Dresden (Germany), Dallas (USA), Chesterfield (England) and Shanghai (China). The pyroelectric detectors of the Sensor division are mainly used in safety and medical technology. In this context InfraTec has become an important supplier for companies that develop, produce and distribute medical products. These include respiratory protection and ventilation equipment, which is currently of particular relevance. The thermographic cameras of the Infrared Measurement Technology division are used, for example, in industry and science for the thermal optimisation of assemblies and elements but also for security applications such as detection of elevated body temperatures. Screening measures help to quickly and easily detect elevated body temperatures, which could be an indication of a possible viral infection of persons. Such evidence must, of course, always be followed by other examination methods that provide a reliable positive or negative statement about the disease and trigger the appropriate measures. Highly frequented areas with a high risk potential, such as first aid stations, hospitals and nursing homes, but also schools, shopping centres, large companies, sports stadiums and theatres as well as transport hubs such as airports, seaports, railway and long-distance bus stations are only a few examples where screening measures are applied.
29 March 2021
More Service for Customers in North America
InfraTec sales team strengthened by infrared technology expert Given the widespread success of its pyroelectric detectors in the USA, Canada and Mexico, InfraTec is expanding its local presence. Justin Jensen will be joining the team as new Sales Manager East. "His experience and profound knowledge of the market make Justin Jensen an excellent fit for us," says Dr. Matthias Heinze, Managing Director and responsible for the infrared sensor division. "He has worked in this industry for several years and is very familiar with sales and development. This is exactly the kind of expertise that this job requires." Jensen will focus on direct support for customers east of the Mississippi in the USA and Canada. Here the chemical engineer will benefit from his many years of professional experience in the field of infrared components, in designing and manufacturing pyroelectric materials as well as in managing OEM customer projects. InfraTec infrared LLC, a subsidiary of InfraTec GmbH in the USA, founded in 2007, will thus again be strengthened in personnel terms. Application specialist Benjamin Du remains responsible for the sales activities in the western parts of North America. With its new staff members, InfraTec will be able to react even faster and more targeted to customer requests from all over North America.
29 March 2021
More Performance, Less Power
The LRM-274 from InfraTec is ideal for integration into flame sensor measurement instruments When organic substances such as wood, natural gas, petrol and various plastics are catching fire, spectral radiation of typical wavelengths is emitted. As a specialist in flame detection technology, InfraTec is expanding its range of specialized detectors that detect radiation in precisely this area. The new miniaturized multi channel detector LRM-274 is characterized by the fact that as a low-power detector it requires only one unipolar supply voltage. The power consumption of such components, which are also referred to as single supply detectors, is several times lower than that of conventional standard detectors. They are particularly suitable for operation in industrial fire protection and early fire detection devices. The thermal compensation of the LRM-274 ensures stable operation even in the event of severe temperature fluctuations. Reliability in everyday life is also the aim of a detail included in an InfraTec detector for the first time. This refers to integrated heating resistors with which users themselves test the detector if necessary and thus test the complete signal chain as well as the components. This ensures a significant degree of additional safety especially when used in flame sensors. This enables to clearly determine at any time whether the respective measurement device still functions correctly. Another strength of the LRM-274 lies in the preconditions offered by the detector for easy integration into appropriate equipment environments. The operational amplifiers used during signal processing work within a range from 2.7 V to 5.0 V. This allows the detector to be easily integrated into the voltage range of the subsequent processor. Apart form this, due to its thermal compensation, it requires only a very small voltage reserve. An excellent ratio between useful signals and interference signals also makes it resistant to interferences. Large field of view as a precondition for efficient use in practice In addition to its low energy consumption, the latest innovation of InfraTec is characterized by a very large field of view. Symmetrical and more than 90 ˚ wide, this allows the detection of flames at constant signal ratios even for large angles of incidence. In addition, sensitive elements with a particularly large size of (2 × 2) mm2 ensure a high signal-to-noise ratio. This results in tremendous performance, which can be measured by tangible data, such as the value of the specific detectivity D*. The quad channel detector belongs to the series of PYROMID® detectors. With this detector, users can measure three absorption bands simultaneously and also use a reference channel. The TO8 housing (Ø 15.2 mm) of the LRM-274 has a robust aperture window of approximately (8.5 × 8.5) mm2, which protects the detector from external influences. Its miniaturized design and optional hermetic seal support easy integration into existing systems.