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07 April 2021
Same EOI Legacy, New Brand
Electro Optical Industries (EOI) has been the world leader in photonics test instrumentation and standards since incorporation in 1964. In 2016, EOI merged with infrared experts, HGH Infrared Systems, and the companies are harmonizing their brands under the HGH name. By joining forces, HGH and EOI, now HGH USA, bring customers across the globe expertise in solutions for test & measurement, wide area surveillance, and industrial thermography. To support or brand harmonization, we recently released a new website at hgh-infrared-usa.com that showcases our products and their successful applications in various security, defense, sensor testing, heavy industry, and human temperature monitoring situations. EOI has established various industry standard specifications and has been a key supplier of numerous DOD and Prime Contractor projects since its founding. Utilizing decades of experience and the reliable building blocks of a robust product portfolio, the EOI team provides superior custom solutions for even the most challenging requirements. Contact us today at sales@eoiir.com or 1.805.967.6701 to learn about the solutions we provide.
08 April 2021
Meet IRCOL – The Versatile, Modular Test Bench for all Electro-Optical Systems
The IRCOL is a fully automated bench with customizable configurations based on your testing needs. Whether you need solutions for cooled or uncooled IR imagers, wide field of view IR, visible cameras, or for EO payload with IR camera with an eye safe Laser Range Finder, IRCOL is the test bench for you. At its core is the IRCOL collimator, featuring a diffraction-limited off-axis mirror-based projector equipped with a motorized target wheel. HGH’s INFRATEST software completes the IRCOL system for the automated control of the bench and execution of an exhaustive range of measurements including: Noise functions; NETD and other thermal resolutions; Bad pixel location and non-uniformity correction maps; MTF and spatial resolution data; Distortion and field of view; MRTD, TOD and DRI ranges calculation; MRC and ranges calculation; Multiple axes alignment control; and Laser rangefinder accuracy measurements. Learn more about IRCOL at bit.ly/3t1HABe or contact us directly at sales@eoiir.com or 1.805.967.6701 to inquire about a IRCOL system tailored to your needs.
12 April 2021
TestIQ® - The Next Era of Test Equipment
We are pleased to announce the rebirth of our blackbody controllers with the launch of Phoenix, our line of smart controllers. One of the main drivers for this renewal is the integration of a new microcontroller, which will enable our controllers to utilize machine learning to optimize control over the blackbody temperature output. The Phoenix controllers incorporate a high-resolution ADC, offer improved serial command functionality, and will have Android and iOS compatible apps to control the unit via a phone or tablet interface. The Phoenix line is the first step into our full line of smart test equipment, TestIQ®, with unparalleled ease of use and automation to run your tests for you. Phoenix controllers are compatible with non-HGH blackbodies and obsolete units. Visit bit.ly/329Ul10 or contact us directly at sales@eoiir.com or 1.805.967.6701 to schedule a demo of HGH USA’s new Phoenix controllers.
08 April 2021
mIRcury® – The Ultimate Solution for Panoramic Wide Area and Remote Thermal Monitoring
-- View our SPIE DCS ThermoSense presentation, ”Continuous thermal monitoring in wide areas: preventing tomorrow’s crisis” at bit.ly/3uADhxa -- mIRcury® is a fully passive, 360⁰ solution for thermal monitoring. The system was developed to help combat the COVID-19 pandemic, as an easy-to-use tool for skin-surface temperature screening in crowded areas. mIRcury® simultaneously detects and tracks an unlimited number of people with elevated skin-surface temperatures (EST) in all directions and at any distance up to 1000m; thus, making it a successful tool for crowded airports, schools, lobbies, arenas, and other crowded areas. The comprehensive system includes a dual camera with a panoramic thermal channel and an optional visible channel, operated by the push-button Cyclope software with AI for detection and real-time notifications. Also included is an HGH CN-37 blackbody for highly accurate temperature measurements. Beyond human temperature measurements, mIRcury’s capabilities make it the perfect solution for remote and wide area thermal monitoring with simultaneous perimeter security in settings like electrical power substations. In this situation, mIRcury’s hand-off 360⁰ view of the substation detects and tracks an unlimited number of targets, whether they are intruders or temperatures abnormalities in critical areas like transformers or bushings. With its AI powered software, Cyclope, the mIRcury® system provides real-time push alerts of hot spots at the substation, enabling operators to make more efficient use of their manpower and better plan for preventative maintenance to prevent system failures and unplanned outages. Visit bit.ly/2Q42UaK to learn more, or contact us directly at sales@eoiir.com or 1.805.967.6701 to inquire about a mIRcury® system tailored to your needs.