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23 February 2021
Press Release: HGH Group Announces the Promotion of Jeffrey Anderson to President of HGH USA, Formerly Electro Optical Indsutries
Goleta, CA February 23, 2021 HGH, the world-renowned specialist in electro-optics is pleased to announce that Jeffrey Anderson has been promoted to President of Electro Optical Industries, Inc. (EOI), HGH’s US subsidiary. EOI was acquired by HGH Infrared Systems in 2016 and will become HGH USA under Anderson’s leadership. Anderson’s promotion coincides with that of Vincent Leboucher, who was recently promoted to lead the HGH Group following the retirement of President Thierry Campos after 32 years at the company. Anderson joined EOI as the General Manager in 2019, bringing to HGH extensive experience in optical sciences, systems engineering as well as technical leadership from his time at Lockheed Martin, Teledyne Scientific & Imaging, and L3Harris Technologies. With investments from HGH, Anderson has spearheaded numerous R&D initiatives and product innovations including the rapid development and deployment mIRcury®, a crowd temperature screening solution to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic. Regarding Anderson’s promotion, Brent Lindstrom, Director of Sales at EOI, commented that “The past year at EOI has seen more innovation, more new products, and unprecedented business development growth than at any time in the past decade. The new EOI leadership and many new talented EOI Team members are helping drive this new success by expanding our R&D capabilities as well as our Engineering, Design, and Production Staff. We are poised to duplicate this success again in 2021.” EOI’s team in Goleta, California has doubled in size in the last year and released several new products. “Congratulations to Jeff and his promotion to EOI president. This is an exciting time for EOI with Jeff’s new vision, passion, leadership and innovation, all things are possible,” says Mike Moschitto, Sr. Operations Manager at EOI, expressing the EOI team’s enthusiasm for expanding the company’s operations and product offering. Since 1964, EOI has been the leader in photonics test equipment and standards, and is excited to bring to customers in the US HGH’s innovative technologies, including its flagship Wide Area Surveillance product line, SPYNEL. “Since his recent arrival, Jeff gave a lot of energy in strengthening a highly skilled and motivated team making HGH USA a major entity of the group. He succeeded very quickly, launching new products, promoting the manufacturing in the USA, developing the business and signing strategic contracts. In a very complex COVID-19 context, Jeff changed difficulties into success. Both engineers, we share the same innovation culture. With two legs the group will run faster and faster,” says Vincent Leboucher, President of HGH Group. HGH, under new management, will continue to focus on its core value of innovation. Despite the difficulties posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, HGH continues to see growth year after year, driven by HGH’s investments in R&D. HGH is headquartered in Igny, France but has a growing worldwide presence with offices in California, China, Singapore and India. Globally, R&D represents one third of all HGH employees. With outstanding R&D in end-to-end systems and software as well as product innovations, the HGH management team anticipates many future growth opportunities in the areas of Wide Area Surveillance, Test & Measurement, and Industrial Thermography. About HGH HGH has been an expert in infrared technology for over 40 years. HGH designs, develops, assembles and sells elctro-optics systems and software for security, defense, oil & gas, energy, and industrial applications. The company has established itself as an international reference for innovation in infrared technology through the development of multiple advanced sensors, systems and proprietary software. HGH's Head Office is located in Igny near Paris-Saclay, and has a strong presence in the USA with a main office in Goleta, CA and in Asia through Asia Infrared Systems Pte Ltd. For more information, visit us at
01 March 2021
The Ultimate Integrating Sphere Experience: UV-Visible-SWIR
HGH has made testing and calibration of cameras and sensors easy with our ISV Integrating Sphere Sources. Our sources cover the UV, Visible, and SWIR spectra and can be adapted to your specific needs for the highest accuracy and ease of use. The HGH ISV Integrating Sphere Sources are compact, reliable and easy-to-operate reference sources that provide an adjustable luminance output with unprecedented accuracy and stability. Such stability and accuracy is obtained through a closed-loop control regulation based on an optical reading which acts on an iris attenuator. Through this method and many unique features, HGH Integrating Spheres provide the following key capabilities: Intuitive interface with control through a colored touchscreen panel; Real-time display of the luminance or radiance; Precise selection of luminance units; High temporal stability of radiation to test even the most sensitive sensors; Wide dynamic range with ultra-stable spectrum; Radiometric calibration over multiple bandwidths including SWIR; Calibrated and constant color temperatures and night levels; Highly uniform output port, up to 4 inches (>101.6 mm); Built-in test equipment (BITE); Remote control via Ethernet link, RS232, IEEE488; and INFRATEST-LT remote control software. INFRATEST, our powerful testing software, enables you to run an exhaustive list of tests for a full characterization of camera performances that can be exported to various formats to help automate the testing process. Our most recent update added wide field of view testing capabilities, smart control of liquid blackbodies, and background temperature simulation. HGH also recently released a new 2U electronic controller for our ISV Integrating sources that provides: Higher Accuracy and stability in low-light tests; Real-time display of luminance and radiance; Highly uniform output port; User-friendly touchscreen interface with intuitive selection units and setpoint; Calibrated radiation from UV to SWIR. HGH’s high-performance Integrating Sphere Sources are used for the calibration and testing of cameras and sensors in applications such as night vision devices (NVDs), image intensifier cameras, radiometers, UV-vision enhancement systems, focal plane arrays, and optical detectors. Email us at to talk with one of our Technical Sales Associates about the capabilities of an HGH Integrating Sphere Source system and how we can adapt it to your test and calibration needs.
05 March 2021
Blackbodies for Any Application
HGH is proud to offer an extensive range of blackbody reference sources to meet any infrared testing need. Vacuum compatible Blackbodies range from 100K to 500K and usual conditions Blackbodies range from -40°C to +1350°C. The emitting surface dimensions are equally comprehensive between our vacuum, fluid circulation cooled, air cooled, high temperature extended area, and high temperature cavity blackbodies. HGH cavity blackbodies have diameters as low as 12.5mm, while our extended area blackbodies have emissive surfaces of up to 1000mm2. With such wide ranges and configurations, HGH is the go-to source for blackbody reference IR sources and can help find the right blackbody for you. HGH can also design specific infrared reference sources on request. Our most popular blackbody offerings include: DCN1000 Low Temperature blackbodies with Large missive Areas for characterization of infrared system performances; ECN100 High Temperature Extended Area blackbodies for field tests and calibration without a collimator; RCN High Temperature Cavity blackbodies for calibration of infrared sensors; TwiN1000 Double Extended Area blackbodies for applications requiring rapid switching between temperatures; and our Vacuum, cryogenic temperature blackbodies for space borne systems testing. To complement our full line of blackbodies, we recently released a new generation of blackbody controllers. This advanced generation of blackbody controllers has an intelligent design allowing users to achieve an unequalled performance level, with a 0.1mK temperature resolution and a 0.5mK regulation stability. Our improved design is compact, rackable, and incorporates a more intuitive, ergonomic display with a color touchscreen for viewing data and functions. HGH blackbodies and controllers run with our powerful INFRATEST software to run your tests with ease. See our full range of blackbodies at, and email for a consultation on which is best for your application.