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Excelitas Technologies Corp.



Excelitas Technologies Corp.
200 West St
Waltham, MA
United States

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Paper 11630-54
Author(s): Bart Johnson, Tim Ford, Seungbum Woo, Ed Mallon, AXSUN Technologies Inc. (United States); Mike Crawford, Jason Ensher, Insight Photonic Solutions (United States); Ioan Bucsa, Excelitas Technologies Corp. (Canada); Peter Whitney, AXSUN Technologies Inc. (United States)
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Paper 11630-71
Author(s): Bart Johnson, Joey Jabbour, Mark Malonson, Mark Kuznetsov, Walid Atia, Nate Kemp, Peter Whitney, AXSUN Technologies Inc. (United States)
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Paper 11680-25
Author(s): Ioan Bucsa, Boussairi Bouzazi Sr., Patrick Lavoie Sr., Eric Le Boulanger Sr., Eric Desfonds Sr., Excelitas Canada Inc. (Canada)
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Paper 11668-6
Author(s): Branko Petrov, Alan Moore, Excelitas Technologies (Canada)
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Paper 11706-53
Author(s): Kavita Aswani, Excelitas Canada Inc. (Canada)
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Paper 11627-13
Author(s): Andrés F. Zuluaga, Excelitas Technologies Corp. (United States); René Daher, Ivo Krejci, Univ. de Genève (Switzerland)
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23 February 2021
Excelitas Technologies Introduces X-Cite NOVEM LED Illuminator for Challenging Imaging Applications
The X-Cite® NOVEM is a new 9-channel LED illuminator for fluorescence microscopy applications. The new LED illuminator is ideally suited for challenging imaging applications that require high excitation power and individual wavelength control including slide scanning, live cell imaging, FISH, Fura-2 ratiometric imaging and general fluorescence microscopy. The light guide coupled, high power, 9-channel wavelength-switching X-Cite NOVEM illuminator offers spectral ranges for applications from Fura-2 to IR800 (340nm - 785nm). The product’s high power reduces scan time for multiplex imaging, and its pre-installed filters simplify system setup. X-Cite NOVEM also features efficient cooling and quiet operation, even when running at full capacity. Learn more:
10 March 2021
LINOS® d.fine HR Area Scan Module
Excelitas Technologies® Corp. announced the LINOS® d.fine HR Area Scan Module, which enables area scan applications for the company’s d.fine HR 2.4/128 3.33x High Resolution Inspection Lens. The combination of d.fine HR Lens and new Area Scan Module features a large image circle up to 82 mm and a high resolution up to 300 Lp/mm in a spectral distribution of 400 nm – 750 nm. It is ideal for 120MP and 150MP sensors used in optical inspection and machine vision applications in the semiconductor, flat panel display (FPD) and electronics manufacturing industries. the d.fine HR Lens and its Area Scan Module offer brilliant optical performance. Due to the extremely high resolution in the object of up to 300 Lp/mm and its exceedingly large image circle of 82 mm, the d.fine HR Lens with Area Scan Module accessory can be used with common area scan cameras over 150 MPixel and pixel sizes down to 3.5µm for optical inspection. Learn more:
22 February 2021
Excelitas Technologies Generation 2 905 nm High-Volume Pulsed Semiconductor Laser Diode for Range Finding and Industrial LiDAR
The NEW Excelitas Generation 2 905 nm High Volume Pulsed Semiconductor Laser Diode (PLD) emitting at 905 nm in the near Infrared features a multi-layer monolithic chip design. With an optical emitting area of (225 x 10) μm by emission of three laser lines, the Gen 2 905 PLD offers high output power in a small emitting area. Our second-generation 905 nm PLD provides higher efficiency (3 W/A) than its predecessor for further ranging and reduced power consumption. Its improved GaAs structure offers typically 85 W pulsed peak power when driven at 30 A for an increase of more than 20% optical power at the same drive current. The Generation 2 905 nm High-Volume Pulsed Semiconductor Laser Diode is an ideal solution for industrial and consumer range finding and LiDAR applications involving time of flight measurements. Learn more:
24 February 2021
Complimentary MachVis 5.2 Update Delivers Comprehensive Product Data for Machine Vision Customers
Excelitas Technologies® Corp. has released the latest version of its popular Qioptiq imaging lens selection software – MachVis 5.2 Lens Configurator. Designed to simplify the tasks of vision system designers and engineers, MachVis 5.2 features an intuitive user interface for fast, comprehensive information on product data, new lens series and accessories (including access to 3D files) , and improved lens selection algorithms for all of the Excelitas LINOS® Machine Vision Lenses, Optem® FUSION Micro-Imaging and Qioptiq mag.x Microscopy Systems. The complimentary MachVis 5.2 software identifies suitable lenses and generates useful supporting documentation based upon basic user-provided parameters – making it an ideal tool for a variety of machine vision, semiconductor manufacturing, electronics manufacturing, FPD manufacturing, quality assurance, inspection and logistics applications. Learn more:
25 February 2021
Excelitas C30737MH Series Surface-Mount Silicon Avalanche Photodiodes (APDs) for high-volume, cost-efficient designs
Excelitas Technologies C30737MH Series Surface Mount Silicon Avalanche Photodiodes (APDs) are offered in standard and custom configurations. They provide high responsivity between 500 nm and 1000 nm, as well as extremely fast rise times at all wavelengths with a cut-off frequency >1 GHz for some versions. Standard versions are available in two active area sizes: 230 μm and 500 μm, optimized for 800 nm or 900 nm light detection. C30737MH Series Surface Mount APDs are offered in compact (1.75 x 2.00 mm), cost efficient packages for high-volume, high-performance product designs that require maximal range at consumer price points. Suitable applications include industrial LiDAR, 905 nm range-finding devices, 635 nm and 650 nm laser meters, speed measurement; area scanners for safety, surveillance, or automatic door opening; optical communication, 3D laser scanning, and gesture recognition. The parts can be used with pick-and-place tools on automated lines for optimal throughput and minimal assembly costs. Learn more: