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TOPTICA develops and manufactures high-end laser systems for scientific and industrial applications. The portfolio includes diode lasers, ultrafast fiber lasers, terahertz systems and frequency combs. OEM customers, scientists, and over a dozen Nobel laureates all acknowledge the world-class exceptional specifications of TOPTICA’s lasers, as well as their reliability and longevity.


TOPTICA Photonics, Inc.
5847 County Rd 41
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Product demonstrations

TOPTICA Photonics, Inc.: Simple Operation of a Continuously Tunable Laser with up to 120nm Mode-Hop Free Tuning Range
TOPTICA's continuously tunable laser, the CTL, enables mode‐hop‐free wavelength tuning up to 120 nm with narrow linewidth and highest accuracy. With applications in device characterization, quantum and materials analysis, it is ideal for any application requiring high precision mode-hop free laser operation over a wide tuning range. In this demo, Dr. Rudolf Neuhaus demonstrates how to operate the laser with the fully digital, low noise and drift DLC pro controller using intuitive touch screen controls. To illustrate the convenient features of the laser and DLC pro controller, the system is connected to a spectroscopy cell and the transmission spectra is measured by a photodiode and recorded by the DLC pro with the ability to review the data live and adjust operating parameters accordingly, including the ability to lock the laser to a specific laser line. For more information about the CTL, contact us at
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Company Presentations

Paper 11714-10
Author(s): Wilhelm G. Kaenders, TOPTICA Photonics AG (Germany)
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03 March 2021
See TOPTICA's TOPO In Action!
Join us on Tuesday, March 9 at 1pm EST for a short, informative session to learn more about our Widely Tunable, High Resolution CW-OPO for Mid-IR Spectroscopy & Photonics. This presentation features the TOPTICA TOPO, a CW-OPO that covers the “stretch” region of the infrared from 1.4 - 4um. We demonstrate its ease of use with an automated tuning feature to stabilize the TOPO idler to a target wavelength, and demonstrate our wavelength scanning software which scans the TOPO over a user-defined range. Register at:
03 March 2021
Join TOPTICA Photonics for an Informative Session Highlighting our Terahertz Systems
You’re invited! Join TOPTICA via Zoom Webinar on Wednesday, March 10 at 4pm EST to learn about our Terahertz products! We provide an overview of optoelectronic terahertz techniques including highly precise systems for frequency-domain measurements, broadband systems for time-domain applications, as well as rapid screening systems for non-destructive testing. For each scenario, representative practical applications will be presented. The presentation will conclude with a demo of terahertz imaging using the TeraFlash Smart, a high-speed time-domain terahertz system with bandwidth out to 4 THz and up to 1600 waveforms/second. Register at:
04 March 2021
Chat with a TOPTICA Expert During Photonics West & BiOS!
Let’s connect! TOPTICA experts will be available to chat via SPIE.Connect at the following times: Saturday, March 6: 1pm – 8pm EST | Sunday, March 7: 3pm – 7pm EST | Monday - Thursday: 12pm – 8pm EST. Can’t make it during these hours, or want to set an appointment? No problem, we’re always here for you! Book a meeting with any of our experts at your convenience at
04 March 2021
Join TOPTICA Photonics for an Informative Session Highlighting our New iChrome FLE!
You’re invited! Join TOPTICA via Zoom Webinar on Thursday, March 11 at 1pm EST to learn about our new iChrome FLE! Instrument stability and reliability are key aspects for reproducibility in life sciences. When it comes to laser light sources for Microscopy there are many factors that degrade overall performance. While varying or declining intensity due to alignment issues is one of the most prominent challenges, other sources of degraded performance need to be considered. Cross-talk from acousto-optical modulators (and their limited extinction ratio), as well as laser “noise” sources from fast intensity fluctuations are often overlooked. Other considerations such as service lifetime and operational stability can also be concerns. We will show how the new iChrome FLE bypasses most of these challenges due to its unique optical design, and conclude with a system demo. Register at:
04 March 2021
See TOPTICA's DLC HoloLitho in Action!
Join us on Wednesday, March 10 at 1pm EST for a short, informative session to learn more about our DLC HoloLitho! While Kr+ gas ion lasers have been used in industry for holography & lithography applications for over 25 years, their costly operation and maintenance make them less than ideal ongoing production. We demonstrate the performance of the DLC Holo-Litho and highlight the unique features, that insure superior performance in comparison to Kr+ ion gas lasers while delivering a lower total cost of operation. Register at:
04 March 2021
See TOPTICA's TeraFlash Smart In Action!
Join us on Thursday, March 11 at 4pm EST for a short, informative session to learn more about our TeraFlash Smart! This short demo will show a state-of-the-art terahertz time-domain imaging system using the TOPTICA TeraFlash Smart, and highlight the different types of information that can be readily extracted. Common imaging challenges will be discussed, and an overview of software techniques that can improve analysis and point to future applications. Registration at:
04 March 2021
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