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A leader in optics, opto-mechanics, manual and motorized positioning components and thin film coating for more than 20 years, OptoSigma is committed to providing unrivaled service and engineering insight for our customers on every product we offer. Our global manufacturing locations enable us to offer the best selection from stock while accommodating custom orders of all types and quantities. Discover why thousands of customers worldwide rely on OptoSigma.
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OptoSigma Corporation
3210 S Croddy Way
Santa Ana, CA
United States
Website: www.optosigma.com

Product demonstrations

OptoSigma Corporation: OptoSigma Optical Coating Experts
In this presentation, we will talk in depth about optical coating technologies, including methods for design, process, and manufacturing. At OptoSigma, we have over 40-years of optical thin film coating experience. We support a wide variety of applications from high power lasers, to flight and space applications, BioTech/Med, Research, and much more. We cover the spectrum from deep UV to far IR. You can utilize one of over a hundred standard coatings in a "Make to Order" method from our catalog optics, or on your supplied substrates. Alternatively, we can develop a complete custom solution for any quantity you require.
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22 February 2021
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03 March 2021
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03 March 2021
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