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Global Leader in Precision Motion / Automation Solutions, Nanopositioning & Piezo Technology. APPLICATIONS: Active Optical Alignment, Additive Manufacturing, Laser Processing, Microscopy & Nanoscopy, Semiconductor Metrology, etc. PRODUCTS: Air Bearings, Hexapods, Multi-Axis Automation Sub-Systems, Piezo Mechanisms, Nanopositioning Systems, Photonics Alignment Systems, Piezo Transducers, Steering Mirrors, Piezo Flexure Stages, Direct Drive Linear & Rotary Stages, Controllers. ISO-9001-Certified
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PI (Physik Instrumente) LP
Automation, Piezo Tehchnology, NanoPositioning
16 Albert St
Auburn, MA
United States
Website: www.pi-usa.us

Product demonstrations

PI (Physik Instrumente) LP: Fast Photonics Alignment Solution
A, fast multi-axis alignment system for photonics and optics related alignments with internal high speed alignment routines. Used for lens alignment, Silicon Photonics alignment, Array alignment
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12 February 2021
PI Wins the 2021 inspect award with its High-Dynamics H-860 Hexaod 6-Axis Precision Motion System
https://www.wileyindustrynews.com/en/products/automation/physik-instrumente-hexapod-h-860 The H-860 is specifically designed to test the image stabilization function in camera systems, smart phones and camera modules. In contrast to the design of the Stewart-Gough platforms, PI has implemented a kinematic system based on the shifting of the joint positions. The H-860 is based on PIMag voice coil motors developed in-house. The special design with flexure joints and contactless magnetic drive principle has no friction or rolling parts for guides and joints and is therefore designed for maximum service life and uptime. A contactless linear encoder ensures reliable position control and high repeatability. Innovation: The Hexapod H-860 is the only multi-axis system that achieves the required angular movements with the appropriate frequencies and repeatability to reliably test cameras, ensuring high image and video quality and supporting camera-based innovations. The combination of highly dynamic linear motors and the lightweight design with highly rigid carbon milled parts allows fast and precise movements and high accelerations. The control is designed for dynamics and precision. The parallel kinematics with a freely selectable coordinate reference system can be used flexibly, allowing camera or smartphone manufacturers, for example, to carry out more complex prototype tests.
19 February 2021
PI Precision Focusing Stage on SuperCam of Mars Rover Perseverance
Another Mars Rover Landing with PI Precision Motion Equipment on Board. MT-40 PImiCos Precision Linear Stage for Focus Control of the #Perseverance #SuperCam. Congratulations to NASA and all involved teams around the globe!
04 March 2021
See PI Virtual Demos on Photonics Alignment, Microscopy, Laser Processing
Visit the virtual Exhibition / Demo Lab at https://www.pi-usa.us/en/news-events/photonics-and-laser-related-motion-systems-virtual-tradeshow/ See demos and applications related to: - Photonics / Photonics Alignment - 6-DOF Motion Solutions for Image Stabilization, Optics Alignment - Motion Solutions for Metrology, Microscopy, and Imaging - Motion Solutions for Laser Processing, Electronics Manufacturing / Laser Welding - Beam Steering, Fast Tip/Tilt Steering Mirrors - Piezo Actuator and Transducer Solutions