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Universal Photonics® Incorporated



Universal Photonics® Incorporated
85 Jetson Ln
Central Islip, NY
United States

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Universal Photonics® Incorporated: Selecting the Right Optic
Optical system design requires an understanding of environmental conditions and requirements of the finished product, as well as properties of the optic itself. Selecting the right optic will maximize lifetime and performance of the optical system.


25 February 2021
Introducing UNICER 1000: Cerium Oxide Powder for Soft & Hard Glass Substrates
The latest addition to UPI’s extensive line of premium cerium oxide polishing powders, UNICER 1000, consistently delivers highly efficient, cost-effective polishing for a wide range of precision optics and ophthalmic applications. UNICER 1000’s specifically designed morphology assures increased surface planarity, less residual defects and overall reduced roughness. Combined with its characteristic rapid removal rate and economical pricing, UNICER 1000 is quickly becoming a leader among competing cerium oxide polishes. Adding a critical surfacing additive like UPI’s EVERFLO, leaves the competition even farther behind. EVERFLO’s distinctive action formula optimizes UNICER 1000’s unique properties; stock removal is accelerated, rogue scratching diminishes, an even finer surface emerges and cleanability is enhanced. With or without additives, count on UNICER 1000 to deliver excellent surface finish and increased polishing productivity. Contact your regional representative or a UPI Applications Engineer for detailed information on how UNICER 1000 will perform for your application.
25 February 2021
Introducing SC-955: Precision Polishing Material for High Pressure Applications
UPI’s latest addition to the LP UNALON line of micro-cellular, foam elastomer polishing material, SC-955, is a material of choice for polishing a variety of glass optics where higher removal rates, consistent flatness and overall superior surface finish are required. Key to SC-955’s extraordinary performance is its tightly controlled pore structure. Small and consistent throughout the material’s polyurethane architecture, the pores “meter” external polishing or finish slurries while supporting uniform points of contact between the pad and work surface. SC-955 yields a variety of desired characteristics including rapid, continuous removal rates, batch-to-batch consistency and better PSA adhesion. Custom configurations are available based on your application needs. Contact your regional representative or a UPI Applications Engineer for detailed information on how SC-955 will perform for your application.
25 February 2021
Introducing ZIRC 20J: Aqueous Zirconium Oxide Slurry for Soft, High-Index Precision Glass
A new addition to the UPI line of top-performing zirconium oxides, ZIRC 20J, is an aqueous slurry delivering highly efficient polishing for a wide variety of softer, precision glass optics. ZIRC 20J’s uniquely engineered formulation combines proprietary chemistry with advanced particle morphology. In addition to accelerating stock removal, the resulting thermodynamic synergy at the work surface increases planarity and reduces residual defects and roughness. ZIRC 20J’s tightly controlled particle distribution and excellent suspension properties assure that polish is uniformly distributed across the work surface. Polishing performance is consistent and the finish is superior. Its novel formula also enhances cleanability of particles from glass substrates and processing equipment. Contact your regional representative or a UPI Applications Engineer for detailed information on how ZIRC 20J will perform for your application.
26 February 2021
Introducing DAMA LG-500: Portable Chamfering Machine for Machining Glass or Ceramic Parts
The DAMA LG series is engineered to meet high demands of the optical industry on facet quality and dimensional accuracy of straight or prismatic bodies. LG-500's new design easily adjusts bevel irregularity. The prism carriage is designed to eliminate scratching with rollers over ball bearing guides – a major advantage for previously polished surfaces. Appropriate extensions and adaptations make this model particularly apt for machining glass or ceramic parts, and being portable, the machine can be placed wherever it is needed. Thanks to short set-up time and changeover within minutes, the LG-500 is equally suitable for individual pieces and series production. Additional features include sturdy housing for quiet runs, adjustable feed rate, spindle speed and bevel height, and an integrated coolant system. Contact your regional representative or a UPI Applications Engineer for detailed information on how the DAMA LG-500 will perform for your application.