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Electronic Imaging & Signal Processing

Stabilized imaging systems

HoodTech Vision

HoodTech Vision introduces two advanced gyro-stabilized imaging systems.  Both systems are designed for use with small unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) and for use on piloted, fixed-wing airplanes, blimps, ground, and surface vehicles.

HoodTech's 09EO1 is a high zoom, electro-optical (EO) wavelength operation (from 400-900 nm), daylight imaging system with an optional articulated nose enclosure for UAVs. The compact (30 cm x 20 cm Ø), lightweight cylinder weighs only 2,775 grams (or 3,470 g with nose enclosure). Imager features include multiple operating modes, 160X zoom, narrow HFOV to 0.3 deg., onboard Alticam Vision System (AVS) video processing with composite NTSC video output, and picture-in-picture (PiP) display.

HoodTech's 11EOIR1 includes continuous zoom EO and MWIR imagers, laser pointer, and eyesafe laser rangefinder. The 4-axis gyro-stabilized gimbal imaging system is a 25.4 cm Ø sphere that weighs only 5,700 grams with the turret enclosure. The dual sensors, 640 x 480 pixel MWIR and 720 x 480 pixel EO, are also compatible with HoodTech's proprietary AVS video processing system featuring composite NTSC video output. The laser beam pointer operates at 830 nm, 150 mW, 1.0 mrad; the eye-safe rangefinder operates at greater than 2000 meters on NATO target.