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Biomedical Optics & Medical Imaging

IR LED light emitter

Larson Electronics

Larson Electronics announces the release of a 12-W, infrared LED light emitter designed to provide output and operation suitable for medical applications. The LEDLB-4E-IR-M-110V 110 Volt Medical Infrared LED Light Bar provides those in the medical fields with a powerful and effective source of infrared light that can operate from standard wall outlets and be magnetically mounted to metallic surfaces for easy control and precise application.

The LEDLB-4E-IR-M-110V is designed to provide professionals in the medical fields with high output source of infrared light in a versatile and easy to manage design. With current medical studies showing promising results from the use of infrared light in a variety of fields including dermatology and neurology, Larson Electronics developed this high-power infrared LED light bar as an easy-to-operate infrared light source intended for application in these fields.

This LED light bar produces invisible infrared light in the 850 or 940Nm portion of the light spectrum depending upon configuration, making it ideal for professionals utilizing these wavelengths in their treatment and therapy plans.

This powerful infrared fixture also features a heavy-duty extruded aluminum housing fitted with 4 LEDs sealed within the housing with an unbreakable polycarbonate lens. This fixture is fully waterproof and rated to three meters of submersion, and can withstand impacts from dropping that would cause traditional infrared lamps to shatter or fail.

For added versatility and ease of use, Larson Electronics has fitted these units with three magnetic mounting pads. This lamp can be securely attached to just about any metal surface, making it ideal for applications where professionals need to easily move the unit to various locations for optimal coverage during specific applications. Since this a high power infrared light source and designed to withstand abusive conditions, this light is also perfectly suited to other applications such as military, law enforcement and security operations where infrared light is commonly used for covert operations.

This light is fitted with 6 feet of cord and an inline transformer which allows operation with standard 110-120 VAC current typically available from common wall outlets. Users can also opt to disconnect the transformer and run the lamp directly from 12 or 24 volts DC current such as that available from vehicles. This dual power capability adds further versatility and when combined with its magnetic mounting allows professionals to easily use this light in mobile and vehicle mounted applications.

The LEDLB-4E-IR-M-110V is also available in spotlight or floodlight configurations, and provides professionals in fields ranging from medical to security the ability to quickly and easily provide a powerful source of infrared light anywhere it is needed.