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Thank you for voting | You help SPIE make a difference

In 2015, SPIE provided more than $5.2 million in support of education and outreach programs.

As part of our continuous efforts to both engage our constituents and continue our valuable mission, we wanted to ask for your help to vote for a funding project by voting on one of the following three projects. Thank you to all who voted.

The results are in, and the winning project will receive $10,000 in funding, and the two runners-up $2,500 each.

WINNER: Child ViSion
The impact of poor vision on the educational, quality of life and economic potential of young people is substantial.
Child ViSion estimates that 60% of young people in the developing world do not have the glasses that they need to be successful in school. This program helps tackle poor vision by distributing self-adjustable glasses, based on a fluid-filled lens technology, through school-based programs in Africa.                  
1st RUNNER-UP: Active Learning in Optics and Photonics teacher training
ALOP workshops introduce basic optics and photonics concepts to teachers in developing countries by pairing theoretical modules with hands-on applications, and using low-cost locally available materials.
Hundreds of teachers have been provided with training manuals and materials to take back to their classrooms. This program will support teach attendance at an ALOP training for teachers in Colombia.  
2nd RUNNER-UP: Laser Roadshow
The Laser Roadshow brings engaging laser programs to assemblies at schools with underserved populations across the United States.
This program combines science and laser education with music and a laser animation show. The program mission is to enhance general awareness of how advances in optics and photonics improve quality of life and to motivate students to explore careers in optics and photonics.