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    Venue and Travel

    [Generic Event Template for CMS]

    [Name of Symposium, year]

    [Venue and Travel]

    SPIE [Name of Event] Symposium will be held at the [Name of Facility, address]

    [insert image of facility]

    On this page:

    • Hotels
    • Travel
    • Facility, Venue and Services
    • Food and Beverage Services
    • SPIE Onsite Services
    • Policies
    • Advisories [if applicable]
    • Visa Information and Invitation Letters [insert hyper-link]

    [anchor link] Hotels [Head 9]
    Book early for the best hotel availability and rates!

    Hotel Information [standard bold]
    A block of rooms at special conference rates has been reserved at [insert number of hotels and the name of the City] area hotels for symposia attendees. Room rates at the hotels range from $ to $ per night for single or double rooms. The conference rates cannot be guaranteed after the room blocks have been filled and will not be honored after the individual hotels' cut-off dates. 

    Hotel Reservations [standard bold]
    To secure a room reservation, requests must be received with a credit card guarantee or a check in the amount of the first night's room plus tax ( is subject to change). Problems or delays with your payment may affect your hotel request.

    Reservations can be made directly with each individual hotel [or it may be through the Bureau]. You are encouraged to make your reservations early as rooms at convention rates can sell out quickly.

    Hotel Information and Reservations "At A Glance" [standard bold]

    NOTE: View Map of hotel locations in relation to [Name of Convention Center]

    [hotel chart will have to be built in CMS]

    To Make a Reservation by Telephone, by Fax, or by Mail. [insert link to hotel reservation form]

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    [anchor link] Travel [Head 9]

    About [Name of City] [standard bold]

    Welcome to [name of City], [insert interesting facts about the City]

    For more information about [name of City], visit their website at [list website]

    • Enjoy Sightseeing [insert link]

    • Go Shopping [insert link]

    • Enjoy a Variety of Restaurants [insert link]

    Restaurant Reservations and Information Desk [Head 8]

    The [Name of City] Convention Center Corporation operates a Restaurant Reservations and Information Desk in the [location] of the Convention Center.  The desk will be staffed [Day] through [Day], during the convention from [Hours].  If you wish to pre-plan your individual or group dining arrangements, you may call [contact, phone number].

    Flying to [Name of City] [standard bold]
    [Name of Airport] International Airport [(3 letter airport code)] is conveniently located [miles] of [Name of City].  Open [list website] for a complete listing of airlines that fly in and out of [(3 letter airport code)].

    See more complete information about the [Name of Airport]  [insert link]

    Driving Directions to the Conference and Parking Information
    If you are driving into [Name of City] for the meeting, or are flying in and renting a car, click the following link for Driving Directions and Parking Information.

    Local Transportation [standard bold]
    Helpful information about getting around in [Name of City] can be found at [list website].

    [insert Hertz logo]

    Hertz Car Rental has been selected as the official car rental agency for this Symposium. To reserve a car, identify yourself as an [Name of Symposium] Conference attendees using the Hertz Meeting Code CV# 029B0010. Note: When booking from International Hertz locations, the CV # must be entered with the letters CV before the number, i.e. CV029B0010.

        • In the United States call 1-800-654-2240.
        • In Canada call 1-800-263-0600, or 1-416-620-9620 in Toronto.
        • In Europe and Asia call the nearest Hertz Reservation Center or travel
        • Outside of these areas call 1-405-749-4434.

    Book Online at

    Park & Ride [Head 8]
    [information about park and ride options here]

    Shuttles from the Airport [Head 8]
    [list of hotels] each offer complimentary shuttles. Click here for shuttle options to the other hotels. [insert pdf]

    Taxi Service [Head 8]
    Taxi service from the [Name of Airport] to the downtown hotels is $ - $ depending on traffic.

    [Name of City] Public Transportation  [Head 8]

    Find Trolley, Bus Schedule and Route Information at the [list website]

    Fares [insert link]

    Trolley Route Map [insert link]

    [Name of City] Trolley and Buses [insert link]

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    [anchor link] Facility, Venue and Services [Head 9]

    Facility Location [standard bold]

    [insert image of facility]

    SPIE [Name of Symposium] Symposium will be held at the [Facility, address].

    [insert second image of facility]

    Area Map showing Hotel Locations [link to area map]

    Facility Map  [Head 8]

    Floorplans of the [Name of Convention Center link to floorplans at CC]

    Internet Services [standard bold]

    Internet Pavilion [Head 8]
    SPIE will have a [complimentary] Internet Pavilion at the meeting site on [Day] through [Day] where attendees can use provided workstations or hook up their laptop to an Ethernet connection to access the Internet.

    Complimentary Internet Wireless Access [Head 8]
    SPIE is pleased to provide [complimentary] wireless access to the Internet for all conference attendees bringing 802.11b wireless-enabled laptops or PDAs. Coverage locations and connection settings will be posted in the final program and on-site.

    Properly secure your computer before accessing the public wireless network. Failure to do so may allow unauthorized access to your laptop as well as potentially introduce viruses to your computer and/or presentation.

    Business Services [standard bold]

    SPIE Copy Center [Head 8]
    [Day] through [Day] during registration hours San Diego Copy will provide a copy service during the week for symposium attendees. The rates are 5 cents per copy and $1 per transparency ($2.50 for color). The Copy Center will be located [near registration].

    Business Center [Head 8]
    [List name of in-house] is the in-house business center for the [Name of Convention Center]. It is located [location]. [The company provides small package Fedex shipping, packing supplies, color copying services, fax services and office supplies.] [Phone, Fax. Email].

    SPIE Message Center [Head 8]
    The SPIE Message Center telephone number is [Phone number]. Messages will be taken during registration hours [Day] through [Day]. Please check the message board at the message center near SPIE registration daily to receive your messages.

    [Luggage/Package Storage and Coat Check] [Head 8]
    Convention Center - Near Registration
    [Day] through [Day]

    Complimentary luggage/package and coat storage will be available to attendees.
    Please note hours of operation posted onsite. If you intend to stay later than closing time, you will need to claim your checked items before it closes.

    Child Care Services [Head 8]
    The [Name of Hotel] [information about child care services]

    SPIE does not imply an endorsement or recommendation of this service. It is provided on an "information only" basis for your further analysis and decision. Other services may be available.

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    [anchor link] Food and Beverage Services [Head 9]

    Coffee Breaks [standard bold]
    Complimentary coffee will be served twice each day of the conference at approximately 10.00 and 15.00. Please check the individual technical conference listings for exact times and locations.

    Refreshment Purchases [standard bold]
    For attendee purchase of light refreshments, including continental breakfast, specialty carts will be set up throughout the convention center [Day] through [Day].

    Cash Lunches and Exhibition Concessions [standard bold]
    A cash sandwich bar will be available in the convention center at the [location] on [Day] and [Day] from [Time] to [Time]. Visit the Concessions located in the back of the exhibition halls on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday featuring Domestic and [International] Cuisine. They will serve hot and cold snacks, beverages, deli-type sandwiches, salads, hot entrees, and pastries and will be open daily [Times].

    [Free Popcorn]  [standard bold]
    [Day] through [Day]
    Enjoy fresh popcorn from the cart located in Exhibition Hall [Name of Hall] while touring the many exhibitor companies.  The cart will be open from [Time] to [Time] on exhibition days.

    Desserts [standard bold]
    [Day] through [Day]
    Dessert snacks will be served from 3:00 to 3:30 pm. Complimentary tickets for the dessert snacks will be included in attendee registration packets.

    Quicklunches [standard bold]
    Full conference technical registrants will receive one Quicklunch coupon redeemable for a lunch for specified value purchased one day – Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday – at the designated Quicklunch area or concession outlet in the back of the Convention Center, [Hall location].  Coupons will be accepted from 11:30 am to 2:00 pm each day.  Some restrictions apply.  Please refer to the coupon in your registration packet.

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    [anchor link] SPIE Onsite Services [Head 9]

    SPIE Receipts, Badge Corrections, Cashier [standard bold]
    Receipts - Preregistered attendees who did not receive a receipt prior to the meeting may obtain a new copy of their registration receipt onsite at the Badge Corrections and Receipts counter in the registration area.

    Badge Corrections - Attendees who need a correction to their badge information onsite may do so at the Badge Corrections and Receipts counter in the registration area. Please have your badge removed from the badge holder, marked with your changes, and ready to hand to the attendant upon approaching the counter.

    Cashier Station - If you are paying by cash or check as part of your onsite registration, wish to add a short course, workshop, or special event requiring payment, or have questions regarding your registration please see the onsite cashier at the Cashier station in the registration area.  [Meetings Team Note:  These paragraphs need reworded for a NON CDS meeting. The receipts and badge corrections need to be reworded because all this is done at the registration counters.  In the last paragraph delete the first part about paying by cash or check because we do the registration and cashiering all at one stop at registration. So start with “If you wish to add a short course …..” ] 

    Speaker Check In Desk / Audiovisual Preview Station [standard bold]
    [Day] through [Day] [Times]

    All Conference rooms will have a computer workstation, LCD projector, screen, lapel microphone, and laser pointer. All presenters are requested to come to the Speaker Check In Desk to confirm display settings of their presentations from their memory devices or laptops with the audiovisual equipment being used at this symposium.

    Course Materials Desk [copy from Andy W] [standard bold]
    Located near the SPIE Registration Area
    Open during Registration hours

    If you have registered to attend a course, please stop by the Course Materials Desk AFTER you pick up your badge, to obtain your course notes and to find out where the class will be located. You may also get a copy of the latest Education Services catalog to see the many courses SPIE has available at symposia, on video and CD-ROM, and to discover the opportunities of customized In-Company courses.

    SPIE Marketplace & Membership Services  [copy from Todd] [standard bold]
    Located in the Convention Center, Ballroom 20 Lobby, near meeting rooms.
    The SPIE Marketplace is your source for the latest SPIE Press books, Proceedings, and Educational and Professional Development materials. You can become a member of SPIE, explore the Digital Library, and take home a souvenir.

    SPIE Digital Library   [copy from Todd?] [standard bold]

    SPIE Newsroom    [copy from Todd?] [standard bold]

    SPIE Professional Booth  [copy from Todd?] [standard bold]

    SPIEWorks & Career Fair  [copy from Allison] [standard bold]

    Industry Resources Booth  [copy from Courtney?] [standard bold]

    Press & Media Center  [copy from Stacey] [standard bold]
    The on-site Press and Media Center provides press conference facilities, refreshments, and convenient one-stop-shopping for press releases. Credentialed media are invited to communicate news via the provided telephone, and high-speed internet connections. Registration and exhibition fees are waived for working journalists and editors. You are encouraged to pre-register by e-mailing: name, organization, title, address, e-mail, and phone number to For more information about SPIE media services, see <<>>

    [Guest Hospitality Room]  [Copy from Stacey] [standard bold]
    Guests of attendees are invited to meet, relax, and enjoy a cup of coffee and breakfast breads in SPIE's Guest Hospitality Room, located in the SPIE Suite of the [Name of Hotel]. The hospitality room will be open [Day] through [Day] from [Times] This event is for guests of [Name of Symposium] attendees only. The hotel concierge will be available during a portion of this time to answer travel, shopping, and tourist questions. This hospitality room is sponsored by SPIE.

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    [anchor link] Policies [Head 9]

    Refund Policy [standard bold]
    There is a $35 service charge for processing refunds. Requests for registration refunds including banquets must be received in writing, no later than 4 pm PST, [Day Month Year] [date to be two Thursdays prior to meeting date]. All registration fees will be forfeited at this time. Membership dues are not refundable. SPIE Digital Library subscriptions are not refundable.

    Audio, Video, Digital Recording Policy [standard bold]
    In the Meeting Rooms and Poster Sessions: For copyright reasons, recordings of any kind are strictly prohibited without prior written consent of the presenter in any conference session, short course or of posters presented. Each presenter being taped must file a signed written consent form. Individuals not complying with this policy will be asked to leave a given session and asked to surrender their film or recording media. Consent forms are available at the SPIE Audiovisual Desk.

    In the Exhibition Hall: For security and courtesy reasons, photographing or videotaping individual booths and displays in the exhibit hall is allowed ONLY with explicit permission from on-site company representatives. Individuals not complying with this policy will be asked to surrender their film and to leave the exhibit hall.

    Laser Pointer Safety Information [standard bold]
    SPIE supplies tested and safety approved laser pointers for all conference meeting rooms, and for short course rooms if instructors request one. For safety reasons, SPIE requests that presenters use our provided laser pointers available in each meeting room.

    If using your personal laser pointer:

    • Please have it tested at your facility to make sure it has <5 mW power output. Laser pointers in Class II and IIIa (<5 mW) are eye safe if power output is correct - but don't automatically trust the labeling. Commercially available laser pointers, red or green (or any color), could be incorrectly labeled as to their wavelength and power output.

    • We require that you to come to the Audiovisual Desk onsite and test you pointer on our power meter. If the pointer fails the safe power level you may not use the pointer at the conference. You will be required to sign a waiver releasing SPIE of any liability for use of potentially non-safe laser pointers.

    • Use of a personal laser pointer at an SPIE event represents user's acceptance of liability for use of a non-SPIE supplied laser pointer device. Misuse of any laser pointer could lead to eye damage. In California, it is a criminal misdemeanor to shine a laser pointer at individuals "who perceive they are at risk."

    Underage Persons on Exhibition Floor [standard bold]

    For safety and insurance reasons, no persons under the age of 16 will be allowed in the exhibition area during move-in and move-out. During open exhibition hours, only children over the age of 12 accompanied by an adult will be allowed in the exhibition area.

    No Suitcasing Policy [standard bold]

    Suitcasing is the act of soliciting business in the aisles during the exhibition or in other public spaces, including another company's booth or a hotel lobby.
    Please note that while all meeting attendees are invited to the exhibition, any attendee who is observed to be soliciting business in the aisles or other public spaces, in another company's booth, or in violation of any portion of SPIE Exhibition Policy will be asked to leave immediately. Additional penalties may be applied. Please report any violations you may observe to show management.

    Unsecured Items [standard bold]
    Personal belongings such as briefcases, backpacks, coats, book bags, etc. should not be left unattended in meeting rooms or public areas.  These items will be subject to removal by security upon discovery.

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