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Sensing & Measurement

Contact angle measurement instrument

Henniker Plasma

The all new PGx from Henniker is a Portable Contact Angle measurement instrument designed for rapid and accurate assessment of plasma treated materials.

The fully automated device measures surface wetting and absorption on virtually any size or shape of surface and enables direct surface testing of almost any 3D object without having to cut the sample to fit.

In operation the PGx automatically delivers a precisely calibrated drop onto the surface and the built in camera captures a video sequence of the surface wetting at a rate of 80 frames per second. The results are displayed as a static contact angle or dynamic wetting as a function of time, providing detailed information about the liquid/substrate interaction.

With a footprint of only 90mm x 55mm and weighing just 400g it is allows production and quality control staff to assess material batches in-situ without needing to refer them to a laboratory and should be of particular interest to the growing number of users of plasma technology in the aerospace and automotive industries.