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Defense & Security

Hyper-hemispherical sapphire domes

ROTEM Industries

The Crystals Division of Rotem Industries has manufactured the first production series of Hyper-hemispherical (240 degrees or more) sapphire domes dedicated for DIRCM (Directional Infrared Counter Measures) and CIRCM (Common Infrared Countermeasures) applications.

The newly developed Hyper-Hemispherical sapphire domes solve problems in current systems' design such as limited field of view, optical obstacles, and huge drag. This development demonstrates how real terrorism threats led toward a rapid efficient development of the new Hyper Hemispherical Sapphire Domes that enables new capabilities that were not available before. The threat is the shoulder-fired missiles used by terrorists aiming to take down commercial aircrafts or helicopters mainly during landings or takeoffs.

Rotem will demonstrate this remarkable breakthrough in the SPIE Defense, Security + Sensing exhibition in Baltimore, MD, 29 April to 3 May, 2013.