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Lasers & Sources

SPIE and industry reps take part in CREOL Affiliates' Day

SPIE Newsroom

CREOL Affiliates Day panel discussion

Panel members at CREOL discussing "Future challenges for photonics in manufacturing." L-R: Steve Anderson (SPIE), Peter Baker (LIA), Jay Kumler (JENOPTIK Optical Systems) and Jochen Deile (Trumpf, Inc).

The CREOL Industrial Affiliates Symposium is an annual event held each spring to highlight the strong partnerships that CREOL, The College of Optics and Photonics at the University of Central Florida (UCF) has with the optics and photonics industry through its Industrial Affiliates program (currently numbering 70 members). The meeting is open to all interested parties and draws participants from all parts of the optics and photonics industry, government, and academic communities around the world.

The 2013 Symposium was held at UCF on 8 March 2013 with the theme of "Light in Action." For the first time, several short courses were offered as part of the event at no cost on the day before. The courses were very popular, with a total of 173 attending one or two of the 4 courses offered by Dr. Bahaa Saleh, Dr. Steven Kuebler, Dr. Aravinda Kar, and Dr. Pieter Kik. The symposium was attended by leaders from the leading optics and photonics societies, including Dr. Eugene Arthurs and Steve Anderson from SPIE. Participants in the event included 25 exhibitors and 9 sponsoring organizations.

The 200 symposium attendees heard talks by invited speakers and CREOL faculty on Manufacturing, Optogenetics, Displays, and Lithography. The program also included a session on Photonics Entrepreneurship, with a talk by Dr. Milton Chang, serial entrepreneur and author of the book Toward Entrepreneurship. A panel discussion on the "Future Challenges for Photonics in Manufacturing" with Steve Anderson (SPIE), Peter Baker (LIA), Jochen Deile (Trumpf, Inc), and Jay Kumler (JENOPTIK Optical Systems) as panelists and Dr. James Pearson as moderator, generated quite a bit of interest. Following the panel discussion, the attendees were able to view 33 posters on recent research results by CREOL faculty and graduate students and tour several of the research labs.

Since its inception over 20 years ago, the CREOL Industrial Affiliates Symposium has been followed the next day by a great social event: "The Spring Thing" is hosted by and held at the home of Dr. MJ and Cheryl Soileau on Lake Jesup. Soileau is the Founding Director of CREOL and currently UCF Vice President for Research and Commercialization. In addition to enjoying a fine day of socializing, the menu for the meal was true Cajun: Grain products (solid and liquid!) and Cajun Cuisine cooked in grand style by master Cajun chefs: chili, gator, chicken (tastes just like gator), pig; miscellaneous good (and some healthy) vittles. As usual, it was a great informal celebration of a busy, informative, and fun week.

CREOL Affiliates Day poster session

Graduate Research Asst. Chris Grabill discussing a poster with CREOL Asst. Professor Sasan Fathpour and another student at the CREOL Industrial Affiliates Symposium. (Photos courtesy of CREOL)