World Trade Center/Hotel Mercure
    Marseille, France
    5 - 8 September 2011
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    Invitation from Symposium Chairs

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    Optical instruments are addressing an ever-increasing number of industrial and research applications: imaging and vision, defense, space, telecommunications, transportation, industrial process control, laser fusion, etc. As end users are expecting more demanding performances, optical systems designers and manufacturers are faced with growing challenges.

    This symposium on Optical Systems Design in Barcelona will be the eighth of its kind in Europe. It is intended to provide an interdisciplinary forum for technicians, engineers, researchers, and managers who are involved in instrumental optics at all levels: design, specification, production, and testing.

    Get face-to-face feedback from your colleagues in an interdisciplinary forum. The symposium represents an excellent opportunity to stay informed and further the debate about the latest developments in optical design. There is no doubt that Barcelona will be the perfect host for SPIE Europe Optical Systems Design 2012; it is our great pleasure to welcome you.

    2012 Symposium Chair:

    Juan Carlos Miñano
    Univ. Politécnica de Madrid  (Spain)


    2012 Symposium Co-Chair:

    David M. Williamson
    West Malvern (United Kingdom); NRCA Fellow, Nikon Research Corporation of America (United States)


    Honorary Symposium Chair:

    Tina Kidger
    Kidger Optics Associates (United Kingdom)



    Pablo Benítez, Univ. Politécnica de Madrid (Spain)
    Stuart David, Optical Research Associates (United States)            
    Marta de la Fuente, Indra Sistemas, S.A. (Spain)
    Andreas Erdmann, Fraunhofer-Institut für Integrierte System und Bauelementetechnologie (Germany)
    Tina E. Kidger, Kidger Optics Associates (United Kingdom)
    Juan Carlos Miñano, Univ. Politécnica de Madrid  (Spain)
    Laurent Mazuray, EADS Astrium  (France)
    Jeffrey M. Raynor, STMicroelectronics (R&D) Ltd. (United Kingdom)
    Daniel G. Smith, Nikon Research Corp. of America (United States)
    Jean-Luc M. Tissot, ULIS (France)
    Rolf Wartmann, Carl Zeiss MicroImaging GmbH (Germany)
    Andrew P. Wood, Qioptiq Ltd. (United Kingdom)
    David M. Williamson, West Malvern (United Kingdom); NRCA Fellow, Nikon Research Corporation of America (United States)
    Frank Wyrowski, Friedrich-Schiller-Univ. Jena (Germany)