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Defense & Security

Video mission display


Curtiss-Wright Controls Defense Solutions (CWCDS), a business group of Curtiss-Wright Controls, introduces the newest member of its SkyquestTM family of rugged mission displays for airborne platforms. The new feature-rich 21.5" SkyquestTM AVDU5500 is the company's largest high definition (HD) display to date. This next generation video display with touchscreen is designed for the most demanding helicopter and fixed wing applications. Featuring a wide array of digital and analog inputs, the AVDU5500 easily connects to the market's leading electro-optical turrets, either directly or via any of Curtiss-Wright's sophisticated SkyquestTM VMS video distribution units.

The AVDU5500 delivers full HD 1080p resolution and provides features and performance designed specifically for the demands of defense and law enforcement surveillance, search and rescue applications, and the extended environmental characteristics demanded by airborne platforms.

The AVDU5500 display is easily integrated into a Skyquest VMS in which its touchscreen-operated soft keys allow operators to control video routing and the operation of other Skyquest units (such as the VRDV-5004 HD video recorder).

Skyquest AVDU5500 Performance Features:

  • 1920x1080 native resolution
  • Very high brightness for daylight use
  • NVG mode with lighting bus support for night-time use
  • Touchscreen operated soft keys customized to requirements
  • Hard bezel keys for core controls
  • Optically bonded glass for improved anti-reflective performance
  • In-built quad and picture-in-picture generation
  • Multiple video input formats
  • DO-160/ED-14 environmental qualification