Clarion Congress Hotel
    Prague, Czech Republic
    15 - 18 April 2013
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    NFS Student Application

    NFS Workshop Student Application - Poster Session

    NSF encourages participation from students actively involved in Optics/Photonics research who would strongly benefit from international collaboration. The selected graduate students will present their research at the workshop and in a poster session, held as part of the SPIE Symposium.
    The deadline for submission is Monday February 18th, at 5:00pm, applicant’s local time.

    Application Instructions:
    The student’s application should be no more than two pages and follow the following template:
    Title of research
    Student’s full name, Advisor’s name,  institution, contact information

    (250 words or less)
    Describe the project you are engaged in. What are the specific objectives and expected significance of this research?

    Intellectual Merit:

    How timely is your research, how will it push the frontiers of understanding?
    Does your research align with the topics presented at the 2013 SPIE Conference?

    Broader Impacts:

    What benefits would you gain by collaborating with a US team?

    Please submit your application via e-mail, as a pdf file attachment to:
    Dominique M. Dagenais, National Science Foundation, at:

    NSF Workshop on US- Czech Frontiers in Photonics
    Workshop Date: April 18, 2013 - Cost is €25
    Clarion Congress Hotel, Prague, Czech Republic
    Dominique M. Dagenais, National Science Foundation, 
                 Tel: (703) 292-8339