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Lasers & Sources

Michael Mertin elected president of Photonics21

SPIE Newsroom
13 November 2012

Michael Mertin and Maria Yzuel, Prism Awards 2009
Michael Mertin, shown at the 2009 Prism Awards banquet with then SPIE President Professor María Yzuel (Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona), has been elected President of Photonics21.

Michael Mertin, President of Jenoptik AG (Jena, Germany) was elected president of Photonics21 by the Board of Stakeholders at a meeting on 13 November in Brussels. His election filled the vacancy left by the resignation of Martin Goetzeler earlier this year.

Mertin has been President and Chairman of the Executive Board of Jenoptik since 2007, and is responsible for the entire operational business, as well as strategy and innovations, auditing, data protection, communication and marketing for the company.

In his introductory address as Photonics21 president, Mertin stressed the organization's support for the EU Commission's Horizon 2020 program, which emphasizes funding for innovation focuses on economic and jobs growth.

"SPIE is delighted with the election of Dr. Mertin, and we extend our congratulations to both Photonics21 and its new president," said SPIE President Professor Eustace Dereniak of the College of Optical Sciences, University of Arizona. "We know him well as the leader of one of the most active and engaged Corporate Members of our Society, and know that he brings vision as well as valuable experience to the position."

(See full press release from SPIE.)

Mertin became President and CEO of Jenoptik in July, 2007, and has driven the success of the company to approximately 543 million euros in 2011 and 3,100 staff around the world. Since becoming leader of JENOPTIK, Mertin has attended Photonics West every year and was an invited presenter at the Prism Awards for Photonics Innovation in 2011 (Prism Awards video).

Mertin studied physics at the RWTH Aachen and received his Doctorate in Engineering at the Fraunhofer Institut für Lasertechnik (FHG-ILT) [Laser Technology] in the field of laser materials processing and surface technology. With the development and responsibility for the Optical Coating Technology and Micro-Structures working group in collaboration with Siemens AG, in addition to his engineering training he gained experience in industrial R&D for new technologies. Mertin later worked for several years in the area of financial consulting where he acquired additional comprehensive knowledge of business administration.

He joined the firm of Carl Zeiss in Oberkochen in July 1996, and began his ten-year career with Zeiss as Head of Technology Coating at the Group's Technology Center. As a member of the management team in 2004 Mertin took over as Head of Research and Development and Technologies of the Eye Care strategic business unit. Following the founding of Carl Zeiss Vision International as a result of the merger with the US company SOLA International Inc., he held the position of Vice President Technology and Processes at that company.

SPIE Newsroom video of Michael Mertin, recorded January 2011 at SPIE Photonics West.