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Sensing & Measurement

Light hazard meter


Gigahertz-Optik's X1-3 Light Hazard Meter with the XD-45-HUV UV-Hazard Detector, XD-45-HB BLUE-Light Hazard Detector and XD-45-HB-SRT200 FOV & Distance Adapter is a handy field portable meter for product classification and light hazard assessment.

Four channel technology with an alphanumeric four line backlit display allows the X1-3 to operate and read-out the two separate multi-sensor/filter detectors required to conform to IEC 62471 guidelines for both UV and Blue light hazard assessment.

The XD-45-HUV UV-Hazard Detector covers the full ACGIH / ICNIRP UV spectral effectiveness function using two sensor/filter/diffuser combinations providing separate ACGIH UV-A (325 to 400 nm) and ACGIH UVC/B (250 to 325 nm) spectral responses for increased accuracy by reducing spectral mismatch errors. The multiple detector design ensures proper isolation between the ACGIH, UV-A and UV-C/B spectral regions, important when assessing UV-A rich sources. A third sensor UV-A (315-400 nm) is included for assessing eye hazard.

The XD-45-HB BLUE Light Hazard Detector employs three filter sensors to cover the 300 to 700 nm spectral effectiveness range for BLH-Blue Light Hazard. A fourth photometric sensor is included to establish the 500 lux reference distance for illuminance and/or radiance qualification.

In addition the XD-45-HB-SRT200 radiance adapter is supplied for product qualification measurements of blue light hazard at the recommended distance of 200 mm. The adapter mounts onto the front of the XD-45-HB detector head and offers two exchangeable aperture plates to form a 100 mrad (20 mm diameter) and 11 mrad (2.2 mm diameter) field of view as stated in the IEC 62471 limit values.

The sensors are mounted into a compact housing that connects to the X1-3 meter via a two-meter-long cable. Calibration is certified traceable to national standards.

Another key feature of the X1-3 is its large capacity memory that can store calibration factors for all sensors and also source specific calibration correction factors for more than thirty UV, broadband and LED type sources. By selecting the appropriate correction factor (by menu function) from the light source library for the light source type under test measurement uncertainty is further improved.