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Optical Design & Engineering

Hypercentric lenses

Edmund Optics

Edmund Optics® introduces new TECHSPEC® Hypercentric Lenses. These precision lenses, also called pericentric lenses, are ideally suited for inspecting parts and components in a wide variety of machine vision applications.

Edmund Optics' TECHSPEC Hypercentric Lenses provide a converging view of an object, simultaneously focusing on the top and surrounding sides. This eliminates the need for multiple camera and imaging lens setups in machine vision or identification applications, saving time and expense.

Edmund Optics' TECHSPEC Hypercentric Lenses are excellent when used for inspecting parts, including pharmaceutical vials, batteries or automotive parts. Optimized for use with monochromatic light, these versatile imaging lenses provide a conical shaped working area.

In addition, at 660 nm, when 0.5-1.5 mm spacers are positioned between the lens and the camera, Edmund Optics' TECHSPEC Hypercentric Lenses can also be used as long working distance borocopes. The boroscopes can simultaneously focus on the internal walls and bottom surface of an object - a converging view. The boroscope's working distance is the area past the convergence point (CP) of the standard working area. The use of even larger spacers will increase the boroscope's focus distance and allow for easier illumination. Edmund Optics' TECHSPEC Hypercentric Lenses are available for 1/3 inch, ½ inch and 2/3 inch sensors.