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Micro/Nano Lithography

Super-thin, light-absorbing black film

Acktar Ltd.

There have been many attempts in research communities to fashion black patternable light-absorbing materials suited for wafer - level optics that would exhibit highly absorptive properties over the entire EUV- VIS - IR spectral range.

The well-known light absorbing properties of Acktar black coatings are now available for semiconductor devices and miniature optics implementations. The coating thickness of Acktar Litho-Black is popular for micro level applications. In only 0.8-3 µm it enables blocking of stray light from extreme Ultraviolet, through Visible and Infra red wavelength bands, for those demanding applications.

When it comes to micro optics, the mounting of stops, apertures and baffles which constitute typical solutions for every optic system, is not such a clear-cut operation. In most cases those components are inapplicable and/or bear high costs. Acktar offers a cost- effective solution which allows improvement in the design and manufacturing of devices such as CMOS sensors, DMD/DLP, CCD, and MEMS. The solution: direct deposition of a thin black film induced by a proprietary PVD-process which is incorporated into the optical chip as a part of its design. This very thin yet prominently black layer is composed exclusively of non-ferrous metals and oxides, and it does not incorporate any organic materials. The coating, Litho - Black, exhibits extremely low outgassing, is fully compatible with etching and lift-off processes, and is vacuum-, cryogenic- and clean-room compatible.