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Open Access for SPIE Journals

Open access makes publications available to readers at no personal or institutional charge.

A New SPIE Journals Program for 2013

As of January 2013, all new online articles published in SPIE Journals for which authors pay voluntary page charges will be open access at publication. By paying these modest page charges, usually from grant or other institutional funds, authors contribute to sustaining these valuable journals and enable anyone to read the article. In so doing authors expand awareness of their work and increase the likelihood that it will feed further research and be cited by other authors.

These author-supported articles will be published under a Creative Commons BY NC (attribution noncommercial) license with the author(s) retaining the copyright.

Click on the following table for details on this program:

 Benefits SPIE Journal Open Access 

Other SPIE Journal Open Access Programs

  • SPIE Reviews is an open access ‘virtual’ journal of selected review and tutorial articles from SPIE journals, as well as selected plenary papers from SPIE conferences. These articles and papers are freely available in both the parent journal or conference proceedings and through SPIE Reviews.
  • Letters are brief journal articles reporting on research results of particular significance. SPIE Journals strives to review and publish these articles even more quickly than other articles. SPIE Letters is a ‘virtual journal’ collection of these articles from all SPIE journals that links to abstracts and full-text of all letters in their parent journals. Through December 2012, SPIE journals publish all letters as open access at no charge to authors. As of January 2013, all letters published in 2012 or earlier and letters published in 2013 and later for which page charges (approximately $300) are paid will be open access in SPIE Letters and in their home journals.
  • Through December 2012, authors have the option of paying a fee of $1,500 to provide open access to an online journal article from the time of publication. Payment of this fee covers open access but does not cover other publication charges, such as charges for reprints or color printing. To select this open access option, an author must return the Open Access Publication Form (PDF) with payment to SPIE no later than when author proof corrections are returned.
  • Through December 2012, Journal of Biomedical Optics provides open access one year after publication for articles for which the voluntary page charge of $90 per published page was paid at publication. To receive this benefit, the author must return a completed Publication Charge Certification Form (PDF) with payment to SPIE before the year has passed.