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Optical Design & Engineering

Blazed concave grating

Spectrum Scientific

Spectrum Scientific Inc. has expanded its concave gratings product line. A new blaze wavelength of 250 nm for the 1200 g/mm concave grating has been manufactured.

Designed for use in analytical instruments such as UV/VIS spectrophotometers and flat field imaging spectrographs, the proprietary blazing technique maximizes the energy over the required spectral range while reducing stray light. Efficiencies greater than 80% can be achieved at the blaze wavelength without the need of ion etching.

Compared to plane blazed holographic grating, concave gratings can serve as a primary dispersive and focusing element, while reducing the number of optical elements, and increasing throughput and instrument efficiency.

The newly added holographic gratings are available along with Spectrum Scientific's main line of holographic gratings, while gratings not listed can be designed to suit your specific needs.