Songdo Convensia
    Incheon, Korea, Republic of
    10 - 12 September 2012
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    Keynote speakers

    Keynote speakers at SPIE Nanosystems in Engineering and Medicine.
    Check back often as the list continues to grow.

    Nanomaterials and Drug Delivery
    Prof. Lennart Bergström, Stockholm Univ. (Sweden)
    Toward artificial cells: membrane protein mediated uptake and release from lipid bilayer coated nanoporous silica particles

    Dr. Geneviève Pourroy, Institut de Physique et Chimie des Matériaux de Strasbourg (France)
    Magnetic/optic or magnetic/ acoustic bifunctional iron oxide-based objects for bioimaging

    Prof. Kohei Soga, Tokyo Univ. of Science (Japan)
    Ceramic-based nanomaterials for over-1000-nm (OTN) NIR biomedical imaging

    Dr. Ram I. Mahato, The Univ. of Tennessee Health Science Ctr. (United States)

    Prof. Eduardo Ruiz-Hitzky, Materials Science Institute of Madrid, CSIC (Spain)
    Advanced biohybrid materials based on nanoclays for biomedical applications

    Diagnostics and Sensors

    Prof. Taeghwan Hyeon, Seoul National Univ. (Korea, Republic of)
    Large-scale synthesis and designed assembly of uniform-sized nanocrystals for medical applications

    Dr. In Hoo Kim, National Cancer Ctr. (Korea, Republic of)

    Dr. Wansu Yun, Sungkyunkwan Univ. (Korea, Republic of)

    Prof. Seunghun Hong, Seoul National Univ. (Korea, Republic of)
    Hybrid nanobio-devices based on carbon nanostructures and biomolecules

    Dr. Matsuhiko Nishizawa, Tohoku Univ. (Japan)
    Microfabricated miniature biofuel cells with nanoengineered enzyme electrodes

    Prof. Taek Dong Chung, Seoul National Univ. (Korea, Republic of)
    Nanoporous electrochemistry for electrochemical biosensors and abiotic sugar cell

    Prof. Yukio Nagasaki, Univ. of Tsukuba (Japan)
    Self-assembling Redox polymer as novel nanomedicine

    Dr. Ick Chan Kwon, Korea Institute of Science and Technology (Korea, Republic of)

    Ms. Miqin Zhang, Univ. of Washington (United States)

    Disorders, Therapy and NAT
    Prof. Kyu-Back Lee, Korea Univ. (Korea, Republic of)
    Interactions of stem cells with nanostructured surfaces

    Dr. HeaYeon Lee, Northeastern Univ. (United States)
    Nanobiomedical device for personalized nanomedicine

    Dr. Fumihito Arai, Nagoya Univ. (Japan)
    Micro-nano robotic manipulation and biomedical applications

    Dr. Myung Ho Jeong, Chonnam National Univ. Hospital (Korea, Republic of)

    Medical Imaging
    Dr. Keon Wook Kang, Seoul National Univ. College of Medine (Korea, Republic of)
    In vivo nano-molecular imaging of cancer

    Dr. Kyongtae T. Bae, Univ. of Pittsburgh Medical Ctr. (United States)
    Reengineering the delivery of contrast medium in clinical medical imaging

    Prof. Eun-Kee Jeong, The Univ. of Utah (United States)

    Dr. Jaeseok Park, Korea Univ. (Korea, Republic of)

    Mr. Kwon-Ha Yoon, Wonkwang Univ. School of Medicine (Korea, Republic of)
    A new medical x-ray imaging using monochromatic filter and grating interferometer


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