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Sensing & Measurement

Smart camera

Brain Vision Systems

The BIPcam smart camera from Brain Vision Systems (BVS) emulates how people see things by modeling the capabilities of human brains for perception, understanding, and action. It does this through nine real-time data flows that analyze the color, motion, and structure of several objects, anticipating their trajectories. Structure recognition includes curves, edges, edge orientation, and magnitudes or size of an edge.

A task manager controls data-flow measurements and statistics and allocates one or more computational tasks to each flow while synchronizing the flows' operations in the hardware. A multitasking environment lets it track several objects simultaneously.

A CMOS VGA video sensor with a 720 × 480 resolution captures video at 60 frames/sec, streaming it to a PC via a USB 2.0 interface. An optional UDP/ Ethernet protocol can also be used. With energy needs of only 2.5 W and weight of 2.5 oz. (72 gm), the camera can be incorporated into almost any vision application.

An open-source software development kit comes with the product for writing source code. The kit also contains several demos, including a minimal video security application.