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Sensing & Measurement

Gas detection, identification, and imaging system


Telops introduces the Hyper-Cam GDI, a revolutionary gas detection, identification, and imaging system designed specifically to help improve safety in oil and gas environments. This state-of-the-art system is an invaluable tool -- providing detection, identification, and visualization of gas leaks as well monitoring potentially toxic fugitive gas emissions from a safe distance.

Used in all domains of the oil and gas industry, from exploration to drilling to production and refining, this system provides rapid, real-time feedback. Response personnel can quickly and precisely know where leaks or fugitive emissions are located, their size, the type of gases being released, and the direction of the gas plume. Having this valuable information quickly on hand, allows informed decisions to be made, which result in keeping repair personnel, surrounding communities, and the environment safe.

This innovative and versatile system maximizes the use of high-resolution, hyperspectral images enabling real-time detection and identification of many types of gases simultaneously from a safe distance. To make this possible, powerful gas detection algorithms have been ingeniously built into the user-friendly software, which is used to control the system's hardware efficiently in such demanding environments.