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Sensing & Measurement

High-sensitivity infrared camera


Dage-MTI introduces a near-infrared (NIR) camera for applications that require high sensitivity in the NIR wavelength range. The IR-1000 offers two important features: automatic contrast and real-time edge enhancement.

To provide optimum contrast, the new real-time CCD camera includes electronics that will automatically and instantaneously readjust when a scene changes. This innovative design is especially useful when changing magnification levels, specimens, and/or lighting levels. For added flexibility, the user has continuous access to the manual gain and may also engage the camera's black-level control to achieve specific grey-scale contrast.

The camera's real-time edge enhancement feature sharpens the edges and delivers a clearer picture by resolving fine details in the image. With enhanced sensitivity across the visible and infrared spectral wavelength, the 1/2-inch sensor features a 5x increase in sensitivity at 900nm.

The enhanced sensitivity allows the camera to detect cells in low light conditions. The extended IR response allows deeper penetration into tissue sections (e.g. brain slices) for further analysis. The high gain of the camera enables the user to detect images in real-time (30 frames per second) even when energy levels are low.

With a convenient C-mount, the IR-1000 is widely used in "live" mode, connected directly to a monitor. An optional computer interface board is also available.

Dage-MTI's new real-time camera is ideal for applications such as electrophysiology, infrared differential interference contrast (IR-DIC), failure analysis, forensics, and semiconductor inspection.