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Lasers & Sources

Narrow-band diode lasers


TOPTICA's high-power, narrow-band diode lasers now provide an expanded color spectrum thanks to newly developed Tapered Amplifiers (TAs). These TAs are available exclusively from TOPTICA and allow for new IR, visible, and UV wavelengths!

With the novel TA-chips, TOPTICA's high-power diode laser, TA pro, now offers output power up to 400 mW around 685 nm and up to 2 W between 1120 nm and 1190 nm. And the frequency-converted systems TA-SHG pro and TA-FHG pro now provide the highest output power also in the greenyellow (560 - 595 nm) and the UV (280 - 297 nm) spectral range. The newly developed TAs replace previously required fiber amplifiers and create a less complex setup for high output power at these wavelengths. These systems generate output power of up to 1000 mW easily and economically.

Major applications benefit from these new systems: laser cooling of strontium (689 nm), erbium (583 nm), sodium (589 nm) or magnesium (285 nm); optical clocks based on ytterbium (578 nm) or magnesium ions (281 nm); and high-resolution spectroscopy (e.g. europium yttrium orthosilicate, 580 nm).

Amplified diode lasers: TA pro
TOPTICA's TA pro is an amplified narrow-band, tunable diode laser. It comprises a patented master-oscillator design and subsequent amplification step in a tapered semiconductor amplifier. The TA pro features a linewidth of only 100 kHz and a mode-hop free tuning range of up to 50 GHz. With the newly added wavelengths, it is now available from 645 to 1190 nm with output power up to 3 Watts.

Frequency-converted systems: TA-SHG pro/TA-FHG pro
TOPTICA's frequency-converted diode lasers offer the highest output power even at "exotic" wavelengths. Based on the same configuration as the TA pro, the TA-SHG/FHG pro lasers additionally comprise one or two SHG pro resonators, respectively, for efficient frequency conversion. Both systems feature an excellent beam profile and a high long-term power and frequency stability.

TOPTICA's pro series lasers provide well-known stability and user friendliness. The TA pro and TA-SHG/FHG pro lasers achieve this desirable combination using a sophisticated laser design with flexure joints, specially developed mirror mounts and a laser head created from a single metal block.

New wavelengths and power

  • TA-SHG pro: up to 1000 mW @ 560 - 595 nm, TA-FHG pro: up to 50 mW @ 280 - 297 nm
  • TA pro: up to 400 mW @ 685 nm
  • TA pro: up to 2 W @ 1120 - 1190 nm

Key features

  • Widest wavelength coverage
  • Ultra stable, typical linewidth 100 kHz (5 μs), low drift
  • Mode-hop free tuning range up to 50 GHz
  • Nearly diffraction-limited output beam
  • Ultra-stable mirror mounts with flexure design
  • Air-sealed frequency-doubling resonator SHG pro
  • Rigid housing made from a solid metal block
  • Fast AC and DC current modulation for master and amplifier included