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Solar & Alternative Energy

Aerodynamic mounting system


The SolarFamulus Air is the newest addition to Conergy's mounting system portfolio. By leveraging aerodynamic forces, the SolarFamulus Air reduces the ballast requirement for an entire array and the need for roof penetrations is typically eliminated.

Developed by an aircraft construction engineer, the lightweight mounting system benefits from optimum aerodynamics and minimum roof load. The principle is similar to that of the spoiler on a racing car, as the baffles help to significantly reduce vertical, lifting forces caused by wind. This means that the SolarFamulus Air's aerodynamic shape together with its own weight and the use of minimal additional ballasting hold it in place on the roof - without any roof penetration. This makes it ideal for foil roofs or lightweight roofs.

Since many commercial flat roofs have weight limitations or do not have the structural strength to support conventional PV installations, until now this solar market segment has been significantly restricted. Conergy's design advance with the SolarFamulus Air allows these weight-limited commercial flat roofs to deploy solar energy and greatly expands the commercial rooftop solar market.

As a full system supplier, Conergy engineers used a system strategy approach to designing the SolarFamulus Air mounting system optimizing of the entire PV system. The SolarFamulus Air has venting windows that allow wind and convection to cool the back of the modules which promotes increased module performance. As with all of its mounting systems, Conergy designed the SolarFamulus Air with the goal of bringing value to the entire supply chain. Some key features of the product are its fast and easy installation with only 5 steps and 6 components and its stackable rail profile which lowers shipping and storage costs.

Other features include:

  • Perfect ventilation for higher performance
  • Flat pitch for maximum use of the roof surface and high stability
  • Conergy Mounting System Portfolio