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Defense & Security

Thermal imager


FLIR Systems introduces the Tau® SWIR 15, a rugged compact and low-power shortwave imager incorporating FLIR's new 15 micron pixel 640x515 InGaAs focal plane array.

The Tau SWIR 15 is designed for defense system developers demanding SWAP+C requirements in dismounted soldier systems, ground, and aerial platforms. The system delivers sensitivity of <50e noise at 20°C case temperature and can be operated at integration times as short as 100 microseconds (shorter exposures for specific gating modes supported in future model releases). The Tau SWIR runs on less than 4 W of power, weighs less than 130 g and takes up approximately 1302 cm of volume. The camera operates at 30 frames per second and supports sub windowing when higher frame rate are required.

The sensor features a thinned InGaAs detector that widens the spectral response over standard InGaAs sensor to 600 to 1700nm and greatly reduces blooming when viewing bright objects. The camera exhibits nearly zero image latency and is ideal for active illuminated and range gated imaging applications. The Tau SWIR 15 optical interfaces support M42 and C mount lenses and the data interfaces include Camera Link, Low Voltage CMOS, and NTSC analog video.

FLIR will debut the Tau SWIR 15 at SPIE Defense, Security, and Sensing, 23-27 April, 2012, at the Baltimore Convention Center, in Baltimore, MD.