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Sensing & Measurement

IR gas imaging camera


FLIR Advanced Thermal Solutions announces the FLIR GF304 - a new IR gas imaging camera capable of detecting refrigerant gas leaks without needing to shut down your refrigeration system.

The FLIR GF304 contains a cooled Quantum Well Infrared Photodetector (QWIP) and a cold band pass filter that allows it to visualize (detect) refrigerant gases including R404A, R407C, R410A, R134A, R417A, R422A, R507A, R143A, R125 and R245fa in the 8.0-8.6 micrometer waveband. Using a proprietary High Sensitivity Mode (HSM) further enhances the sensitivity of the GF304 camera so that the smallest gas leaks can be detected. The HSM feature makes the inspection process easier, faster, and more accurate for utility engineers and camera operators.

In addition to finding gas leaks the FLIR GF304 can be used for undertaking maintenance inspections where a temperature reading is required. The FLIR GF304 visualizes temperatures from -20°C to +500°C enabling inspection of high voltage, low voltage, mechanical and many other facilities found in refrigeration plant and equipment.

Ergonomically designed with a bright LCD and tiltable viewfinder, it is easy to scan areas of interest with the GF304. A USB WiFi adapter enables wireless connection of the FLIR GF304 to smart phones or tablet PCs facilitating wireless transfer of images or remote control of the camera. The FLIR GF304 comes either with a fixed 14.5° lens or with a fixed 24° lens as standard.